Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Gi Do’s Anguish

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Volume 2: Intermission – Gi Do’s Anguish

Name Gi Do Buruga
Race Goblin
Level 1
Class Shaman
Possessed Skills Magic Manipulation; Realized Wings; Protection of the Wind; Wind Spear; Three-Verse Chant; Guidance of the Goddess of Wisdom; Researcher
Divine Protection God of Wind
Attributes Wind


The great king said that there was much to be learned from the elves.

He was right.

Presently, I am studying with my teacher, Gi Za Zakuend, here in the elven village.

Just some time ago, they hated us, and yet now, here we are in Gastair, doing ‘class-work’.

My teacher says that to simply leave everything to the king is to fail our duties as his retainers. We had to always be thinking what we could do for the king.

I share my teacher’s sentiments. If we only obeyed the king, we would be no better than beasts.

The king intends to defeat the humans. He has even considered what will happen afterwards. But this is something I only heard from the elves.

According to the old teacher, Falun, the king is trying to create a Kingdom of Goblins.

There are certain things that a kingdom needs.

But… What is a kingdom anyway?

“A kingdom is a place where people live,” the old teacher explained, but that only confused me more.

I mean, according to that logic, isn’t the forest a kingdom?

I asked the old teacher that, and he grinned at me. “Your king wishes for an even bigger kingdom.”

I see, so the king wants a great kingdom.

In that case, what would a kingdom need?

“One, is a set of ‘laws’ to adhere to; another, is a ‘people’ to rule over; and lastly, power.” The old teacher wrote the terms we’d only recently learned on the sand plate.

“The law is the foundation of a government. It is only after establishing the law that one can tax the people and judge wrongdoers and direct the path of the people.”

Tax… A way for the country to gather wealth. In other words, the country will be able procure lots of meat.

Judge, judgment, trials… That refers to the exchange between Lord Gi Go and his majesty. For example, the people have no right to complain even if they are killed if they point their sword at the king.

To direct, guidance, policies… For example, one doesn’t have to die as long as he doesn’t point his sword at the king.

“From what we’ve discussed a few days ago, there are those among you who have received a family name from the king and have been given the right to own a land, correct?” The old teacher confirmed.

I nodded.

“That is something akin to a contract,” the old teacher said.

What is he talking about? That was the king’s orders.

“They are similar, though not wholly,” the old teacher continued.

Mu, mu?

“The king has rewarded you with a family name and a territory.”

On the plate of sand, he wrote the word ‘king’ on one plot of land, then he added the words ‘last name’.

“When you work, the king will reward you. You offer the king labor, and in exchange, the king gives you a fitting reward. When you look at it from this perspective, doesn’t it look just like a contract?”

N-Now that he mentions it…

But wouldn’t this sort of thinking be disrespectful to the king?

I can’t come to terms with it, but I can’t fault the logic.

“The law is really just a collection of such promises, which is why, it is imperative that the law be obeyed.”

Agreed. A promise with the king is indeed something to be protected.

“But there are people who can’t keep these promises.”

Such people are unforgivable!

“Yes, which is why a kingdom needs power. There must be a king and an army, and when everything is put together, that is what we refer to as a kingdom.”

But why does it feel like the kingdom is bigger than the king? The king is greater than all!

“Such a king is not a king but a tyrant. You cannot call such a person a wise ruler.”

Are you mocking the king!?

“Gi Do Buruga, do you know why the king is a king? Think about it, that will be your assignment.”

The old teacher grinned as he said that, then he ended the class.

“Why is the king a king?”

Gi Do couldn’t help but groan.

The king is a king because he is a king.

Isn’t that obvious?


“It seems a kingdom can’t be built so easily after all,” teacher and I poured our efforts into the research on ether after the class with old Falun ended.

“I don’t think it’s wise to believe everything that old elf says,” teacher said as he gathered the winds around his staff. “I know the old elf is knowledgeable and experienced, but in the end, the things he says are an elf’s ideals. We goblins have our own way of thinking.”

True, I certainly don’t like the idea of calling the king a despot.

“That might be so, but…”

“And besides, we haven’t learned anything that might be profitable.”

Teacher made a difficult face as the gathered winds became bigger.

“Profitable?” Gi Do asked.

“Yes, for example, Gi Do Buruga, you might know of ‘law’, but can you give me something concrete?” His teacher asked.

Now that he mentions it… I don’t actually know law!

“The elves do not have a king. Shure could have become one, but in the end, he just became a representative of the sage’s council.”

Teacher is just as difficult as old Falun.

“Isn’t the king, king? Why would the representative of the sage’s council…”

“No, he definitely could have become one…”

As teacher became thoughtful, the gathered winds above him shot forth, dispersing to different directions, then his face became sterner.

“It’s no good. I can’t concentrate,” he said.

He’s not satisfied? Even after controlling that much wind?

Teacher’s spirit of inquiry is indeed only something I can admire.

“Reality is different from idea,” he said.

Does he mean a country is only an idea?

Teacher waved his hands, so I excused myself.


I walked aimlessly, wondering to myself what I could do for the king.

Teacher’s research on magic and demihuman blood seems to be progressing, but what about me? Isn’t there something I could do?


I can’t control the winds like teacher does, so researching magic seems pointless. Because in the end I’ll just end up admiring teacher. I have to take a different path.

As I walked and pondered like that, I happened across the elven princess, sitting under the shade of a tree as she read a book.

If I recall correctly, she is Princess Shunaria.

In search of an answer, I decided to call out to her.

“Greetings, Princess Shunaria,” I said.

She turned to me with a displeased expression, but when she saw who it was calling her, her face turned to that of shock, only to change into displeasure again a moment later.

What an expressive person.

“Just as I was wondering who it was, it turns out to be a goblin,” she said.

Daughter of the king’s sworn friend, Shure Forni.

She puffed up her cheeks and pouted her mouth as she complained.

“Flattery from a goblin person is a bit…”

I don’t recall flattering anyone, though.

“My name is Gi Do Buruga, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” I said.

“Shunaria Forni. It is my pleasure as well,” she replied.

“I noticed you were making a difficult face as you read… What kind of book is it?”

She wryly smiled and showed me the book. “A history book.”

“History? What is history?” I asked.

“I suppose it’s only normal that you don’t know. It is a record of the events that occurred in the past. In a sense, you could say it’s the crystallization of knowledge.”

A record of the past? I don’t understand that very well, but the crystallization of knowledge!? That sounds spectacular!

“This one tells the history of a human country… Would you like to read it?”

“Is that alright? I thought for sure it would be something precious…”

“It’s fine. Here,” Lord Shunaria said as she handed me the book.

I quickly opened it, but…

“…Ati…, 41… years? Erm…”

I can’t read!

I just started learning how to read recently, so there’s a lot of characters I don’t know.

“Ah, could it be you…”

“My deepest apologies. After you went out of your way to lend it to me, I’m afraid there are simply far too many difficult words…”

“I see…”

Lord Shunaria seems disappointed. I have no excuse.

“Then, how about I teach you?” She suddenly proposed.


“If it is alright, then by all means!”

I said without thinking.

A crystallization of knowledge… Yes, this must be it!

I have finally found something I can do for the king!

“Ah, but I have a request first,” Lord Shunaria said.

“What is it? If it’s something I can do, then!” I replied.

“We elves might have become sworn friends with the goblins, but we know next to nothing about you. So, won’t you tell me about your people?”

Oh, is that it? That’s not a problem at all.

“Gladly,” I said.

Lord Shunaria smiled as she watched me deeply nod.

After this, the elves would start seeing a goblin with a history book on one hand and a large flower on the other.

When word of this reached the Fortress of the Abyss, Gi Gi Orudo’s eyes went as dark as the black of the night. As for whether he approached Gi Do or not… Well…

Author Note: As requested by a reader, a short story about Gi Do, who’s appearance is usually overshadowed.

Tl Note: Gi Gi is the goblin having female issues.

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  1. So, the wisest and most cunning of them all with the exception of the king is still Gi Za Zakuend. Now I wonder what’s going on in Gi Za’s head.

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    1. No it would not!!!

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