Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 202 – Retreating Battle III (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 201 – Retreating Battle 3 (1/3)

The Red King brought their entire army in pursuit of the goblins west. The commander of the vanguard, Saldin, wanted to hit the doctor when he heard how grave Carlion’s sickness was, but Cell the Sword Dancer stopped him with a severe blow. Because of that he was currently sulking and

Normally Saldin would be talking a lot to try and increase the morale of his platoon, but now, he wasn’t even making an eek. Because of that the wild soldiers under him were sneakily whispering to each other.

“What’s wrong with the general?”

“…It doesn’t seem like he’s eaten anything bad.”

“He’s not you, stupid. Maybe it’s because of a woman?”

“Oh, now that you mention it, his cheeks are swollen.”

Meanwhile, the person in question was sighing. He looked up to the sky and thought the light of twin sisters, Ervi and Navi, to be dazzling, but even their dazzling red light failed to ward off the sadness within his heart

He would be leading a battle this time too, but for some reason, he just wasn’t in the mood.

The death of a comrade.

He has experienced that countless times now, but this sort of death was something he still wasn’t used to.

“That’s not like you,” the old enchanter, Grave, called out to him.

Normally, they’d be at each other’s neck whenever they crossed each other’s path, but when Saldin turned around and Grave saw his face, Grave just couldn’t find the mood to poke fun at him.

Instead, he just sat down beside him and poured him some liquor.

“I don’t need your pity,” Saldin said.

“Unloveable as ever, I see. All I want is to ease some of your grief,” Grave said to Saldin, who already reeked of alcohol.

“You know, gramps. It was the clan leader who picked me up, but I actually owe more to Carlion than to the clan leader.”

“…I remember that, actually. That guy was always the helpful sort. Made a fuss when he found himself a younger brother.”

Saldin took a mouthful from the cup before him. “I haven’t repaid Carlion enough just yet.”

Maybe it was because he drank too much or because the liquor was too strong, but regardless, Saldin suddenly became very drunk. The more he spoke the more the emotions he kept in his chest came together.

“…You sure think some strange things. The title of ‘Genius Tactician’ isn’t just for show. As long as you follow his orders, we’ll win this time too.”

Grave suddenly took the cup that was violently placed on the table by Saldin and slowly drank.

“Everyone dies someday. The god of time, Jurana’s, blessing doesn’t pour forever for anyone.”

“…No, I will pay him back. I’m going to pay him back in my own way. If he’s going to die, then I’m going to cut down all sources of his worries and let him have a peaceful death.”

As Grave put down the cup, Saldin grabbed it and took another mouthful, then Saldin looked up at the night sky.

“I will take Carlion’s place— No. I don’t have to go that far. Just half is enough, and I will help the clan leader become king. Yes! That’s how it should be!”

Seat Brandika in the highest throne!

As Saldin remembered Carlion’s favorite saying, he swore.

“While that guy is alive, huh…”

As Grave looked at the bottom of the emptied cup, he became thoughtful.

“…You might have to overcome the goblins or Pena,” Grave said.

“I’m not saying this just because I lost,” Saldin said. “But the goblins are strong. They’re much stronger than the Kushain Believers.”

“I have 1,000 elite cavalry in my platoon,” Grave said. “Take them with you. They’re not as good as Shushunu’s sorcerer cavalry, but they’re well trained.”

Grave was one of the most successful adventurers among the commanding officers under Brandika’s direct supervision. It was such that his success could rival even his.

Saldin wasn’t expecting Grave to suggest that. Because of that he couldn’t help but open his eyes as he stared at the old enchanter in amazement.


“Win. And let Carlion have his peace. I too am in his debt, so… Go. Exterminate the monster threat by the roots and bring peace to the south. That will also bring our clan leader, Brandika, closer to the throne.”

As Saldin wordlessly nodded, the fire of resolve could be seen burning within his gaze.

As he stood up, he ordered his platoon to depart

“We’re going, you bastards! How long are you planning to sleep!?”

When Grave heard that, he wryly smiled.

“The young shine so brightly. It’s just for today, but… I’m actually quite envious of Jurana’s blessing.”

As someone whose time was short, he couldn’t say that he would take Carlion’s place.

Saldin yet had time to grow, which is why he could afford to set Carlion as his goal and chase after him.

The sons of men did not posses the tenacious body of demihumans, or the long life of elves, or the strength of monsters, or the ferocity of beasts, but they still conquered the continent.

The reason for that was because of their endless potential.

Yes. It was because of that that the humans became the strongest force in the continent. They received the divine protection of the gods, they were granted favor, they were awarded blessing, they learned to defend themselves, and they fought with the invaders.

Right now, before Grave’s very eyes, was a man who resembled those sons of men that the gods watched over.

The old enchanter looked up at the yet dark sky.

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