Volume End Info – Duke Family and Money

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Edit: Added money info and fully translated duke info. 2015/07/17

At the end of every volume there’s actually a list of characters, stats, and other info stuff. 

It’s a little long, so I didn’t translate it cause I figured you’d all just rather just go on with the story. 
But it does help, so I’ll translate it little by little.
Duke’s Family

Rheinhart Jamil
Jamil Household’s Current Head.
33 years old
Blue-eyed blonde and good looking

One of the people Ryouma first met since coming here.
A person who is worrying over Ryouma while watching over him and helping him out.
A former adventurer and a former slave magic user.
Proficient with the sword.

Elize Jamil (Madam)
30 years old. Wife of the Duke.
Brown hair with green eyes, a beautiful woman.

Feels for Ryouma’s situation and tries to protect him.
Broad-minded woman.
Slave Magic User and Conjurer.
Proficient Magician.

Rheinbach Jamil
Jamil Household’sPrevious Head. 63 years old.
White hair with blue eyes. Refined. 
Old, but his stature is straight.
Former knight of the country.
Skilled swordsman and magician.
He is a slave magic user, but he can also use conjuration.
Has had achievements in the battlefield.

Elialia Jamil (Ojousama)
Daughter of the Jamil Household. 12 Years Old.
Blonde with blue eyes. A young girl.
Possesses a huge amount of magic power for a human, and was feared in the past because of it.
Holds good will towards Ryouma, who doesn’t fear her magic power and also possesses his own similarly sized magic power.
Whether that good will is love or friendship is still not yet known.
It’s been decided that she will attend the Royal School.


Unit: Suit

Small Copper Coin 1
Medium Copper Coin 10
Big Copper Coin 100
Small Silver Coin 500
Medium Silver Coin 1,000
Big Silver Coin 5,000
Small Gold Coin 10,000
Medium Gold Coin 50,000
Big Gold Coin 100,000
Small Platinum Coin 1,000,000
Medium Platinum Coin 10,000,000
Big Platinum Coin 100,000,000






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  1. DannyPhantasimo Avatar

    Oi, don't be half-hearted. We want to know their stats. :U

  2. JigglyPuff Avatar

    No stats. Just info, some of their relationships, a summary of Ryouma's stats, slimes, and money… that kind of stuff.

  3. Arthur Dent Avatar

    Oh~ that can help. Thank you

  4. Arthur Dent Avatar

    Oh just be careful, here we can think that Rheinbach Jamil and Elize Jami are married with Elialia Jamil as daugther and Rheinhart Jamil is just a unknow part of the familly

  5. JigglyPuff Avatar

    sorry fixed. mistranslated the part about the heads and stuff. it now shows current and previous head.

  6. KMZ Avatar

    looking over this intermission chapter, it is kinda like a information page i sometimes make as a reminder to myself for novels im reading to remember characters and certain unique traits of the world like currencies. I need reminders sometimes for stuff like currencies since many of these reincarnation/transfer to new fantasy worlds use metal currencies, but have different exchange rates between the coins

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    if im a hitman maybe i'll look in their eyes. . . . too much to kill. . . . hopefully one of them is the right one. . .

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    What the puck are you going on about?

  9. Vexalus Ouma Avatar

    Having 1 big white gold coin can make u live a lifetime huh. Way too much for a coin

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    Personally when I read WN's I've been in the habit of keeping notes so I don't forget things (I read 1000s of Manga, LNs, and WNs, thus remembering everything is impossible, especially when there are large gaps between releases). Anyway's here's a copy of my notes for this series based of your translations up to volume 2 chapter 14;

  11. Phoebe S Avatar

    does anyone know or remember Ryouma physical description? coz I only remember gentle eyes…please tell me..

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    白金 word to word is white gold, but all also mean Platinum

  13. JigglyPuff Avatar

    Thanks. I'll change it.

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