Goblin Kingdom – Volume 1 Chapter 61: Along With the Sacrifices Made

Goblin Name Cheat Sheet:

The [Goblin] is to make it easier to CTRL+F.

[Goblin] Gi Ga
The goblin in that estranged group that was with the protagonist when he defeated an orc. He is currently a noble class, the highest amongst the protagonist’s subordinates. He prefers to use the spear.

[Goblin] Gi Gu
The former leader of the village. He was pressured by the protagonist in his goblin noble form, and was added to his subordinates. He uses the long sword, and is relatively smart for a goblin rare. Became a goblin noble in chapter 39.

[Goblin] Gi Gi
Known as a beast warrior, a goblin with the ability to tame beasts.
He evolved while hunting spear deer with the protagonist.
He prefers to use the axe. His goblin class is rare.

[Goblin] Gi Go
A goblin with many wounds on his body. The food of his horde was stolen by the gray wolves, so he made a decision to follow the protagonist. He is the most experienced amongst the goblin rares. His weapon is a curved katana. He acts like a samurai.

Recently became a noble, and received the divine protection of the Sword God, Ra Baruza.

[Goblin] Gi Za
The druid goblin rare that recently joined them.

[Goblin] Gi Ji
A goblin rare. He evolved in chapter 37 after hunting with Gi Ga. He has the <<Meld>> skill which makes him great for scouting.

[Goblin] Gi Do
Druid. Uses wind magic.

[Goblin] Gi Jii
Goblin Rare. From Gi Gu’s Faction. He is known for his <<Wide-Open Eyes>> which allows him to see his opponent’s weakness.

[Goblin] Gi Da
Goblin Rare. From Gi Ga’s faction. Notable skills are <<Knowledge of the Spear>> and <<Unreasonably Stubborn>>.

[Goblin] Gi Zu.
Goblin Rare. The goblin favored by the Mad God (Zu Oru). Has the <<Mad Dog>> skill.

[Goblin] Gi Zo
Druid. Water magician.

[Goblin] Gi De
Beast tamer.

[Goblin] Aluhaliha
Leader of Paradua, one of the four goblin tribes and are known for their use of rider-beasts, which are essentially giant tigers.

[Goblin] Rashka
Leader of Gaidga, one of the four goblin tribes and are known for their valor and brutish strength.

[Goblin] Gilmi
Receiver of the title, The First Archer. He is the second in command in Ganra, one of the four tribes known for their rare ability amongst goblins to use bows.

[Goblin] Narsa
The Princess of Ganra. She is the only female goblin rare introduced so far.

Volume 1 Chapter 61: Along With the Sacrifices Made

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Race, Ganra Goblin
Level, 87
Name, Ra Gilmi
Class, Rare; The First ArcherGadieta
Possessed Skills, Leadership B+; A Dying Wish’s Successor; Triple Fire; Forest Dweller; Archery B+; Instinct; Whipsers of the Spirits; Far-seeing Man; Arrowhead of Killing
Divine Protection, Za Ruga
Attributes, None

“Ascertain the distance. There is a gentle breeze blowing from the right.” Ra Gilmi breathed out gently as he drew his bow. His target was none other than the patrolling Paradua riders. After Hal had left, Gilmi continued toward the Paradua Village. And now, the enemy goblins were within their range.

Schhwaff, sounded the arrow as it pierced into the Paradua goblin’s chest. And then the rest of the surrounding goblins fell, their chest, pierced by an arrow.

This archer squad was made up of the elites of Ganra. The height of their prowess was undeniable; they instantly killed all of the goblins before them without touching their beasts.

“Drive away the beasts, then let’s move on to the next target.” The Ganra Goblins moved like assassins as they steadily killed the Paradua Goblins.

After killing five more goblins, Gilmi ordered a retreat.

“Lord Aluhaliha should’ve noticed our movements by now. Retreat.”

Within the forest, Gilmi ran like the wind; the 15 goblins following right behind him.


“What did you say?”

After receiving Hal’s report a scout also reported. When Aluhaliha and Rashka heard the contents, they couldn’t believe their ears

“…The patrol groups have been killed?” Anger contorted Aluhaliha’s face. The goblins who came to report shivered, unable to hide his fear.

“Y-Yes. Several have been killed by Ganra’s bow. After their beasts came back to the village, we went to check, and… We found their bodies.”
“Bastards… you’ve really done it now.” Aluhaliha gritted his teeth in his rage, but Rashka only quietly nodded, as stiff as ever.

“We’re pursuing them. Gather the men.”
“I understand your feelings, but if you’re going to fight, then it’s better to wait for my Gaidga.”
“Sorry, kid. But I’ll have you slow ones watch the house for now.”

Blinded by anger, Rashka’s remonstration only fell on deaf ears.

“The ones who were done in were my men. So the one who will be taking vengeance is me.”

Rashka narrowed his eyes as he watched the departing figure of Aluhaliha riding on a rider-beast.

“So just discussing really wasn’t enough, huh.”

Aside from him and the goblins he was leading, there was no one else.

Gathering the four treasures and unifying the four tribes… aside from him, there was no one else.


“They’ve come. All men, gather together and retreat!”

The goblins of Ganra were running in the forest just as Gilmi ordered.

After that, the Paradua came to pursue them.

With the surrounding area littered with trees, the small Ganra were at an advantage over the Paradua who were riding on beasts.

Of course, it’s a given that running individually has a higher chance for survival than running as a group. After all, the pursuers will have to spread themselves. But then, they wouldn’t be able to lead the Paradua Goblins as a group.

In order to fulfill their purpose as bait, they had no choice but to run as a group.

“Wait, you small bastard!” The Paradua Goblins jeered as they continued to pursue. As one of theirs struck out its spear angrily, the Ganra Goblin farthest back was struck.

“Tch… Run at full speed. I’ll watch the back.” Gilmi drew his bow as he intentionally made himself last. Without even aiming, Gilmi let loose his arrow, inadvertently shooting it to one of the trees. That arrow did not have even the slightest effect on the pursuing Paradua Goblins.

From behind, from the flanks – the Paradua Goblins tried to surround the Ganra Goblins.

Slipping through the thrusted spears, they slipped through the bushes where the riders couldn’t enter.

The Paradua riders outnumbered the Ganra archers. If they were to stop, they would surely be skewered from all directions.

They had to run.

The sharp branches whipped against their cheeks, the visible roots tripped their feet; there was no end to the wounds incurred from the surrounding trees.

No matter how much a friend of the forest the Ganra were, the Paradua’s riders were also the same. No matter how experienced the Ganra were when it came to the forest, the Paradua wouldn’t necessarily be at a disadvantage if they were simply running.

“Just a little bit. Just a little bit more!” Gilmi at the back encouraged the goblins as he shot another arrow to restrain the enemy. Although the arrows rarely ever landed within the dense forest, the Paradua also couldn’t make a move.

The spaces between the trees were too narrow; they couldn’t thrust out their spears.

But even that relief was slipping away from the Ganra. For they were being pushed thinner and thinner by the encirclement of the Paradua’s riders.

“The trees should clear up ahead. Pursue them,” Aluhaliha who has been calmly leading his men ordered. And immediately after, the pressure from the flanks grew stronger. With the path narrowed, the Ganra had no choice but to go toward the direction Paradua was leading them to.

“As expected of Lord Aluhaliha.” Gilmi’s breath was ragged, but he still couldn’t help but be amazed by Aluhaliha’s ingenious methods.

Unable to bear the pressure from the flanks, one of the goblins tried to widen the path, but only a spear was waiting for him. Another goblin fell. Gilmi didn’t need to be able to predict the future to know that at this rate, only annihilation would be waiting for them.

As the pressure from the flanks grew even stronger, Gilmi turned his head to the front.

––––There’s no other choice.

Gilmi knew full well how much of a gamble this was. But even then, he had no other choice but to do it. So he took the bow in his hands and nocked an arrow.

“All men, turn around!!”

For a moment, the goblins doubted their ears. But the Ganra still stopped their legs, and they turned around.

“What!? Are they mad!?”
“Bend your bodies and run!”

While Aluhaliha was shocked, Gilmi’s arrow shot right next to Aluhaliha’s rider-beast.

“Tch.. Jirouou!? Calm down!”

The arrow shot grazed at Jirouou’s nose, scaring him and creating an opening. Using that chance, each and every single Ganra nocked their arrows.


At Gilmi’s orders, arrows rained on the pursuing riders.

The riders who did not think they would be attacked did not have the time to defend. The arrow rained upon them. Some pierced their beasts, some pierced the goblins themselves.

But there was one thing common amongst the Paradua. When the goblins attacked them, not one of them kept their focus on the Ganra; they were more concerned about their own wounds. And that created a small opening. Using that opening, Gilmi led his men to run through the Paradua.

Bending their bodies, they ran through the giant rider-beasts toward a thicker part of the forest. Aluhaliha immediately tried to pursue them, but he and the rest of the riders were too close to each other to surround the Ganra. Even if they turned around and pursued them, the effort would be too great.

But even then, Aluhaliha skillfully put his men back together and chased after the Ganra.

“After them! They’re already at death’s door!”

Although Gilmi was able to turn the situation around with his quick thinking, Aluhaliha was fully aware of their situation.

“There won’t be a second time.” As Aluhaliha quietly muttered his resolve, he and his men rode after Gilmi.


The pursuit after that was naturally fierce.

Their encirclement was immovable. But just to be sure so as not to fall to any clever schemes, they intended to drive the Ganra to a place advantageous to them. Moreover, the moment the Ganra showed the slightest opening, they would immediately jump on them. For that purpose, Aluhaliha had his two adjutants by the flanks. Hal was positioned to the left, while Alashd was positioned to the right.

Aluhaliha resolved himself not to let even a single one of these goblins go. In order to gradually constrict them, he narrowed the encirclement even more. Gilmi’s horde of goblins were slowly being whittled down.

“If this keeps up we’ll be able to wipe them out.”

When Aluhaliha remembered his dead comrades, he angrily muttered.

“But this road…”

If Aluhaliha’s memory was correct, then there shouldn’t be a deep forest after this. This should be the woods leading to the Gaidga Village. When Aluhaliha thought of the hunt to come, the corners of his mouth twisted.

“All men, prepare yourselves for a hunt!” Aluhaliha’s thundering voice echoed. As he fixed his grip over his spear, he took the lead and resumed the pursuit. As the random arrows Gilmi shot were dodged, the ring of encirclement grew even narrower. This time, there was no room for them to escape.

At the height of Paradua’s excitement, the black tigers they rode on roared, and they closed the distance in one leap.

“After them!” Having calculated the time it would take before they could exit the deep forest, Aluhaliha spun his spear, and struck it against the Ganra’s goblins.

“Throw the stones!”

When they left the deep forest what greeted them were many trees, in between which were large gaps. A voice resounded within that land. It was the voice of that strong enemy that Aluhaliha still remembers. At that instant, a stone was right in front of him, and Aluhaliha who was leading had no choice but to slow down.

“Gu!? What is this!?”
“Exterminate them!”

After flicking away the stone, what appeared before him was an area with the trees levelled, and a fence constructed. Standing behind that fence was a gray goblin with three horns!

Aluhaliha watched the Ganra Goblins cheerfully retreat into the fence.


The failure of allowing his prey to run and the humiliation of falling to a scheme caused Aluhaliha to lose all reason.

“You think you can stop Paradua’s riders with something like stones!!?”

Enraged, Aluhaliha charged into the enemy, his two adjutants following right behind him. Of course, the other riders also followed. It was the full-powered of charge of Paradua’s riders.

Splattering away the branches of trees and thrusting away the twigs, the riders of Paradua charged into the enemy. That charge of theirs was bursting with power; it was not the kind of charge some simple fence could stop.

–––Look, brat! This is Paradua! This is our pride!


Aluhaliha’s angry voice thundered, lifting the spirits of the entire Paradua army. The naturally bellowing howl inspired the entire army.

“Throw the stones!”

––––You think you can stop us with stones on that level!?

Without even the slightest care for the stones, Aluhaliha charged vigorously into enemy lines. In fact, he charged more vigorously, but… suddenly, anguished voices reached his ears.


When he looked to his flanks, what he saw were his men, thrown to the ground.

–––What happened!?

Paradua’s unstoppable charge suddenly slowed down.

“What did you dooooooo!?”

When Aluhaliha turned around, what he saw were pitfalls and ivy traps liad by their feet.

––––We’ve been had!

Right in front of Aluhaliha was a stretch of fence that was by no means complex. But despite its simplicity, he could not leap over it. It was a fence constructed from wood put together crosswise; a simple fence full of holes, but it was impossible to avoid.


Consumed by rage, Aluhaliha struck his spear against the fence. The fence broke under his might, but his black tiger charged into it, throwing Aluhaliha off its back.

“Stab them to death!”

But Aluhaliha was still fortunate. As the weakened fence created an opening from which the goblins inside thrusted their spear out of, piercing the Paradua Goblin’s bodies.

What pierced into them were spears no doubt. But be that as it may, those spears were only rashly made by shaving wood. Getting hit by something like that could not be anything but painful. Aluhaliha’s comrades cried out in pain. And as if to rub the salt in their wounds, a ruthless voice resounded.

“Exterminate them!”

The goblins ran through the gap between the fences and struck at the wounded Paradua.


When the thought of defeat appeared within his mind, Aluhaliha was stirred by the need to save the Paradua tribe. He groggily stood up.

But when he desperately stood up, what he saw were the goblins coming from both directions. Nausea hit him like a truck, but in despair, he fought off the urge to faint.

At this point, Aluhaliha recognized his defeat.

It was then that a shadow appeared before him.

Within that blurry sight of his, a gray goblin with three horns appeared.

“If you surrender, I’ll spare your people.” The goblin’s merciless voice echoed.

Aluhaliha no longer had the power to resist.





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