Goblin Kingdom – Volume 1 Chapter 22: The Soul of a King

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The Red Snake’s Eye -> Red Snake’s Eye

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Chapter 22: The Soul of a King

[Race] Goblin
[Level] 14
[Class] Duke; Horde Chief
[Possessed Skills] <<Horde Commander>> <<Insurgent Will>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Swordsmanship B->> <<Insatiable Desire>> <<Distant Soul>> <<Ruler’s Wisdom I>> <<Eyes of the Blue Snake>> <<Dance at Death’s Border>> <<Red Snake’s Eye>> <<Magic Manipulation>> <<Soul of a Crazed Warrior>>
[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia
[Attributes] Darkness, Death
[Subordinate Beasts] Kobold (Lv9)
[Abnormal Status] <<Charm of the Saint>>

Three days has passed since Gi Go and its horde has come to our village.

I had the new comers form three-man cells along with the rest of the goblins. At first, they were confused, but after seeing for themselves the effects of using traps, and how it can easily corner preys to secure food, they seem to have appreciated it.

The fact that there’s no friction is proof of that.

I ordered the goblins to focus their hunting on the east and west. At the same time, I warned them not to hurt the kobolds.

If we hunt too much, we might just break the barrier that’s protecting us from the humans.

I also reminded them not to forget my orders to run if they come across any of the orcs coming from the west, or if they happen to meet a giant spider.

Of course, they would probably still run even if I hadn’t ordered them to. But lately, Gi Ga’s been challenging the stronger beasts in the area, so just in case, I made sure that they wouldn’t do anything stupid.

After I was sure that the goblins could do their rounds around the village well enough, I headed over to the old goblin’s.

Naturally, my objective is to gather information for the next village. My plan won’t change; I will still start with the closer villages.

“There is someone, but…” said the old goblin, slightly hesitating. “But he’s a bit dangerous.”

Those words full of bitterness brought a smile to my face.

“Irrelevant. I will make it understand my power,” I replied.

I need to make those gray wolves who attacked us pay. For the sake of that goal, I need to gather the strong and not the weak.

“There is a village of goblins opposite the lake with a group of druids living in it.” said the old goblin.

In other words, a village ruled by magic users.

From what the old goblin told me, these druids seem to look down on all goblins other than their own class.

“Druid, huh?” I muttered.

It’s a kind of goblin my village doesn’t have. And since he says it’s a group of druids, then there should be a number of them there. Even just one of those druids would greatly strengthen my forces if I were to add them.

“The next prey’s been decided then,” said.

The land they rule is at most about a day’s distance. The hesitant, old goblin can just lead us. Getting there safely is important after all.

Still it would be great if I could get a map, but unfortunately such luxuries aren’t possible.

After all, this forest here is the forbidden forest of darkness. Humans don’t come in here.

Well, as soon as I walk it, I’ll remember the way .

Speaking of which, who should I take with me?

Gi Gi has just recently caught some new beasts, and is currently busy, so it won’t be possible to take it along.

Gi Go and Gi Gu on the other hand, have their hands full teaching the new goblins how to hunt. The former leader teaching brings the best results after all.

So that leaves…

“Gi Ga!” I yelled.

Gi Ga’s been greedily wishing for a fight ever since the orcs’ raid, so I decided to have it come with me.

“By your will!” replied Gi Ga.

And so I left the village with Gi Ga to scout.


We know that there’s plenty of spear deer to hunt until the lake, so we didn’t get lost on the way.

Then we got to the lake, we did our reconnaissance by walking around it, observing the surroundings to try and get a grasp on the area, answering questions such as “Is there a path a large number of goblins can use?” “Are any strong monsters? Or conversely, are there any preys that we could hunt easily?” questions like that.

Hmm… When it comes to fighting, the forest is probably better.

The druid’s magic is worrying too. It’s something I haven’t fought against yet, so I’m both anxious and excited.

Then while I was absorbed deep in my thoughts, Gi Ga called out to me, “Chief,” it said

Looking over to Gi Ga, I noticed it pointing its spear towards a direction. Following that, I saw a monster that I have never seen before.

As I looked closely at it, the [Skill] <<The Red’s Snake Eye>> activated, and its status came up.

[Skill] <<The Red’s Snake Eye>> has activated.

[Race] Lizard Man.
[Level] 10
[Class] Larva
[Possessed skills] <<Underwater Movement>> <<Swordsmanship D+>> <<Call for Friends>>
[Divine Protection] None
[Attributes] None

The monster that lived on the lake roused wariness in me.

At that moment, Gi Ga asked me excitedly, “Chief, fight, let me!” it said.

Gi Ga was so eager to fight it was about to jump into the fray, but I stopped it, and continued to observe the lizard man. Then I asked Gi Ga, “Why?”

Why are you so eager to fight? To be honest, I really don’t understand Gi Ga’s feelings.

Then Gi Ga replied, “I, become, chief’s strength!”

Hearing that caused my eyes to open, moving the pair from the lizard man to Gi Ga.

Looking at it like this, Gi Ga’s as excited as usual. It really isn’t one to lie, so… It’s telling the truth?

“I, gain power. King, help,” it continued.
“Am I that unreliable?” I asked.

Gi Ga shook its head, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Looks like it just likes me.

Dammit, this is embarrassing!

But still…

So you’re going to follow me, huh?

I looked at the lizard man again.

With its alligator-like exterior bathed in beach’s sunlight, the lizardman actually looked to be quite charming. Only there was a sharp, curved sword in its hand. And on its other hand was a sharp nail extending.

And those scales…

It doesn’t look like it’s been cut by a hard blade, so it must be because of the water that there’s a part that’s somewhat swelling. Is there such a thing? How curious.

Then Gi Ga yelled again, trying to hurry me in its excessive excitement.

“Chief!” it said.

Gi Ga was panting in excitement.

“Don’t, push yourself too much,” I said.

Gi Ga shook its head up and down so vigorously it made a buzzing sound.

“Also, I won’t lend you a hand, ok?”

At those words, fighting spirit lit within Gi Ga’s eyes.

This is the battle Gi Ga desired, so I made sure to make it understand that it should accept the results no matter what it may be. Harsh as this may seem, it is imperative that Gi Ga understand this.

The goblins under me… I wonder, will they remain as nothing more than livestock under my rule? Or will they grow into full-fledged warriors?

I don’t mind either way. You goblins can become livestock for all I care.

Your lives are no different from the pigs served on the table.

But… Should you happen to acquire the honor of a warrior, then…

At those thoughts, I made my decision.

–––I won’t let even a single of you to die meaninglessly!

The warriors that once existed in my country. Those brave, gallant figures that I never had the pleasure of seeing. If you can make me feel even a trace of their glory, then you shall become my pride.

Even if I come to be called, the king of monsters. Even if I come to be ridculed, the King of Pygmies. I will not abandon you.

I will lead you and your people, and I shall raise a new country!

To follow me is to walk the path of war. You shall fight foes leagues above you to no rest.


“Go!” I yelled, and the goblin rocketed off.

And I watched over it silently.

This might be a detour, but it’s a necessary one.

As I told myself that, I gripped Iron Second tightly.

I’m worried about that lizardman’s <<Call for Friends>> skill. If that’s something that could call others of its own kind, then I might have to risk my life.


Gi Ga’s spear grazed the lizard man’s scale, and green blood oozed out.

But the lizardman was, by nature, a race above the goblin rare, and it did not falter. Instead it gripped its curved sword tight, and it slashed towards Gi Ga.

The thrust spear returned to Gi Ga’s hands, and the goblin blocked the curved sword.

Supposedly, in a battle between a spear and a sword, the spear should win out in range. However, Gi Ga’s excessive fighting spirit caused it to challenge the lizard man in a close fight instead.

Not good, I thought.

The battle continued, and the lizard man closed in. In a series of attack, the battle-hungry Gi Ga was driven into a corner. Even if Gi Ga blocks one attack, another blow follows right after it. Curved swords were originally made to make cutting easy.

The sword flew in a flurry, uncontested, striking from above, from below, from the right and from the left.

The lizard man was clearly not just superior in race, but it also made full use of its own advantages.

I gritted my teeth, but I wasn’t going to join the fray.

Just as I had said, this is the battle Gi Ga wished for.

So I will only look on, quietly, without lifting a finger.

Even if death shall visit you, I will remain still.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a monster or human. Once a man decides to fight, he must see it to the end.

That’s what I believe.

The blade of the lizard man has finally begun to wound Gi Ga’s body gradually. And the goblin’s red blood spurted into the air.

My brows furrowed, and my glare intensified. So much so that I was certain my looks could kill. And sweat gathered at my palm that tightly gripped Iron Second.

Gi Ga pulled its spear back. And the lizard man’s sword came swinging at it.

Panicked, the goblin took some distance, and I finally felt a bit of relief.

Good, I thought. That’s exactly what you should be doing. Take some distance, and fight from there. If you do so, you’ll have a chance at winning.

From the looks of things, even the lizard man’s at a lost at what to do with Gi Ga’s spear handling. Gi Ga definitely isn’t behind in skill.

But the wall Gi Ga needs to overcome is that overwhelming difference in physical abilities.

After Gi Ga took some distance, the lizard man immediately tried to close it.

At Gi Ga’s one-sided defensive battle, my patience began to approach its limits.

The lizard man slashed from below upwards, cutting Gi Ga’s feet. Red blood spurted out of them, and the curved sword drew a circle as it flashed.

But Gi Ga only gripped its own spear again.

At the same time, the brandished curved sword swung down

––That’s not good!

As those thoughts exploded within my mind, I rocketed towards the lizardman and Gi Ga. I knew I wouldn’t make it, but still!

But then all of the sudden, Gi Ga suddenly… took a step forward!?

The descending curved sword cut Gi Ga’s shoulder, and more red blood gushed out.

“Tch!”, clicked my tongue.

Don’t die Gi Ga!

But then right at that moment, the bellowing sound of a howl suddenly entered my ears.


Then Gi Ga put all of its strength into the spear, and thrusted it, leaving me surprised, and the lizard man’s eyes, opened wide.

The thrusted spear pierced into the lizard man’s chest, and blood gushed out a pool of red.

Then Gi Ga fell to its knees, and it looked dumbfounded towards the lizardman that took its spear.

“Gyu, GyuAAeAAa!”

The lizard man shrieked an ear-piercing scream, and then it breathed its last.

“Gi Ga!” I yelled.

“Chief, I, won…” said Gi Ga, weakly.

“Aah, it was a spectacular victory,” I replied.

Then as if having lost all strength, Gi Ga bowed, and fell to the ground.

Quickly, I ran to where he was, and when I got to him, he was deep asleep.

I felt relieved from the bottom of my heart when I saw that.

“I guess even I don’t understand my own feelings,” I muttered.


As I held Gi Ga up, I heard something shriek.

I left Gi Ga somewhere around the lake, leaving him there to rest, then I looked back.

And there, before me, was a lounge of lizardmen crawling from the waterside.

Five lizardmen.

“…Coming?” I asked, my face twisting into a smile.

I wielded Iron Second over my shoulder.

I can’t lose. Not to five lizardmen whose power is equal to that of goblin nobles.

The gallant figure of the man who said he would become strong for my sake scorched within me.

I am the king of that man, the proud king of monsters!

Be it Zenobia! Be it Altesia! None shall stand before me!

“Turn me into a blade (enchant)!!”

The abyss-like flames of darkness clad my sword.

And as my heart burned, so did the flames of enchant rage.


[Level] has risen.

14 -> 22

[Skill] <<Distant Soul>> has evolved into [Skill] <<King’s Soul>>.

Because of having adherents within your horde, magic power UP. Every time you gain an adherent, your total magic power will increase.

However, each time your magic power increases, so will the ability of the goddess of the underworld to control you increase.

Loyalty from subordinate monsters UP.







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