Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 188: Rival Chiefs (1/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 188 – Rival Chiefs (1/3)

After the defeat of Elrain Kingdom’s Goudal Gaschall, word of the revival of the Kushain Believers reached the Goblin King’s ears.

The intelligence department made with the help of the Leon Heart Clan that the Goblin King advocated for was gradually starting to show results.

“And now there’s a civil war within Elrain Kingdom?” The Goblin King knitted his brows as he listened to the information passed by Zaurosh.

Half of that was because he was astounded, while the other half was because he did not understand.

“On the surface it appears to be a war regarding the king’s successor after his death, but looking a little deeper, the Red King seems to be trying to take over Elrain Kingdom,” Zaurosh said.

From the sound of things, it seemed like your usual internal squabbles, but the Goblin King’s brows remained knitted.

“I’ve been hearing that Red King a lot lately. Is it that big of an organization?” The Goblin King asked. Zaurosh’s faint frown as he uttered that name did not escape his eyes.

“They’re a coalition of clans, but that might be a bit hard to understand. Basically, they’re a group of adventurers trying to steal a country,” Zaurosh said.

“I take it that’s something unusual,” the Goblin King said.

As far as the Goblin King was concerned, it was common sense for those with power to yearn after the throne. But judging from Zaurosh’s reaction, it seemed this was not a common thing.

“Yes. At the very least, no one has attempted such a thing since the conception of clans.”

Mercenaries with a country of their own. When you put it into words, it may not seem like much, but actually making it happen takes a lot of resolve.

The fact that this coalition of adventurers could attempt such a thing spoke volumes of their power. The Goblin King understood that much.

“The Red King, huh.”

It was an enemy they would have to face one day, but for now, they were still too far from the Goblin King.

“The next matter is about the Kushain Believers, I believe,” the Goblin King urged Zaurosh to continue.

“Yes. We have details of their last battle. Apparently, the saint led their army,” Zaurosh said.

“The saint?” The Goblin King asked.

“A maiden who has inherited the blood of Kushain, Mira Vi Burnen; a 16-year-old princess.”

“A noble birth, in other words. But is that all? She may be able to grasp the people’s heart with that noble blood of hers, but tactics is a different story.”

Ra Gilmi Fishiga and his men may have gotten some results by attacking the villages of the Kushain Believers, but in the end, the believers were still able to protect their turf.

No matter how much faith that Saint Mira could muster, on the frontlines, it was the soldiers who fought. There should be a skillful commander among their ranks.

“Your Highness’ perception is as brilliant as ever. Vilan Do Zul, though still but a boy, is practically the tactician of the Kushain Believers. He is devoted to Saint Mira and without his counsel, their generals can’t move.”

The Kushain Believers were able to come back because of a young boy and a young girl.

“It’s like a fairy-tale.”

“Unfortunately, it’s true. The Kushain Believers have banded together with them as their hope.”

“What a pain.”

Enemies with high morale were not easily dealt with. Such enemies with unbreakable will could turn the battle around at any moment. If miracles existed, then it’s that high morale that will bring them to light.

“And then there’s the Ashunasan Alliance,” the Goblin King said.

“Well, other than Elrain Kingdom, there’s only really the merchant country, Pena. Only nations with the power and leisure like that of Elrain Kingdom could afford to come here, after all.”

“If I recall correctly, they haven’t stood out until recently.”

“Yes… They dispatched troops alongside Elrain Kingdom to the Kushain Believers. They should have lost, but just a few days ago, it seems that a city of Elrain Kingdom has been taken over because of a coup.”

“Another internal dispute… Humans sure are unoccupied,” the elf, Fei, said from the side while he was working on some documents.

Zaurosh wryly smiled. “You jest… But in any case, there’s no harm in keeping tabs on others. Especially Pena, Elrain Kingdom, and the Red King that’s trying to take over from within. And I’m sure the Kushain Believers will become an important topic whether we want to or not.”

The state of affairs in the south was gradually becoming much easier to understand compared to when the Goblin King first arrived here.

There were 3 forces that could stand against the Goblin King.

The Red King, the merchant nation of Pena, and the Kushain Believers.

It is with these three forces that the goblin army will most likely compete with to gain hegemony over the south. Elrain Kingdom would probably be the first to withdraw seeing how the Red King was gradually eating it from within.

“In any case, whichever power it is, they will all most likely aim for the small feudal lords here in the borders. Although Pena’s actually made the most contact recently…”

The merchant nation of Pena is a merchant city state built around an oasis in the desert. It makes its income mainly through taxes earned from the roads leading to the east and the west.

“It is a country ruled by a queen. More specifically, Raksha El Pena, who just recently rose to power.”

“How much intel do you have on that country?” The Goblin King asked.

“We have all the basic information at our disposal,” Zaurosh said.

“Enlighten me then,” the Goblin King replied.

With head bowed, Zaurosh spoke to the Goblin King about Pena.


Pena has always been a nation blessed in commerce. That hasn’t changed to this day.

There was even a time when it ruled over the whole desert, but that was only for a moment.

Since long ago, the nation of Pena has always been devoted to the God of the Desert, Ashunasan, and the princess of their royal family did not serve just as their princess, but also as their priestess.

Just as the words ‘merchant nation’ implied, the nation of Pena does its best to avoid doing anything that might negatively influence its finances.

Pena raises sand horses, monsters that live mainly in the desert, and uses them to raise an army of knights that work alongside their army to maintain their territory in the desert.

Their special goods include the sand horses and alexandrite.

They have a population of 200,000. A relatively meager number, but due to being a nation focused on commerce, they are incomparable to the northern agricultural nations.

The royal family of Pena possesses great wealth and have many mercenaries at their disposal.

Of the knights serving the royal family, two were renowned.

One was the leader of the blue knights, Aizas, and the other was his dear friend and vice-commander, Allen.

Both were commoners, so they gained their position through skill alone. Their popularity could be said to be second only to the queen.

Their valor and strength was shown when they conquered a city from Elrain Kingdom.

But what was most noteworthy of all was the holy sword handed down by the ancestors of their nation.

“Holy Sword?” The Goblin King said after listening quietly all this time.

“Yes. The holy sword, Guradion. A sword crafted by a god to be wielded by a hero.”

“A holy sword to be wielded by a hero, huh.”

The Goblin King becoming thoughtful was a strange sight to Zaurosh, and he could not help but look wide-eyed.

“I did not expect your highness to be so interested in a weapon.”

“Hmm… Just a little.”

Zaurosh continued, but even after he left, there were only two things that occupied the Goblin King’s mind.

“A holy sword to be wielded by a hero…”

Such things were common symbolically, but what if it was the real thing?

If there existed a Monster King who would encroach into human land, then would the one to vanquish him be a hero possessing a holy sword?

Although just faintly, the Goblin King felt like he heard Altesia laughing.

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