POLL: Do you want a hyphen or a pair of brackets for the names?

Sorry about all the polls guys, but this is also for your reading comfort.

Oh, and yes we will be going with the right alignment from now on. It was a 50/50 so I decided to go with the right alignment for the sake of all those who doesn’t want their immersion too ruined.

A hyphen for the name looks like this:

“Hello world!” – Name

A pair of brackets looks like this:

“Hello world!” [Name]



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  1. In lieu of, “Dude, I just love you for translating this series, do whatever the hell you want!”, I chose brackets. 😛

    On that note, Thanks~ 😀

  2. I chose Brackets too (i already do it in the poll) because i think when i read too fast i will sometime mix the name IN the dialogue and it's not. With the bracket that should happen less.

  3. Prefer neither but as long as what you choose is consistent it won't deride the reading experience to me. If you start flip-flopping styles all over the place it gets rather distracting.

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