Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 194: Rest Day (2/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 194 – Rest Day (2/2)

Name Gi Zu Ruo
Race Goblin
Level 6
Class Duke
Possessed Skills Overpowering Howl; Throw Projectile; Spear Mastery B+; Instant Kill; Mad Dragon; Bite; He Who Makes Blood Rain; Bloodbath
Divine Protection Zu Oru (Mad God)
Attributes None

Mad Dragon
Activates when a comrade dies. Upon activation, all attributes are raised. (MEDIUM)

He Who Makes Blood Rain
As you grow excited with each kill, so does your stamina regeneration increases. (LOW)

Gi Zu is a 3rd generation goblin, but he has already become a duke class. The reason for this is because he is easy to use, so I always put him in the front lines. But it’s also because of that that he now has countless scars all over his body. As for how he managed to get this far without losing a limb, perhaps it’s simply because of his good luck. Gi Zu is also remarkably bigger than others and can often be mistaken for a lord class.

He is currently in the middle of recovering his wounds, but he should be up and running the next day. His regenerative capabilities are quite frightening. If that’s not the reason why he heals so fast, then perhaps Kazan’s medicine is the reason.

Goblins have naturally high regenerative capabilities, which is why they know little about medicine.

But for the weak Gordob goblins, whether they like it or not, many of them choose to pursue medicine. They store up knowledge from the elven village and use that knowledge to help their fellow goblins. To the goblins, they are a treasure.

As of now, the goblin army cannot be without Kuzan’s medicines.

Gaidga’s valor, Paradua’s loyalty, Ganra’s dexterity, and Gordob’s intelligence. The four goblin tribes have begun to develop toward their own specialties. They may be few in number, but there’s no doubting that they have become a significant power within the army.

Multiplying their numbers would be best, but feeding them via hunting has its limits. Many farming experiments have been done in the western region. Depending on the results, it might be possible to further increase their numbers.

As one might expect, the best teachers on farming are none other than humans. Unfortunately, most of them cower when I ask them questions. I know it’s obvious they would, but still…

We’re currently communicating with them through Yoshu, but they just say vague stuff like the boon of farming is due to the favor of the weather.

I don’t know what to do with them.

But, hmm… In that case, I wonder how the present technology is able to improve the seeds? I’ll have to ask Yoshu to check on that later.

I received a report, stating that Gi Gu Verbena has returned to the Fortress of the Abyss after taking over the land southwest. The report also mentions that a terrifying flesh eating horse, an andoryu sarkus, and a giant dirty two-horned cow, an arsinoe, has gone on a rampage.

The beast tamers under Gi Gu tried to catch them but spectacularly failed. They had no choice but to flee with their tail in between their legs. When Gi Gi heard that, his eyes sparkled as he expressed his desire to accompany Gi Gu next time.

It’s good that he’s eager, but I wish he could put that energy into stabilizing the southern frontlines instead.

If we could create a deadlock for some period of time, then I could set aside some time to catch some new beasts to add to our army.

Gi Gi’s monster army has been particularly active in the southern frontlines. At the very least, the reports from Gi Ji has been increasing in regards to the damage they’ve dealt to fleeing humans.

That being said, the goblins in the main force don’t really pursue the enemy humans much in order to conserve their strength for the actual battles, so the beasts have a relatively easier time accruing achievements on that front.


The western region has mostly been peaceful. This is all thanks to Gi Ga’s efforts, or if not, then perhaps because of Yoshu and Fei who are supporting him. Regardless, things have been going well in the western region. A good news.

One could say that we’ve started to form the rough skeleton of a vassalage. What’s next is to attach some meat to it.

When I went to visit Shumea, who’d been injured from the last adventurer attack, she was playing with the children in a field of flowers.

“Are your wounds alright?”

“I’m not a goblin, so it’ll take more than a day for them to recover!”

She was watching over the children while making a wreath when I asked her the question, but she just gave me a bitter reply in response.

“I’m going to visit the grave of the children that died. Are you coming?”

“…No, I have to reform our defensive lines.”

As I said that I plucked a nearby flower.

Perhaps this is hypocrisy, but still, I ignored the whispering voices and handed that flower to Shumea.

“Well, if you’re fine with that, then alright, but I believe that praying for the dead is something that’s done for the sake of the living.”

As Shumea took the flower with a bitter smile, I turned my back to them.

I heard the children’s voices as they surrounded Shumea.

“Is that the king of the monsters?”

“That’s right. He is the king. The king of goblins.”

I could hear the cheerful voices of the children even from far away.

Right. I am the king.

I walk a path dyed in blood. Countless goblins, demihumans, and humans shall litter that path. And the humans that died in my hands, directly or indirectly, shall too. Everything is for the sake of my dominion. So long as I can take the world, then I won’t mind even if I lose my soul. My hands have long been stained. It’s too late to turn back… Or else, for what purpose shall all my subordinates, whom I’ve killed, serve?

That’s why… Until that day, I will neither apologize to anyone nor pray to any god.

That hero with a holy sword probably died after incurring that wound.

So what is there to fear!?

Gather the forces and set course for the south!

As emotions rose from within, I grasped my fist tightly. Verid’s symbol squirmed as it sensed the coming of another battle.

This is the path of a king.

The path of one who seeks dominion over all!

My flickering resolved lit anew, I stepped firmly on the ground.


Tl Note:There will be 4 chapter parts this week to accommodate last week’s portion.

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    1. “Paradua’s loyalty”

      That one seems odd, all the goblins are loyal to him.
      Could it be translated differently?
      Something like ‘devotion’, as in being dedicating to the goblin cause and their new duties.

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