Tsuyokute New Saga LN Spoilers (Up to Volume 9)


I just finished reading the LN today and I noticed the lack of discussion around this series, so I thought I’d share some spoilers. Note that you should take everything here with a grain of salt, as I skim read a lot when reading Japanese to save a lot of time. I’ll add a spoiler section later in the menu for stuff like this. Oh, and do remember this is all from memory.



Relationship with Black Wings
The old demon king, the demon king before Black Wings comes to power, mistakes protagonist for a demon.

When she finds out that she’s human and something happened to his soul, she tells him that it will eventually have an effect on his body and that if he doesn’t want that to happen he should stop fighting.

When he meets Black Wings in V5, he notes that he seems stronger in this timeline.

Later on, when meeting that younger sister of the heretic god, she mentions that Black Wings isn’t actually a demon.

When he confronts Black Wings in V9, he asks him why he’s trying to turn back time, and Black Wings asks him ‘How do you know that?’ So it seems Black Wings doesn’t know he went back in time.

After confronting Black Wings in person, the Magic King (the sword spirit) notes the oddity in Black Wings’ soul that reminds him of Kyle’s (implied).

I don’t think much changed here aside from his magic. He secretly trains the magic he uses during the tournament when fighting against Seran (it’s in the manga), and he uses it to defeat an ancient dragon in V9.

He can’t use it much as it takes a toll on his weak human body.



There are five girls so far: the elf (Urza), the childhood girl, the shinobi, the saint, and the princess (the one they saved from a hydra and her own dad).

I believe she has the most development so far. She finds out she’s the protagonist’s wife/lover in the future when the heretic god confirms that Kyle (protagonist), did in fact, come from the future.

Actually, the magic king told them about Kyle coming from the future right after they saved the princess, but she didn’t know the specifics either, and Kyle didn’t know that that they knew, so no one was able to clear anything up until when they meet the heretic god, who straight-up says that Kyle came from the future.

Anyway, after Urza finds out that Kyle is her lover, she goes beet red and buries her face into her knees, but Kyle can still see that she’s blushing because of her ears. They end up about to kiss, but then she asks Kyle what he’s going to do about his childhood friend, destroying the mood.

To clarify, she knew that she was his lover because that was the only way for him to get her true name. This was more of a confirmation.

Kyle is left speechless at her question, but that’s a good thing, because Urza says that if he decided to abandon his childhood friend just like that she might have stabbed him.

Next moment I recall is when they meet the elven council, which Urza’s dad is a part of. Protag and Urza holds hands tightly as they go to the council to try and convince them to resume talks with the dwarves. It’s a brief but sweet moment.

Her dad notices their bond and becomes furious upon seeing that they’re married. The ritual is basically a marriage of sort, and Urza couldn’t immediately deny that their relationship because Kyle was around, so…

Later on, her dad gives Kyle a trial to go pick up a branch of the world tree (I think), and he tells Urza to stay behind, but Urza says that she’d rather be exiled (a very big deal for the elves) than leave Kyle. I don’t think she says this, but she considers where Kyle is to be her home.

Childhood Girl
Not much here. Just protagonist finally not saying ‘sorry’ whenever she helps him and saying ‘thank you’ instead.

I did skip some parts, like the extras, so I may have missed something.

I believe he does mention to himself that he loves them both, her and Urza.

She becomes a proper nakama after they deal with Souga, her only family and master. Can’t remember if they’re actually related or not.

She does become closer to kyle but I can’t recall any moment like those in Urza’s section. There’s a small one in volume 8, where she asks Kyle why he’s not using magic and she points out that his physical strength can’t be explained with just strengthening magic alone. Kyle tries to lie to her, and she points out that she doesn’t want him to lie, so he shuts up and says he can’t say.

She leans her head onto his chest and cries, and says that she doesn’t matter, but he shouldn’t do anything that would make childhood girl or Urza cry.

Introduced in like volume 7, I think, so not much either. But she seems ready to go to bed. Not sure if joking, but Kyle proposes to escort her to her room during the world meeting, and she takes that as an invitation, which she accepts after a little hesitation. In the end, she goes on a tirade about reading books and dreams and stuff about being too good to be true… Stuff. Anyway, Kyle doesn’t really get what she’s smoking, and he just kinda leaves her in her room. Nothing really happens other than that.

Oh, and she becomes worried when the princess (the one they saved) says that she wants to marry him. She’s an open book, so the princess immediately remarks to herself ‘she likes him that much?’

Doesn’t really fall in love with Kyle until end of volume 8.

She proposes marriage to him early on, though she says it’s only a joke. To be more specific, she tells him she’s considering him to be her prince consort.

Mentions it again when they meet again later in front of the saint.

In volume 8, it’s revealed that she was only really planning on using him, but she reconsiders her actions after he saves her a second time from an incident Kyle himself caused (she doesn’t know that though), and finally decides to look at him sincerely.

Text mentions that she became like a normal girl in front of Kyle or something.



Gets his own harem, the demon king (not black wings but the first one) and the princess of that one empire with many siblings. We saw the princess in the manga already, you shouldn’t miss her. She has short blonde hair and proactively tries to talk to Seran.

He ends up writing a letter to the demon king later and gives her a plant, which gives her and that other demon (the demon girl that makes a lot of appearances in the manga, sorry the name escapes me) something to look forward to in their monotonous lives.

He gets into a fight with his mom later. She’s not actually a bad guy, but they still duke it out, one on one, mainly because she wants to stop the protagonist from becoming stronger through the trial of the gods, which comes with a huge consequence. (In the trial, protag fights an angel. It’s a one-sided victory, and in exchange, he asks the gods to stop interfering, so he doesn’t become stronger using the trial.)

He becomes stupid famous and respected in the demon region along with the protagonist for defeating one of the most powerful demons. It was a super cheap fight, though.

Yeah, my biggest takeaway from him is his harem, which he doesn’t know how to deal with since one isn’t even human and the other is a princess. There might be more events in the sidestories, but I skipped those.






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  1. hellwhisper Avatar

    May I ask where i can read the novel?

    1. hellwhisper Avatar

      I see. too bad I can’t read japanese. I could only find the first volume in english

  2. Lucrative Avatar

    I mostly enjoy the manga version since the LN translation is super slow.

    1. SummerMascot Avatar

      Can’t help it when new translation groups that pick up the Novel keep on

      1) Retranslating the 1st 2 volumes of the light novel.
      2) Give up due to College or real life work. Deletes all their previous translated chapters.
      3) New translation group picks up and goes back to Step 1.

      Meaning that even in 10 years time, we will still be stuck at Volume 2 for the light novel. The manga takes like 2.5 years to adapt a single volume.

  3. Toma Avatar

    I wasn’t even on this website for Tsuyoke spoilers, but it’s a series that I’m interested in and this is the most spoilers I have ever found. I appreciate the mentions, nobody is translating the novels and the manga pace is extremely slow.

    Some questions, if I may.

    Any idea why the dragons sided with the demons?

    Any additional information on the future demon king? I was surprised to find that we actually meet him, and it sounds like Kail’s having a large influence on the demon population, which is making me wonder if the invasion is actually going to happen anymore. I was excited for the war phase, but it seems like the old demon king is not going to be dying any time soon.

    How much time is left before the invasion is scheduled to happen?

    What is Seran anyway? He looks so much like that royal family that I assumed him and his mom were related to them in some way.

    Where is the manga in relation to the novels? Currently, we just finished saving the dragon king’s heir, and are going over the fallout. I heard that this is at the ending of book 4?

    1. Toma Avatar

      Thanks for the answers.

      It’s a pretty big downer to hear that the demon invasion fizzled. Everything in the story has been centered around winning, not preventing, the war, so I had assumed that it would be a massive arc, where Kail rallies the world to fighting back, and winning against demons.

      It makes me less interested in the story, honestly. I see there is a book 10 out now, but I’m not really sure where it would be going anymore, now that the threat has been beat. What’s a hero to do without a nation to save? I guess the story is going to go on some sort of effort to unite the demon and human worlds? Meh.

  4. JoeBudden Avatar

    Seems like its marked as completed on mal with volume 10 is that true?

  5. watchin Avatar

    I am extremely disappointed to hear that the side characters, seran, gets a harem much less the demon queen (king) herself. That bums tf outta me. I wanted her to hook up with the mc. I couldn’t care less about the annoying princess, but demon queen was suppose to be part of the MC harem. Harems plays a big part for me when reading a novel. Absolutely love harems, and what I hate the most is when the side characters have they own harem and that a character I would like for the mc to have but the support character whine up getting.

    I’ve dropped so many novels and animes because of that. This may make the list as well.. yes I’m picky and petty like that. And I quite enjoyed this… but it absolutely kills any enthusiasm I had for this now. I dropped the shield hero like 3 years ago because I came across some spoilers I just absolutely did not like, not only with the story, but for the most part the harem.

  6. Zeu Avatar

    I saw that the light novel was complete. Do you think you’ll make an update of the summary?

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