Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Gossip: An Ordinary Day in the Tribes

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Volume 2: Gossip – An Ordinary Day in the Tribes

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Kuzan
Race, Gordob Goblin
Level, 50
Class, King; Ruler
Possessed Skills, Kairaishi; Prophesy Death
Divine Protection, Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)
Attributes, Darkness; Death
Abnormal Status, Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

Kuzan, the priestess of the Gordob, tasked by the king to take care of the fortress in his absence, was currently sweeping the fortress grounds.

It was a holy place, after all, and as the person responsible, she could not allow it to remain messy.

“Good day,” the oldest of the chiefs, Aluahliha said.

He was no longer a chieftain himself, but he was still a warrior; his duty was also to protect the fortress.

Normally, leaving behind a chief would have been enough to defend the fortress, but Kuzan was not a fighter, so the king decided to leave the old Aluhaliha behind.

“Greetings, Grandpa Aluhaliha,” Kuzan said with a smile.

That was the first time Aluhaliha saw the ever serious priestess of Gordob smile. And to him it was truly a dazzling sight.

She’d been holed up all this time, so he thought for sure she’d never smile from the bottom of her heart, yet here she was smiling cheerfully like the young girl she was as she swept the floor.

The old chief couldn’t help but let his face slacken upon seeing that, but when he realized what he was doing. he quickly knitted his brows. He didn’t want to lose his tough appearance.

“You’ve been dropping by frequently lately,” Kuzan said.

“I just felt like it… I brought some meat, by the way. Why don’t you go eat with the others,” Alhaliha said as he handed the meat of the spear deer he got along the way. Interestingly enough, the part of the meat he handed was the most nutritional part: the liver.

“Grandpa, thank you!” Kuzan said as she happily accepted the meat.

Aluhaliha thought meat would be rare for the Gordob, as they were a tribe known to stay within their caves. Seeing Kuzan so excitedly accept the meat he brought proved his conjecture true, and his face once again slackened.

“Everyone! Grandpa Aluhaliha brought us meat! Let’s eat first!” Aluhaliha happily watched as Kuzan ran to the others and called out to them.

“Who would’ve thought she’d have a side like this to her,” Aluhaliha muttered.

Then suddenly another voice resounded.

“Who would’ve thought, indeed,” the voice said.

Aluhaliha jumped at the voice; he seemed paler than if he’d seen a ghost. When he turned around, he saw that it was Yellow. The small-bodied Yellow, who was both Kuzan’s father and her aide in leading their tribe. For some reason, however, the small goblin’s gaze toward Aluhaliha was unusually cold.

Any other day Aluhaliha would’ve been sure he could easily win against Yellow in a fight, but for some reason, he actually winced at the small goblin’s gaze. It was something he found confusing despite his long years in the hunt.

“…Yellow, it’s you.” Aluhaliha said, trying to make his voice as dignified as could be.

But Yellow’s gaze only grew colder.

“Yes, it’s me, Yellow, Kuzan’s only blood-related father,” Yellow said.

Aluhaliha couldn’t understand why Yellow would bother bringing up Kuzan’s name, but he also couldn’t help wince once more when he did.

“Can I help you with something?” He asked.

“No, you seemed free, so I called out,” Yellow matter-of-factly replied.

There was a coldness in his voice that intimidated the old chieftain warrior.

“I’m not actually that free, I’m just…” Aluhaliha stammered.

“Oh?” Yellow said.

It was but a single word, yet that single word emanated a strange pressure that seemed to make the small goblin bigger.

Aluhaliha blinked his eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing.

“Lord Aluhaliha, as the oldest of the Paradua tribe, and the most valiant warrior in the previous battle, and! —”

Yellow seemed to be praising him, but that sudden increase in volume made Aluhaliha draw cold sweat.

“—As the oldest chief among the four tribes, the goblin with the greatest influence even when compared to the Gaidga or Ganra, would you mind if I ask your opinion regarding a certain… matter?”

Sounded more like a threat than a question, Aluhaliha thought.

“S-Sure…” Aluhaliha found himself meekly saying.

He was long past the point where he could yet regain his dignity.

“What do you think of an old goblin, who happens to hold illicit feelings for a very, and if I may emphasize, very young girl; going as far as to use his authority to reach out to this pure maiden in hopes of satiating his own selfish desires… What does the great Aluhaliha think if such a dirty and corrupted and vile goblin were to be among the ranks of our four tribes?” Yellow asked.

It didn’t really seem like he was asking his opinion though, Aluhaliha thought, In fact, it pretty much felt like he was pushing his own opinion onto him, but regardless, the most Aluhaliha could do was to nod his head in agreement.

“R-Right… Such a goblin certainly deserves to be punished.”

“You think so too, Master Aluhaliha? As expected of someone with such grand caliber.”

Aluhaliha was taken aback by Yellow’s theatrics, and the devilish smile he saw on Yellow’s lips sent shivers down his back. It was a kind of fear he had never felt despite his long years as chieftain. A fear that sent his eyes darting the moment Yellow placed his hands over his shoulders.

“I hope you do not – ever – forget those words,” Yellow said in a hushed voice, but there was a fire hidden behind them that made Aluhaliha nod despite not truly understanding.

And then Yellow walked away.

“Good grief…” Aluhaliha said, seemingly exahusted, “I think I’ll go take care of the black tiger cubs when I get back.”

Then a happy voice called out to him.

“You have black tiger cubs at home!?” The voice said, obviously belonging to Kuzan, as Aluhaliha confirmed upon turning around.

“Y-Yes… They were born just a few days ago. They’re very important treasures to our tribe,” he said.

“Wow, that’s amazing. Can I see them?”

“Sure, drop by anytime. They can’t walk yet, but they’ve already grown their fur. I say this is when they’re the cutest.”

“Yay! Oh, but… I can’t walk very fast.”

Kuzan was crestfallen when she realized meeting the cubs wouldn’t be possible, but Aluhaliha quickly brought her spirits up by offering her a ride on his own riderbeast.

“Why don’t you ride with me then?” He suggested. “If you come with me, we can make it in less than half a day.”

“Really!? You’re the best, Gramps!” Kuzan said as she hugged the old chieftain, at which he smiled and said that it was good to go out from time to time.

A happy atmosphere seemed to emanate from the two, but contrast to them, there was currently a cold gaze freezing from behind a pillar.

Dark ether emanated from Yellow as he watched the two embrace. That aura was so terrifying it sent the Gordob goblins that passed by running and screaming.

Tl Note: Next Chapter is a good bit longer than this one. There’s also an epub available for V1 if you’re interested. This was made by Noitrus, so kudos to him.


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