The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 PDF Download Now Available!

Hi guys, a fellow fan by the name of Usi has emailed me a really good pdf of volume 1. He fixed a lot of things, and put it together himself. It’s really well made.
So for you guys who’ve been wanting to get your hands on your PDF here it is.

Also, in the future, all pdf downloads will be downloadable from the pdf-download page. You can access it by clicking on the pdf-download tab if you’re on pc or by selecting it from the drop-down menu if you’re on mobile. 

Here’s the direct link for the PDF – download page:

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  1. sorry if this sounds rude but are youtranslating the revised version of man picked up by the gods or the original version? cause he decided to restart the entire series and never completed the original version

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