Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 210 – An Invitation to the Battlefield (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 210 – An Invitation to the Battlefield (3/3)

The Goblin King was busy with government work after returning to the western capital.

Yoshu was in charge of the humans, who were in the process of becoming vassals, and the elves were in charge of the government officials responsible for the tax collection, the administration, and the other government-related functions of the western capital, but despite their presence, in the end, it was the Goblin King alone who had the last say.

As such, a mountain of documents seeking approval have been brought before the Goblin King.

The people of the borderlands, who have expressed their desire to work with the king on all fronts, have also been brought under Yoshu and are being organized.

Shumea was assigned as the head of the western region’s security, placing the security of the villages of the northern part of the western region and the security of the border under her. At the same time, she was also in charge with negotiating with the various village elders, so her jurisdiction was actually quite expansive.

Assisting the king in his government duties was the elven princess, Shunaria, and the adjutant of the great elven patriarch, Fei.

Princess Shunaria generally supervised the races other than the humans. The demihuman chiefs are under her. Meanwhile, Fei supervised the humans living outside the western capital. Under him was the chief of the snow demon tribe, Yustia, and the people of the northern part of the western region that came under the rule of the king early.

The two elves managed the entirety of the western region, but there was another person who held a position as important as theirs. That person is Yoshu. Over half of the people with high positions in the western capital were put in position by him forcefully.

Yoshu is the mayor of the western capital that ruled over the non-combatants of the Leon Heart clan, the people of the southern borders, and the people who were too slow in escaping the western region, the slaves. After the Goblin King accepted nearly 10,000 people from the borderlands, the task of reorganizing them once again fell to Yoshu.

Fortunately, the feudal lords of Shirak and Razuel were in good health, so they could help out. With Yoshu at the helm, they were able to steadily build up their town.

The Goblin King was wise to understand that humans and monsters had their respective strengths and weaknesses. A look at the list of bureaucrat would show that there wasn’t a single goblin among them. They were mostly either humans or elves, and because of that, the government was able to quickly take shape.

The duties of the goblins mainly revolved around the army.

And the Goblin King was currently in the middle of completing the reorganization of that army.

The goblin to lead the foot soldiers would be Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol. Normal goblins would serve as privates, while the rare class goblins would serve as the commanding officers. And Gi Jii, who was a noble class, would be the commander. They numbered 600 and all of them came from the Fortress of the Abyss.

Gi Jii was the only noble class goblin, but there were 10 rare goblins.

Next came Gi Gu Verbena, who led the southern goblins. The positions according to class remain the same as Gi Jii’s, but Gi Gu had more rares in his battalion than Gi Jii. Moreover, because he possesses the southern portion of the Forest of Darkness, the size of his base was huge. As such, his soldiers currently number 1,000, a result of his efforts these past 3 months, where he conserved his forces and focused his efforts in making more goblins. Furthermore, with the help of Gi Gi Orudo’s monster beasts, the rares of the southern goblins now number 90. And they even have 3 noble class goblins. Gi Gu Verbena’s battalion is currently the biggest within the goblin army.

Gi Zu Ruo possessed a territory just like Gi Gu Verbena, but unlike him, he preferred to have a smaller group composed of elite, which he himself acknowledged. When the Goblin King returned to the Fortress of the Abyss, Gi Zu went back to his territory and led the normal goblins to fight against the mindless giants, Gigantopitecus.

As a result, although his battalion only numbered 300, the rare class goblins in his army actually number more than 100. Gi Zu even evolved into a duke class and Zu Vet, his right hand man, was also around. Other than the king’s own forces, Gi Zu’s army had the greatest number of rare class goblins.

Gi Ji Arsil’s company of assassins were sent to scout the eastern and southern battlefields. They numbered only 100, but they had a greater ratio of rares than Gi Jii’s army, having 30 rare goblins out of 100. They had no noble class goblins, but they did have Gi Ji, who himself was a duke class.

The druids led by Gi Za Zakuend currently number approximately 300 goblins. Not that many compared to the other battalions and companies, but their ability to command magic gives them a huge advantage. The ratio of rares to normals for Gi Za’s battalion is equal to that of Gi Jii’s. Also, because of the presence of his adjutant, Gi Do Buruga, who himself could utilized wind magic. There was a lot of things that they could do with their wind magic.

Lastly, Gi Gi Orudo’s monster army.

In terms of goblin numbers alone, they only number 300, but when the monster beasts are included, the total size of their army reaches 1,000. With each beast tamer having at least three monster beasts, Gi Gi Orudo’s monster beast army stands out even among other monsters. They have 30 rare goblins among their ranks, and Gi Gi’s adjutant, Gi Bu Rakuta the Monster Doula [1], is responsible for supplementing their supplies.

The battalions led by Ganra’s hero, Gilmi, and the elf, Felbi, which makes up the rear support, each numbers 300.

The above battalions and company will make up the main force on top of the cavalry, which the Goblin King himself will lead with the aid of Gi Ga Rax, his adjutant. The one-armed goblin, Gi Be, also received the name ‘Slay’ from the king, and would be leading in the vanguard as part of the king’s imperial guards.

Even with the Goblin King’s charisma and Gi Ga Rax’s leadership, completing a cavalry battalion that could stand in an actual battle with only one month to prepare was really difficult.

The lowest class in the Goblin King’s cavalry was rare. And with the numbers of the Paradua tribe and the gray wolves added, they numbered 600 all in all.

With the great speed and penetrating prowess of the Goblin King’s cavalry, it could be said that this battalion was the concentrated form of all of the goblin forces’ strength.

For the forces still within the main force but not organized, Gi Go Amatsuki, the Gaidga’s Rashka… etc. were their representatives. Their forces were so few that the Goblin King couldn’t give them a proper position within the main force, so instead, he decided to turn them into special units that would move depending on the situation.

The special unit consisted of Yustia’s snow demons, which numbered less than 100, Gi Go Amatsuki, Rashka of the Gaidga tribe, who lost much of his forces in the last battle, and the 500 soldiers from the Leon Heart Clan.

In the Leon Heart Clan’s case, their soldiers were currently in the front lines with Zaurosh, busy constructing a fortress. The Goblin King believed that it was best to leave the construction of buildings and various other structures to the humans, so he decided to bring them into the special unit as well.

The intelligence unit that revolved around the Elks and Leon Heart Clan were also brought into the special unit.

For similar reasons, the medics led by Kuzan of the Gordob tribe were also brought into the special unit.

The demihuman chiefs have gathered something that could be called an army, but again they numbered too few to be positioned in the main force, so they were also brought into the special unit.

With the exception of the clans, those of the human forces with the objective of maintaining the public order and defending the borders, the guards led by Shumea were gathered together under the credence of the king, and turned into an independent battalion whose mission covered the entire western region. Shumea’s face was twitching when she accepted the job from the Goblin King. Presently, they were expanding within the western region to defend against Germion Kingdom should they attack.

With 7 days of the promised three months remaining, a report from Pale was brought before the king. The Red King had finally began to move.

When the Goblin King received that report, he took his army of nearly 5,000 and advanced south.

The former inhabitants of the borderlands cried out for vengeance, while the elves responsible for the government cried out in cheers.

And like that, in the month of Horus, which was early summer, the Goblin King’s army began to move, and the lid of the flintlock that was the battle for supremacy in the south, was quietly opened.


[1] – The RAWs say something along the lines of ‘someone who helps give birth and raises monster beasts’. The ‘monster beasts’ is implied. The best I could come up with is monster doula. If you have any better suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Ayo, stuff is getting REAL. Calvary, medics, human allies? King’s armies be going from 0 to 100 real fast

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Love reading this, and your translating quality is consistent and good. As for “doula,” “breeder” would probably be appropriate…?

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