The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 PDF is out!

Hey guys, so Usi’s emailed me the pdf for volume 2. Here are the changes:

* Fixed the grammar and punctuation where needed.
* Changed Shell to Shale to be consistent with v1.
* Updated and expanded Glossary with new info in v2 and descriptions of Jamil family from the raws.
* Changed the comma to a dash in front of ‘de aru’ and ‘de gozaru’ to keep consistent with v1. (ex. hello, de aru –> hello –de aru)
* Changed the ‘character speaking’ ending from ‘- Shale’ to ‘[Shale]’ to be consistent with the majority of v2 and all of v3.
* Changed Lenny –> Reni in sections where it had not been changed yet (beginning in ch.6)
* Changed Karma –> Carm in places that hadn’t been changed yet (beginning in chapter 11)

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  1. I'm posting this in blind (Without checking PDF) 😛
    Please try add the version with dark gray background and white font so it puts less strain to reading eyes.

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