Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 207 – The Distance Until the Battlefield (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 207 – The Distance Until the Battlefield (2/3)

It has been two months since Cultidian has holed up inside its castle and Germion Kingdom’s Sivara the Ripper Knight surrounded them. They have been saving up their food, so there was still plenty of food left to go. They also had their walls, so their siege weapons were still in good condition. Also, due to the faith of the people, they were still willing to fight. In fact, the people believed in the teachings of Kushain and in Saint Mira so much that they wouldn’t mind becoming soldiers themselves.

Sivara knew that, so he immediately gave up on the idea of forcing their way through. King Ashtal had informed him in private that Cultidian would belong to him the moment it fell. Sivara hated needless blood shed, so even if Cultidian did capitulate immediately, he wouldn’t persecute the Kushain believers.

“Young master! The ballistae are ready,” said an old instructor whom Sivara had brought here from the region.

Sivara nodded with a wry smile. “Good. But let’s wait for a while.”


As Sivara said that, he wielded his bow with one hand and rode his hipparion toward the castle walls.

“Y-Young master! It’s dangerous!”

The old instructor chased after him in a panic, but then Sivara spoke in a loud voice.

“I am Sivara Bandier! Pass this to her holiness!”

Sivara pulled on the bowstring that had been tightened by three people [1] and shot his arrow above the castle walls. The arrow cut the wind as it fell and pierced the castle walls.

“Sivara!? Isn’t that the enemy supreme commander!?”

“Is he the real thing?”

The arrow had pierced the upper part of the castle walls, which was near the commander in charge. The situation was chaotic, but the commander in charge ordered to shoot at Sivara anyway, and a volley of arrows rained from the castle walls, only for Sivara to calmly turn heel and go back to his camp.

“Young master! You can’t be so reckless!”

Sivara wryly smiled as he listened to his old tutor’s sermon. Eventually, the old tutor realized something and asked him a question.

“What message did you send them?” The old tutor asked.

Sivara wryly smiled upon seeing how good the old tutor’s eyes were. “I asked her holiness to surrender.”

“Ohh! As expected of you, young master, it seems you have grown quite a bit. And here I thought for sure you were just playing around.”

“Please. Even I can think properly from time to time.”

“If only your father could’ve seen this, he would’ve surely, surely! …Now, then! Please give the order to shoot the ballistae!”

One moment shedding tears, the next moment full of vitality as the old tutor petitioned him to give the order to shoot.

“About that… Let’s wait a bit more,” Sivara said with a yawn as he listened to the old tutor’s scolding and felt the wind passing through the meadows.

It was the commander nearby who found Sivara’s arrow. He was quite shaken by the power behind that arrow, which was enough to make it stick into the stone wall. As frightened as he was, however, he still left the walls to his aide and took the letter attached to the arrow to Mira.

Although he wasn’t doing this because he wished to obey Sivara’s orders, he still brought it to Saint Mira.

Mira was in the middle of a war conical at the time, but she gave him permission to report.

“The enemy general has sent a letter!” The commander said.

“Thank you,” Mira replied.

The commander triumphantly returned to the post after having been given the opportunity to have an audience with Mira, but when Mira saw the contents of the letter, she couldn’t help but chuckle. The generals present in the war council were puzzled, but she then handed the letter to Vilan Do Zul, who immediately frowned upon seeing the contents. A rare case considering he was usually expressionless. Vilan passed the letter to the general next to him.

“Oh my beautiful Mira Vi Burnen… Why! T-This is a love letter!” The old commander exclaimed as he slammed the letter into the table and flushed beet red in anger.

“It seems the enemy commander is quite the interesting individual,” Mira said.

Those remarks of hers that suggested she was not as dissatisfied as others would believe left the generals groaning in anger. To the old generals, Mira held two identities, both of which deserved respect. One was that of their matriarch and the other was that of the saint. They saw her as if she was their beloved daughter.

The next day.

Sivara approached the castle walls on hipparionback to receive his reply, but for some reason, arrows rained ever more fiercely than yesterday. On top of that, the people atop the walls were jeering at him.

“Young master! They seem even more aggressive today!” His old tutor exclaimed.

“Strange… Was my demand for a surrender too effective?”

“A strong foe that can sharpen one’s blade is hard to come by. Now! Please give the order to shoot!”

As of this time, Cultidian and Sivara’s forces have yet to clash properly. Both sides were still feeling each other out.




[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Race, Goblin
Level, 1
Class, Imperial; Great Emperor
Possessed Skills, Supreme Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery A-; Road of the High King; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Servant of the Gods (previously translated as Household of the Gods); The High King’s Oath; Flowing Magic Control; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; Raging Conqueror’s Soul (previously translated as something else – I believe – but the entry is missing); The King’s Dance at the Edge of Death; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Warrior’s Instinct; Guided One; The King who Calls Forth Chaos; Favor of the Sealed War God (Previously used the world blessing too – but it seems there’s actually a distinction between the various blessing-related terms); Sacred Favor of the Underworld Goddess
Attributes, Darkness; Death
Divine Protection, The Underworld Goddess (Altesia)
Subordinate Beasts, Rook Kobold (Hasu Lv56); Gray Wolf (Gastra Lv20); Gray Wolf (Cynthia Lv42); Orc King (Bui Lv96)
Abnormal Status, One-Eyed Snake’s Blessing; Twin-Headed Snake’s Protection; Earth-Devouring Snake’s Blessing

Skill: Supreme Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos (Previously Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos)
—Charm towards tribal goblins (HIGH) (No changes from previous level.)

—The abilities of goblins under your rule are increased. (HIGH) (Previously just MEDIUM)

—The effect of the charm on a subordinate will wear off upon their death unless the goblin is an adherent. (No changes)

Skill: Road of the Supreme King (Previously Dominator)
—Increases the maximum population that can be ruled (EXTREMELY HIGH). (Previously just HIGH)

—Charm toward species other than goblins (MEDIUM). (Previously just LOW)

—Directives to those directly under you are absolute. (No changes)

Skill: The High King’s Oath (Probably an evolved version of the King’s Dance at the Edge of Death, which previously just dealt x2 damage of one’s incurred damage toward an enemy.)
—Can use the ether of the underworld in exchange for ensured damage to oneself.

—Strength, Agility, Ether Capacity, and Physical Defense are greatly increased (EXTREMELY HIGH) but healing skills will no longer be able to heal oneself.

Skill: Sacred Favor of the underworld Goddess) (Previously just blessing of the underworld goddess)
—Charm toward those who have received her divine protection (HIGH). (Previously MEDIUM)

—Hate from those with the light attribute (MEDIUM). (Previously LOW)

—Charm toward those with the darkness attribute (MEDIUM). (Previously Low)

Abnormal Status: Earth-Devouring Snake’s Blessing
—All other blessings are strengthened.

Abnormal Status: Blessing of the one-eyed snake
—Stamina regeneration (HIGH). (Previously MEDIUM)

—Ether is easier to control. (No change)

Abnormal Status: Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake
—Stamina regeneration while fighting in the Fortress of the Abyss (EXTREMELY HIGH). (Previously just HIGH).

—Stamina regeneration while fighting in the Forest of Darkness (HIGH). (Previously MEDIUM according to the author, but V2 Skill Summary says LOW. Was there another level up somewhere?)

—The growth rate of the goblins under your leadership is increased (MEDIUM). (Previously just LOW)

Skill: Favor of the Sealed War God (Same name as before)
—Defense, physical strength, and ether will all be raised when leading an army (HIGH). (Previously had no rating.)

—One’s instinct is now more accurate when looking around the battlefield. (No changes)

Item: Titan Dagger
—A dagger used by a giant in ancient times as a defensive weapon. To other races, it looks like a great sword.


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