Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 190: Blue Knights (1/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 190 – Blue Knights (1/2)

The leader of the Blue Knights, Aizas, and his second-in-command, Allen, were ordered to take out the monsters in the border lands. The two of them were young, both being just 23.

Allen was a man who was promoted from his status as a commoner solely because of his talent in the sword, while Aizas was a fair and just man who could charm others. They were good friends.

“I understand it’s a request from our princess, but still… A monster subjugation?” Allen complained.

“Don’t grumble. We promised Elrain Kingdom we’d free the borderlands. We can’t stop now. Besides, with this those annoying cabinet ministers will also shut up,” Aizas said.

No matter how talented they were, the reason they could hold the position they held today was solely because of the attacks from Elrain Kingdom and the Kushain Believers.

The anti-queen faction were wiped out during those battles, and it was then that Aizas exerted his shrewdness.

It could be said that while Allen was the better warrior, Aizas was the better commander.

“Once we get past the desert, we’ll be at the border lands. The monsters have good eyes in the dark. We’ll have to be careful,” Aizas said.

“As the second in command, I order a retreat,” Allen said.

“What? Do I have to play the thankless role again?” Aizas asked.

“Don’t worry. They hate me too,” Allen said.

The both of them laughed.

Armors couldn’t be worn in the desert while the sun was high up, but once night fell, the temperature would come down with it, so much so that one would have to cover oneself in blankets just to keep from chilling. But they intentionally rested in the afternoon and moved in the night.

“Harsh orders are needed to protect the soldiers. It can’t be helped,” Aizas said.

“As long as we don’t get stabbed from behind,” Allen replied.

As the two of them shared a chuckle, they started talking about their plans.

“Let’s leave it at that for the jokes. Intel says the goblins have taken over, but there’s too little information about their forces. Elves were spotted, so it’s possible there are demihumans too,” Aizas said, to which Allen nodded.

The goblins did not have siege weapons, so they couldn’t hide behind a wall like others could. But even if they did have them, the only city with walls in the borderlands was Shirak Territory, and they had to go down south to protect Razuel.

“We should have the upper hand in soldiers. Our spies agree on this too,” Aizas said.

“Then…” Allen replied.

“No, don’t look down on goblin stamina. Word says they can run for days without exhaustion.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I wish,” Aizas said as he made a difficult face and became thoughtful.

Allen knitted his brows. “Something doesn’t sit right with me in this coming battle.”

The enemy wielded a ghastly power.

Somehow, Allen started to feel as if it might be a good idea not to take for granted the goblins’ achievement of taking down the holy knight, Gowen Ranid.

“Indeed,” Aizas said. “It gets worse the closer we get. This is a first for me.”

“Want to go back home under your dear princess?” Allen teased.

Aizas pouted one of his cheeks in response. “Damn right, I do. I just hope she doesn’t kill herself worrying about me.”

“…I’m the one who gets embarrassed when you talk like that,” Allen snorted.

“You started it,” Aizas wryly smiled.

“Anyway, let’s send more scouts than usual,” Allen said.

Aizas nodded.


In the black of the night, Gi Jii Arsil ran.

As the leader of the assassin unit, Gi Jii carried with him only a dagger as he went down south.

He used his noble-class sight, smell, and stamina, as he searched for the enemy. Normal goblins could not match Gi Jii in his ability to search for he had grown to specialize for it.

As soon as he spotted the shadow of a horseman, he dropped down on the ground and observed.

Lightly armored men rode up north on gray-speckled horses in small numbers – the defining features of sand horses – as they scouted the area.

The horsemen moved orderly and smoothly without missing a beat, causing Gi Jii to sense danger. It reminded him too much of Gowen Randi’s encampment, bringing him much discomfort as he raised his brows.

Gi Jii wondered to himself if his subordinates were also able to spot the enemy as he stifled his breath.

These men were not like the Kushain Believers. One wrong move and they were bound to be noticed.

It was different from when he scouted the Kushain Believers, where he did not even sweat as he watched the joke they called a formation.

“Something’s wrong,” Gi Jii muttered to no one in particular when he heard the horsemen yelling.

He brought up his head a little and peeked, and when he did, he saw that his subordinate goblins have been spotted.

3 horsemen were chasing after them.

They had a spear in hand, while a curved sword could be seen sheathed by their waist.

They looked threatening.

“GU, NU…”

He mustn’t save them, Gi Jii told himself as he burned to memory the death of his subordinates, then he turned heel and ran to the back of the horsemen.

When Gi Jii turned his eyes to the back, he saw it. A great cavalry that could put many armies to shame.

“Found you.”

As Gi Jii solemnly muttered that, he turned around, confirmed the direction, and proceeded back to the king.

“I found the enemy!”

As Gi Jii thought back on how his subordinates were cruelly murdered, he ordered his subordinates and went back to the north.

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      1. No, he’s Gi Ji. TL made a mistake. (That he keeps making!!)
        Gi Ji Arsil is the assassin/scout,
        Gi Jii Yubu is the battle demon/general

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