Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 178: The Blade That Does Not Rot (2/3)

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Tl Note: Sardine to Saldin as requested.


Volume 3: Chapter 178 – The Blade That Does Not Rot(2/3)

The Red King Clan had a wizard. His name was Grave Neil, an old wizard who made his name as an enchanter.

He was born as the second son to a smithing family, and it was not until he’d turned 14 that his talent was recognized. Since then he has been wholeheartedly honing his talents, and after over 40 years, he has finally become an accomplished wizard.

The enchantment that he uses could imbue all sorts of elements into armor and weapons. For example, he could enchant a spear with the element of lightning, and it would possess the power to paralyze those it cuts. He could also enchant a sword with fire, and enemies wounded by it would suffer burns.

He could also enchant armor.

An armor enchanted with the element of wind would become as light as feather and a pair of boots enchanted with the element of iron would be extremely hard.

“Hey, Saldin! The army is moving too fast! Don’t you have any respect for your elders!?”

“What the hell you going on about, gramps? Didn’t you just tell me not to treat like you an old man!?”

“Don’t you know how to accommodate others!?”

“Don’t you know how to not spout sophistry, gramps!?”

Although his personality could use some work, he was an experienced adventurer with a wealth of connections and the skills to get him named as one of the best of the Red King Clan.

“Come on, you two, let’s not fight. We’re going to be negotiating with some people now. If we show up in a foul mood, they’ll look down on us,”” Carlion said.

The muscular Saldin cut him. “Is there even any point in negotiating? What’s that clan called? Flying Swallow? I know they’re famous, but…”

“Sigh, this is exactly why having a squad of nothing but muscleheads is a pain!”

“What did you say?”

Saldin glared at the old wizard.

“You’ll regret it if you look down on the Flying Swallow Clan. As their name says, they go around the world freely like swallows. We can’t just charge into their headquarters like we did to the Elks Clan. Besides, they also have many famous adventurers within their ranks that are renowned throughout the world,” Grave said before reminding Carlion that they’re the last clan they should be making an enemy out of.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going there to pick a fight,” Carlion said.

“…I’d hope so.”

“Well, aren’t you an amazing pessimist, huh, gramps,” Saldin said to mock Grave.

At that, the old wizard took the staff in his hands and started chasing after Saldin all over the place. Unfortunately, for the old wizard, Saldin was a warrior in charge of the frontlines while he was an old wizard in charge of the rear guard. It did not take long before the difference in stamina started showing.

“What’s the matter, gramps? Did ya break your hips or something?”

“You little… GAH!?”

Grave desperately chased after Saldin despite his ragged breathing, but no matter how hard he ran, he just couldn’t catch up to him.

The place they were headed to was south of Elrain Kingdom, the mid-sized city of Sapnir. It was located midway to one of the founding nations of the Free Cities, the merchant nation, Pena.

“Long time no see, Lord Wyatt!” Grave said.

The tall man smiled and bowed. “Sorry I wasn’t able to write. You seem to be doing well, old teacher.”

After the Herculean, Wyatt, left the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, he went to the Free Cities. One reason was because of the clan request, the other was because of his personal interest in the Red King Clan.

“The clan leader (Arcs) gives his regards too.”

“For poor old me? There’s no need, really…”

Wyatt led them into a trading company, causing them to all raise their brows up.

“Lord Wyatt, that’s…”

“It’s owned by a childhood friend of mine. Don’t worry, it’s a trustworthy place.”

Such places were usually used by influential merchants.

“As expected of Lord Wyatt,” Grave wryly smiled, and Wyatt smiled back.

The influence of the Flying Swallow Clan had not only reached the adventurer’s guild but also the merchant’s guild. That was made obvious just now, and everyone from the Red King Clan couldn’t help but become confused. Of course, not one of them allowed that to show on their face.

Neither Wyatt nor the people of the Red King Clan wasted their time and they immediately started talking. After all, time was a precious commodity to every one of them.

“A treaty of nonaggression?” Wyatt tilted his head upon hearing some unfamiliar words.

“Yes. Our Red King wishes to form an alliance with the Flying Swallow and its associates. This is the first step to realizing that goal,” Carlion spoke politely. He was singlehandedly responsible for Red King Clan’s negotiations.

“Hmm…” Wyatt became thoughtful.

Carlion continued. “We are new to the south and would like to avoid conflict with the influential Flying Swallows.”

At first glance, his words might seem humble, but considering what happened to the Elks Clan, they could also be taken as a threat.

“Very well. I shall personally propose it to our clan leader,” Wyatt replied.

The people connected to the Red King Clan were all shocked. Who would’ve thought that talks would go this smoothly?

“But I have a condition,” Wyatt added.

“…Which is?”

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I just think it would be best if we also shared human resource on top of our cultural exchanges. Will you accept these terms?”

When Wyatt suggested that, Grave and Saldin turned to Carlion.

Carlion nodded with that ever smiling face of his. “But of course, if anything, to have such terms with the famed Flying Swallows is our honor.”

“I see, but you won’t get anything out of me flattering us.”

Wyatt laughed heartily and Carlion smiled back.

After Carlion and the other two left the trading company, they talked about Wyatt’s terms as they walked.

“Was that a good idea, genius adviser?”

“We have no choice but to accept it. At the very least, that’s what I believe.”

The most important part in this trade was to form good relations with the Flying Swallows Clan. This was a plan to try and change the Red King’s image by forming good relations with other powerful clans. This was a necessary step now that they had several clans under their banner.

After all, no one would actually want to approach an ill-reputed clan that did whatever it pleased.

“The war with the Elks Clan allowed us to show our strength. With Lord Grave’s connection and Lord Saldin’s abilities in war, so long as our clan leader is able to gain popularity, the Red King Clan would surely flourish.”

“Then why did you have to pick the Flying Swallows?” Saldin asked unhappily.

“Because I believe it would be best to avoid friction with others while we’re trying to stretch our wings. Power is something one should use only when necessary. Don’t you agree?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“Besides, this is also a good opportunity to see the internal affairs of the Flying Swallow.”

“…If we are able to, anyway,” Grave added as he and Saldin both tilted their head in puzzlement.

“Gramps, how much can that Wyatt uncle be used?”

“Well, his personality is what you’d call ‘firm’. As a warrior, he’s only really good at defense, but he could probably stop Lord Shunrai.”

“That seemingly good-natured uncle?”

Saldin couldn’t believe his ears as he imagined that black-haired swordsman from the Red King Clan.

“He’s pretty calm now, but he used to be a demon in the battlefield. He would wreak havoc with Congo, a halberd made out of blue-silver steel, in his right hand, and Fudou, a magic steel shield, in his left hand. You would have peed your pants if you were there,” Grave said as he thought back to the past. “Ah, but lately, I hear that he’s already sealed both those weapons and has shifted his focus to bettering himself as a person. He must have calmed down a lot with the years.”

“…Let’s hope that’s true.”

That day, the Flying Swallows Clan and the Red King Clan formed a treaty of nonaggression and promised to share the profits of the east and the south. They also promised to share human resource and to send exchange students three at a time.

With this agreement, the Red King Clan has firmly rooted themselves into the southern region and the Flying Swallows clan was able to avoid having an all-out confrontation with an up-and-rising clan. As for which of these two mid-sized clans took the upper hand in this treaty, it was still a mystery.


Tl Note: The old teacher stuff is just a formality like sensei, I believe. Wyatt isn’t actually his student.

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