To a Different World with the Red Star – Series Info

Author:凜乃 初

Urushi Touka’s overwhelming power is just too much for his day to day life.

Touka was on his way home from school, when he ends up using his power to save a child, causing him to destroy an oncoming truck with his fist.

Seeing that, god decided that his power was too abnormal and called him over.

It was there, that Touka found out the reason behind his power.

According to god, the power he has is too much for this world, and mentioned that it would be possible to send him over to a different world.

With two replies he gave his OK. Here begins Touka’s life in a different world!

Tags: R15, Cruel Depiction, Other World, Overpowered Protagonist, Magic, Other World Transfer, Male Protagonist

Chapters: 151 (Complete)

Translation Schedule: Once a week

TL Note: Read ahead a bit on the other one, and apparently I do not enjoy SF. Yeah, so I’ll just go with this one for my side project. Yes, that means I won’t be translating the emperor thing anymore. 

Anyways, if you guys like op protagonists that beat the living crap out of stuff and amaze people then you’ll like this. He’s no chufeng… but I guess he’s close enough. kinda…

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  1. I have to say… in LN & manga i don't like SF (most of the time, their is still some i like). And this one? I not 100% sure i will like it but…… it go in the good way 🙂

  2. sounds really interesting, i'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Thank you very much for all your hard work!

  3. Sounds better than the other one where the mere prologue gave me a headache (and I like SF). If it hurt that much for me to read it, it must've been a far greater horror for you trying to translate that confounding mess. My commiserations.
    Good luck with this!

  4. It was actually. haha. That's why I went ahead to see if it was worth it. If it was on the level of Code Geass or Death Note, I would have gone through no matter how hard it was. But, unfortunately I just couldn't get into it. This one's much lighter and I've actually read quite a bit into this. So I hope you guys like it too!

  5. Sounds nice.
    I do hope the MC isn't dickless/japan-sexual/brainless/dense/justice-zombie or any combination thereof.

  6. It's a japanese LN, i've yet to read one that wasn't a hentai where the male OP protagonist wasnt dickless. I actually gave up looking for one with a dick since they do not exist… Stick with chinese WN for real men protagonists.

  7. Don`t worry we still have Knife-chan as backup. If she lose we can sent Sneeze-kun to ambush him when he sleeping. And if he still survive we will call Thunder onee-chan to kill him. Disease ojii-san seing set up if she fail to hit him. AND IF he still alive after all of this setting we are gonna use Meteor of Armageddon kami-sama to destroy the planet with him. Cause he must DIE. If he not dead the story cannot be start.

    By: Author of all reincarnation story

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