Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 195: Trouble in the Western Capital (2/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 195 – Outcry in the Western Capital (2/2)

When Carlion returned to the head quarters of the Red King with an alliance from the Country of Holy Knights, Germion Kingdom, it was already the month of Bado when the heat was not as harsh. The brilliance of the twin moons, Ervi and Navi, also shone the brightest during this time.

Enough soldiers have been positioned in Fatina to protect its grain industry, which it is known for. Its store houses were so filled with grain that they look as if they’re about to burst.

“I see. So the clan leader is at Pena… And Saldin lost. It’s certainly unexpected, but I can see it happening.”

Carlion looked up at the bags of grains piled up high in the storehouse as he listened to the report of their battle against the goblins. Carlion did not appear perturbed or agitated. He simply listened and asked questions here and there.

“Oh, they mixed traps with their fences and took Salin’s forces by surprise. I see… They sure know how to use their heads despite being goblins. Could they be good at understanding us? It seems they were able to read Saldin quite quickly.”

Carlion mumbled to himself regarding his thoughts on the battle while smiling.

Carlion would cough from time to time, but despite that, he showed no signs of taking a rest from work. This earned him Cell’s bitter face.

Cell’s face was emotionless as usual, but there were now some extra lines added onto her forehead.

“Are you not done yet?” Cell asked in a rather harsh tone, but she didn’t care. This was already the fifth time she was asking this.

“Umm… We still need to drop by the storehouse for the meat,” Carlion replied.

“Aren’t you just chasing skirt? Particularly Queen Raksha’s.”

“Ahh, but this is actually quite troubling. Queen Raksha’s lover, the former knight commander, died just recently.”

“Since when did you care about that sort of stuff?”

“Umm… Right. I don’t actually care.” Carlion wryly smiled.

“Besides, there are other more pressing matters, no?” Cell said.

When Carlion heard her words, he went quiet.

With the situation in the east growing tense and Saldin’s defeat in the south, unrest has been spreading throughout the Red Clan.

As for why the situation in the east was so tense, it’s because the Elks clan that should have already wiped out has suddenly made a reappearance in various territories.

They have been skillfully using the Dagger of Webrus to make an example of the Elks clan, but after joining hands with the Red Moon, the scales of war fell heavily away from their favor.

With the death of their clan leader, the Dagger of Webrus is currently at a critical situation.

Moreover, after word of the Elks clan surviving their crisis spread, several small clans that have been pressured by the Red King has approached them.

Their growing strength was no longer something the Red Clan could ignore.

“Pale Symphoria, huh… I’d heard she was missing.”

The Elks clan was on the brink of annihilation, and yet… She took that clan and – from the very ashes – brought it back into a state that could contest the Red King. That sort of skill was nothing short of magnificent. Even among the people Carlion knew, such skill could be considered exceptional.

“To be honest, I’d rather be allies.”

“That’s impossible. That girl has reason to hate us.”

“Then it would be best if she disappeared.”

“It won’t be easy. Vine the Mad Blade is with her.”

Cell narrowed her eyes, but Carlion was walking in front, so he failed to notice it. Regardless, he could tell that there was a slight change to her voice, so he asked.


“…A little. In the past. It would be best not to be involved with her. That woman… Even ogres from hell would steer clear from her.”

“Sounds like a scary person.”


“It seems even Shurai-san would be hard-pressed against her. He seemed so happy in the letters, though. Well, that’s just like him.”

How troublesome. Carlion said as he laughed.

If even the Red King’s prodigal swordsman couldn’t beat her, then maybe they could assassinate her instead, but… No. That probably wouldn’t work. That being said, the Red King is currently moving their main force to the south.

The state of the east is only secondary to improving their current situation.

Carlion has already considered abandoning it in the worst case.

“Saldin is?” Carlion asked.

“Currently being disciplined,” Cell replied.

“I see.”

Carlion covered his mouth with his hand as he walked and pondered.

“Alright. Please inform the clan leader that we will be taking vengeance for the recent battle.”


Carlion’s smile was brimming with confidence.

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    1. he went against pale and won, thus taking control of pales life. sadly those greedy nobles took away her sight

  1. Carlion would cough from time to time, but despite that, he showed no signs of taking a rest from work. This earned him Cell’s bitter face.

    u know what? Carlion had been coughing for a few chapter, so i guess he is sick right now and he want to see the red king brandika as the king before he die

    Well thats my guess

  2. Being sincere I do not dominate the English, but today the text was very confusing. Carlion was referred to as a woman, and it is as far as I know a man. Where we read Vine’s voice, it’s actually Cell.

  3. For the record, the King’s forces were trounced repeatedly by Pale and managed victory by getting Falun to cause internal discord meaning the Elves literally offered Pale like a sacrifice.

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