Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 191: Diplomatic War (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 191 – Diplomatic War (2/4)

Vilan, who had just returned from war, was summoned by Saint Mira to the late Kushain Patriarch’s bedroom.

“His Highness is also worried…” Vilan said.

“I won’t, I won’t! I won’t come back! If you try and take me back by force, then I’ll hate you! …Tell that to my father,” Mira said.

“What if his lungs get worse again? Like when we were kids…”

“J-Just how long do you intend to drag that old story!? That illness only happens once. Once you’ve had it, you can’t get it again! And since he’s been healed already, I’m sure he’ll be fine!”

Mira was as selfish as a child, but she had the authority and the charm that made others tolerate her.

Vilan scratched his head, looking troubled, as he nodded in response.

“More importantly, I’m sorry to ask this of you so soon after your return, but I will have to dispatch you to the borderlands.”

“If that is your bidding…”


“Not at all. The likes of me could never possibly contest the princess’ wisdom.”

Pooh! Mira snorted as she puffed out her chest.

“Then let me explain to you the saint’s treasured sword, Koufushen.”

“Sigh… What is that Koufushen?”

“It’s a play that’s been in vogue recently. A troupe from the east has recently been getting around, and it’s quite interesting.”

Hearing Mira laugh dryly like that, Vilan sighed, unsure if this was really going to be alright.

In response, Mira pulled his ears and said, “listen,” then she brought him so close to her face that he could feel her breath.

Naturally, that sent Vilan’s heart going pitter-patter, but Mira did not seem to mind one bit as she boldly spoke of her ambitions.

“The reason the Red King was able to make a fool of me was because of their strategist, Carlion. But that strategist is currently in Germion Kingdom, so… As the saying goes, when the demon is away…”

“…Princess, I’ve pointed this time and time again, but you really need to do something about your choice of words— Uu!?”

Seeing Vilan about to give a sermon, the princess gave his ear another harsh tug.

“I’ve sent a messenger to the goblins to demand their surrender. Now, you’re going to take 30,000 soldiers with you and annex Elrain Kingdom’s various cities as you make your way toward the borders.”

“Your demands for a surrender is a decoy then, I take it?”

“But of course. Although, it wouldn’t hurt if they did surrender. In that case, we could work together and take out Elrain Kingdom. But I doubt the likes of monsters could properly assess profits and losses, and even then it would be enough as long as you take out a few cities. With so many Kushain Believers, as long as you implement martial law, there shouldn’t be any problems keeping order.”

“What if Elrain Kingdom shows up?”

“If they’re hostile, then denounce them for heretics who’ve sided with monsters. If they refuse to make a move and persist in observing you, then make them move. Take care not to give them an opening when you do. I’ve specifically picked out young soldiers for your army, so it should be easy to lead them around.”

“I see you’ve thought this through, but you know, princess, treating war like a game simply because of your emotio— Uu!?”

Vilan groaned in pain as Mira pulled on his ears once more.

Mira protested with a pout. “I may be personally invested in this, but that doesn’t mean I’m treating it like a game.”

When Vilan saw the tears in Mira’s eyes, he immediately panicked.

“M-My deepest apologies!”

One week later, Mira gave a bold proclamation toward the goblins as she dispatched her army.

When the spies in Cultidian got word that Vilan’s army was split in four and was now advancing toward the borders, they immediately went into a panic, trying to send word of this new intel back as soon as possible.

After Saint Mira saw the army off, she met with a lone adventurer in secret.

“Lift your face. You’re not the docile sort, are you?” Mira said.

“And that’s not how one would expect the saint to talk,” the plainly dressed female adventurer said.

Mira laughed. “I want some mice hunted. I take it you’re up to the task?”

Not a trace of that young girl’s face that Mira often showed to Vilan could be seen now. Saint Mira’s face was completely devoid of expression as she emanated a chill accompanied with a frightening composure.

“If it is your command.”

“I’ll pay you as much as you want, so make those Red King bastards pay.”

“With the power of the inverse moon’s shadow, so shall it be done.”

As the female adventurer bowed, Mira smiled with satisfaction.

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