Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 196: The Beautiful Princess Wants Blood (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 196 – The Beautiful Princess Wants Blood (2/3)

“Preposterous!” A pious bishop of the Kushain believers stood up flurried. “They killed the late patriarch!”

“Then allow me to ask you this. Are we able to have an equal alliance with Elrain Kingdom, Germion Kingdom, or Pena?” Mira asked.

With all the different players striving for supremacy, if the Kushain believers were to survive through this, then they would have to cross a dangerous bridge.

The holy wars have strained the relationship of the Kushain believers with Elrain Kingdom and Pena. As for Germion Kingdom, they have been at war with each other for decades, so their hatred runs deep.

Regardless which of country it was, unless there was a very good reason, an alliance was simply impossible.

As such, that left only the goblins in the border lands. Although they killed their patriarch, the Kushain believers themselves have yet to do anything to them.

So long as they could get past the patriarch’s death, they could surely form an alliance.

But what concerned Mira the most was how impartial the current goverment of the goblins was.

If the border lords were simply using the goblins, then that would leave her an opportunity. Mira believed that there was nothing they could do that she herself couldn’t. But in the unlikely event that the goblins themselves are responsible for their current government, then those goblins would no longer be the goblins she knew, and she would have to acknowledge them as something completely different.

“We shouldn’t need to in the first place! Our armies are protected by god! We can’t lose!” The bishop said.

Noise resounded in the backdrop as Mira pondered to herself.

When she heard what that unpleasant voice said, her face almost twitched, but somehow, she managed to keep up her smile as she muttered, “…It was under that very reasoning that Mr. Benem died and caused much suffering to the people.”

“You can’t hide behind the people for—” The pious bishop replied, but Mira raised her hand, and in the net moment, Vilan, donned in armor, led his men and suppressed the bishop.

Vilan turned to Mira for confirmation, and she nodded.

“Kill him,” Vilan said.

And just like that, the soldiers added the fourth corpse.

“H-Have you lost your mind!?” A general said, but Mira only turned to him with a calm gaze.

“Unfortunately, I am not so sweet as to allow madness to take me. Let me ask you, general. Have you heard of any among our people who might match a holy knight in battle?”


“Or a person who could match the clan leader of the Red Clan, who with only 2,000 soldiers, brought down our Fatina?”

Silently, the general turned to Vilan.

“…Your grace, surely you already know. Vilan Do Zul is the greatest warrior among our people,” the general said shamefully, causing Mira to smile.

“I love honest people, general. Very well, Vilan. I ask you then. Can you match a holy knight or the Red King?” Mira asked.

“Unfortunately, my current strength cannot reach either,” Vilan replied.

“But that doesn’t mean these people should die!” The general argued.

“Silence, fool!” The ever quiet Vilan reprimanded.

It was such a rare sight to see him loudly rebuke someone that everyone in the area looked at him in wonderment.

“When Elrain Kingdom attacked, have you forgotten who it was that saved your life!?”

Vilan took out some documents from his chest and threw them over the corpses.

“Even dogs know better than these ungrateful mutts who dared plot against her grace!” Vilan declared.

The generals fearfully gathered the documents Vilan threw, and when they saw the bloodied contents, they saw that the men had pledged to overthrow the goverment. The name of the 4 men that have been killed was undoubtedly written.

“Have they really?” The general asked in disbelief.

When Mira nodded, he could only mutter, “I can’t believe it…”

The other influential people and soldiers in the area nodded.

“Now is not the time to be clinging to pride. Just this once, let us endure the shame and use the power of the monsters. For the sake of the people, obey me.”

Just a while ago, Mira’s words were cold and grim, but now, they were warm and gentle.

With the ‘truth’ of the slain people’s collusion disclosed, the fear of Vilan’s sword, and Mira’s smile, the people were completely ensnared.

Half a day later, a lone horseman quickly rode for the borderlands.

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  1. Almost a 100% sure those documents are fake. Also those two remind me of a softer version of Cersei and Jamie Lannister.

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