Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 193: Razuel Defensive Battle (4/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 193 – Razuel Defensive Battle 4/4

The army of Elrain Kingdom gradually retreated.

As black smoke spread everywhere, the goblin army looking to hunt the retreating army appeared.

“They want to run,” Gi Za Zakuend turned to the king beside him as he laid low in the meadow.

“Follow Gi Ji Arsil and crush them. Don’t put the efforts of Gi Jii’s squad to waste.”

Gi Ji and Gi Za silently nodded.

The goblins advanced as if stitching tall grasses. Before them was none other than the retreating human army that had gathered their wounded. Unfortunately for them, because the goblins took a large detour to the right, they failed to notice the looming threat.


The goblin king’s great howl shook the heavens and the earth, and in that instant, for just a moment, the humans stopped. It was at that very moment that spells came raining down from Gi Za and his druids, while Gi Ji Arsil led his assassins to charge straight into the enemy forces.

The humans hit by the druids’ spells were nothing short of miserable. Without even the opportunity to eek out a cry, winds of blade tore them apart, while bullets of water broke their legs. Only a few spells were casted when they stopped, but Gi Ji Arsil’s surprise attack came right after.

To make things worse, the clever goblins tried to confuse the humans even more, as Gi Ji’s squad ran in between the humans that stopped. Gi Ji and his squad of assassins never stopped moving. As a result, even the wounded of the humans had to take a good look at their surroundings to figure out what was going on, and when they tried to attack the goblins, they were utterly destroyed by the goblins under the direct control of the king.

The goblins under the direct control of the king were the wounded goblins from the last battle, who were all under the lead of Gi Go Amatsuki and Rashka, the chief of the Gaidga, though the latter acted by himself.

Although they were only goblins, having two individuals possessing strength just below the king’s left the crowded and immobile humans with no choice but to be crushed.

In the blink of an eye, Gi Go Amatsuki’s curved blade cut down three humans, while Rashka’s powerful blow crushed the humans along with their helm, and every swing of the Goblin King’s blade clad in the black flames of the underworld sent human limbs flying into the air.

“Onwards! Don’t stop until we tear them through!”

As the goblin king led the charge, the crippled goblins followed, blood flowing down their hastily made prosthetics, and there were even those missing an arm or two among them. Yet the goblins cried and bellowed as the Goblin King led, bringing their morale up a level. They reached out their spears and buried them into the backs of the retreating humans, while they used their swords to slit the necks of those who dared stand their ground.

An armless goblin jumped at a man and tore apart his neck with his jaws. A goblin with a spear lodged into his chest took his own spear and penetrated a man before passing. The goblins who fought with no regard for their lives struck fear into the heart of the humans, causing them to fall further into panic.

Desperate to return to the capital, the humans abandoned all of their possessions as they ran back to the capital of the kingdom.

The retreating Army of the Elrain Kingdom with 5000 wounded soldiers took on a one-sided beating due to the Goblin King’s surprise attack.


On the other hand, Saldin who had assumed the position of the rearguard and sought to retreat from the encampment while trying to avoid any surprise attack from the goblins under the blanket of the thick black smoke, was unaware that the goblins had already attacked.

Saldin continued to encourage his soldiers as they gradually retreated.

“If it was going to be like this, then it would have been better to leave together!”

Saldin lopped off the arm of the normal goblin that jumped out from the smoke and immediately slit its throat. A second one and a third one came after, but he easily killed them too.

Saldin divided the soldiers into small groups and had them retreat one by one. Saldin has always had a sketchy personality, so Brandika had some high-ranked officials from Elrain Kingdom accompany him, but with half of those having gone back ahead due to infighting, his original personality was starting to show.

That bandit-like character of Saldin where he would mercilessly kill anyone who fled was back.

“Kill anyone who runs!”

Saldin said as he cut down the soldier before him who tried to retreat.

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