Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 199 – For Whose Sake Was This Victory? (1/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 198 – For Whose Sake was that Victory? (1/2)

Because of the interference of Germion Kingdom, the goblins had no choice but to retreat. Picking a fight with Germion Kingdom after exhausting themselves was nothing short of suicidal. Hence, the Goblin King could only grit his teeth as he was forced to make the decision to retreat.

Unfolding before his eyes was the scene of the Kushain believers being attacked by Germion Kingdom. Just as the name ‘Ripper Knight’ implied, the holy knight ripped apart the formation of the Kushain believers.

The Kushain believers tried to fight back, but the Storm Knight attacked them with ruthless lightning, then attacked with the rest of his forces.

After the cavalry fell, the foot soldiers followed. At this rate, the Kushain believers were sure to be wiped out.

“…Retreat,” the Goblin King muttered as he turned to the goblins who have been fighting all this time.

Accepting that a battle was lost has always been one of the things that tested a general’s capability. After all, none can fight a hundred battles and win a hundred battles.

“Gi Gu, Gi Zu! You shall be our vanguard! Trample the enemy as we make our retreat! Rashka, Gi Go, you two protect the back!”

After attacking the Red King all this time, this time the ones on the receiving end were the goblins and the Kushain believers.

With the difference in their strength suddenly reversed, the enemy started attacking the flanks of the exhausted Kushain believers.

Fortunately, for the goblins, because they had gone through the center of the camp, they were not exposed to Germion Kingdom’s attack.

“We’re breaking through the back! After me!”

Losing the Kushain believers here was truly painful. Not only were they the only ones the Goblin King had a chance of forming an alliance with among the different powers, they were also one avenue that he could’ve used to attack Germion Kingdom, which was positioned north of them.

If Germion Kingdom manages to occupy this place, then he would have to attack the holy city of Cultidian again in the near future. As much as possible, he had to do what he could for the Kushain believers here.

Which is why the Goblin King audaciously declared that he would break through the enemy and return to the border lands.

The Ripper Knight and the Storm Knight were focused on cutting down the Kushain Believers, so the Goblin King decided he would strike them in the back to cause chaos, and then retreat.

The Goblin King looked around at the battlefield, then after gathering the goblins into one clump, he swung his great sword to rid it of the blood and flesh bits, and then… he ran. And like that the goblins chased after his back.

Although they had lost, the Goblin King’s resolve hadn’t flickered one bit. The fire called resolve continued to burn within him, causing the goblins to revere him.

“The king truly is strong,” Gi Go said.

“Of course. That’s why he is our great king. He is someone worthy to be challenged,” Rashka said.

At the rear, Gi Go and Rashka were glaring at the enemy, but when they turned to the king, they saw that he was smiling fearlessly.

As the rearguard, they had to face the spearmen of the Red King.

“But for the mean time—”

Gi Go’s curved sword dazzled under the light of the setting sun.

“Let’s go home after letting loose, shall we?”

Like a demon from hell, Rashka smiled fiercely as he hit his shoulder with his giant club.

“They’re retreating! After them!” A commander of the Red King said.

Rashka smiled sadistically and took a deep breath. “Worthless scum, I will crush you!”

After seeing that the goblin forces had started to run with the King in front, Rashka swung his club.

In order to allow the goblins to escape, they charged straight into the Red King’s army.


Gi Go Amatsuki did not bother talking and instead expressed himself his curved sword, bringing death wherever he swung. With a thrust, he pierced through a man’s heart, and then as if nothing at all was amiss, in the next moment, a soldier’s head came flying.

Half an hour later, the two goblins left a mountain of corpses in their retreat.

But there was no one left to pursue them.


The forces of Germion Kingdom were the vanguard of their side, and the Goblin King was leading his goblins to attack them from the back. The goblins were attacking them as if trying to drive away a flock of sheep as they retreated.

The two holy knights who stood at the very front watched that scene hatefully as they tore through the Kushain believers.

“Fuck! It’s those goblins!” Gulland said as he ground his teeth.

Unfortunately, he had countless allies between him and the goblins, and turning around now was basically impossible because of the momentum they had built up attacking the Kushain believers.

“What about Sivara?” Gulland hoped Sivara might be able to go, but as expected, the Ripper Knight was also too busy attacking the Kushain believers.

Normally, these Kushain believers should have already lost the line here, but they were persistently resisting.

Perhaps things would be different if the elite platoon were at the rear, but the forces behind Sivara and his cavalry were the refugees from the holy war.

Sivara and Gulland agreed that they couldn’t expect much from them, so they instead decided to use their elite soldiers to break the enemy open, and then rely on these refugees to finish them off with sheer numbers.

Although it would be difficult to rely on refugees if this were an even battle, but with them clearly in the winning position, they could easily take advantage of the brute power of raw numbers.

The job of these refugees was none other than to trample the already broken enemies.

Whether they liked it or not, their morale was at an all-time high after being chased away from their homes and forced to suffer in another town.

These people probably wouldn’t listen to any pleas for surrender.

Hence, they kept on advancing while they continued to lay waste upon the persisting Kushain believers.

“Damn it!” Gulland cussed and then turned back to the Kushain believers.

Since things have gone this far, there was only one thing left to do. He would annihilate all of the enemies in front of him, then he would use the momentum from that and chase after the goblins.

Gulland closed his eyes to all the losses of his own forces as he smiled fiercely.

“You’re in the way! Ravaging Storm (Barbatos)!”

Gulland used his Blue Thunder and struck the Kushain believers with lightning.

“This is easy! Ha ha ha!”

He would kill the enemy in front of him. Nothing had changed. When he realized what he could do, Gulland laughed in madness.

Meanwhile, the Red King’s forces who were previously under attack by the goblins and the Kushain believers were busy reorganizing their army.

“The goblins are retreating. Are you sure it’s okay not to pursue?” Cell asked.

Carlion, who was already so exhausted from the recent battles, bitterly smiled. “It’s still fine for now. We’ll rendezvous with the main army first, then we’ll give chase. Besides…”

“Sir Carlion, a part of the Kushain believers has—”

Carlion didn’t finish what he was about to say because someone had called out to him, but if he had, he would’ve probably said something along these lines…

—Besides, shouldn’t we weaken anyone who might become an enemy in the future?

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  1. Seriously, the intelligence division for Mira is trash. You mean Carlion and Red King come from the east and have a better scope of the region’s intelligence than the guys who have been there for decades…

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