The Descent of the Summer Modules – Huge Changes in Schedule (BAD NEWS!!!)

I’m going to have two one-week summer class modules starting tomorrow, so there’ll be a huge change in schedule. Unlike the previous summer class, I’ll be studying for one week straight per each class, so it’ll be quite intense.

New Schedule (Timezone: UTC+8)

The Man Picked up by the Gods: One chapter a week; to be posted every Sat/Sun.

Goblin Kingdom: One chapter a week; to be posted every Sat/Sun.

Extra chapters may or may not be posted this coming 2 weeks, but I’ll do my best to bring them to you guys. It’ll depend on my professors’ ‘kindness’ though.






34 responses to “The Descent of the Summer Modules – Huge Changes in Schedule (BAD NEWS!!!)”

  1. doug89 Avatar

    Best of luck with your studies.

  2. ru5ty Avatar

    well study first,translation can come 2nd.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Do your best in your studies!! It is good enough that you are still translating both novel. Hoho

  4. Kevin Christian Avatar

    Study first, then.

  5. klkj101 Avatar

    Best of luck with your studies, translation can wait

  6. devilsympathy1 Avatar

    do you best, cram all you can and if you can come back to us then that's great

  7. Arthur Dent Avatar

    Good luck with your studies.
    BUT I have to confess, i my point of view (big reader of The man picked up by the Gods) that suck…but it will ALWAYS suck except if you can travel in time or if your name is Barry Allen. (Who can also travel in time)

  8. Arthur Dent Avatar

    So thank you for your work, and …. well….. don't give up

  9. Jeremy Li Avatar

    I think to avoid the same situation as Elysion, where peeps accuse him of cheating donations, you should pause the donation for the coming week for which you cannot give quick releases

  10. Min Cubus Avatar

    its only for 2 weeks no? after that, back to daily?

  11. JigglyPuff Avatar

    Will it really turn out like that? I mean I already mentioned it in the donation page, and there's only one queue left.

  12. Kenny Pham Avatar

    Good luck!

  13. Luc 666-_- Avatar

    When has a professor ever been kind? They're all sick, twisted little f*cks with major god complexes and enjoy being as sadistic as possible.

  14. Kenny Pham Avatar


  15. ZaX Avatar

    Good luck with your studies!

  16. Ridenzel Yu Avatar

    no problem you work hard enough translating real life is more important right now so finish those classes and may you have splendid grades

  17. Ridenzel Yu Avatar

    my prof showed us the paper used for the mid-terms i'd say he was

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    sniff sniff… good luck man

  19. Ridenzel Yu Avatar

    it might because people don't seem to understand that donations mean optional and not obligatory

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    Thank you for ur hard work! I love ur translation alot!
    Good luck in ur summer class!!! Studies are way moreee important!!! :DDD

  21. NoTofu Avatar

    THANK YOU!!!! for your hard work :3
    good luck in your studies ehe
    I'll also be starting college tomorrow may the god of study bless us both <:

  22. Le Berino Avatar

    ohh no worries (coughing up blood)
    real life is also part of you its okay just enjoy your life ^_^ (internally bleeding)
    be safe for the coming week! (internally screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO )

  23. Anonymous Avatar

    Ebil modules !!!! You have to defeat them.

  24. Julius Cruz Avatar

    Yep, concentrate on your studies first… one chapter is fine with us 😀

  25. GonZ Avatar

    Study Hard Jiggly-sensei 🙂
    tell this meatbun if the mean professor is mean.. meatbun will punish him with bad meat~ lol

  26. Shyll Avatar

    A professors “kindness” tends to be opposit, what we want,
    so i'll pray for average stress and 3 chapters a week.

  27. Alexander Krikorian Avatar

    Best of luck studying! Don't forget to take breaks when you need to 😛

  28. KMZ Avatar

    thanks for the heads up. Good luck with your studies. As I always say, real life is always more important than hobbies. I'm sure everyone here will be patiently waiting for your return…..most of us anyways. the others will just be refreshing your site while hoping, “Is he back yet?”

  29. Anonymous Avatar

    Sigh i need to get back to school to improve my Japaneses. Wish i could get my wife to help you with translations.

  30. Anonymous Avatar

    NOOO…evil professor consume bad stuff and they will become more evillll

  31. chance thompson Avatar

    uh we under stand do your best

  32. Aquarilas Avatar

    No worries. Do your best on your summer classes!

  33. libraryrocker Avatar

    You made it halfway through now? Only one week to go, you're definitely going to survive!!!! Don't push yourself too hard!!!

  34. Ramboy san Avatar

    do not over work yourself

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