Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 212 – Tactician (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 212 – Tactician (3/3)

After a day of battle, the battle continued into a second, a third, and even a fourth day, but Shirak held firm. Still, Carlion’s skillful command of the army allowed the forces of the Red King to slowly surround Shirak, as they cleared more and more of its defenses and killed many men and officers.

“Carlion, rest already.”

“Oh, Ms. Cell.”

Though Carlion could feel the hour of the end drawing closer and closer, the smile never faded from his face. His dark room was illuminated solely by the twin red moons.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to get up,” Carlion said.

The battle has greatly sped up his body’s exhaustion. Now, even if he wanted to move, he could no longer put any strength in his legs. At most, he could make them twitch.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Cell asked.

“The doctor’s medicine makes it so it doesn’t,” Carlion replied.

“…You hallucinate too, right?”

“The swaying plants look like enemy soldiers to me.”

“And yet you’re still going to fight?”

“Yes. Making that castle fall and opening a path to the king’s dominion is my duty as his retainer.”

Carlion’s body was already broken.

The only thing supporting him now was an extraordinary tenacity.

“What is pushing you so much? I can’t understand it.”

“I just want to bring victory to my master. That’s all… That’s all. I want to prove that… we weren’t mistaken…”

As Cell watched Carlion, she suddenly turned and bid him farewell.

“Then do what you want.”

“Sorry to trouble you so much. Tomorrow, we will win.”

As Carlion saw Cell quietly leave, his lips twisted.

“…The victor must keep getting stronger. Otherwise would be inexcusable to those we’ve trampled until now. No. That’s not it. I won’t permit any other path than to become stronger.”

No longer able to sleep because of his medicine, Carlion looked up at the twin red sister moons.


The next day, in a rare turn of events, Carlion appeared before the soldiers on horseback and spoke.

“You’ve all fought well until now. Today, we will decide this battle. Today, we will purge the monsters that seek to rule over this land and revive the world of humans! Justice is with us! The right to rule belongs to humanity! Now, prove that with our might!”

Cheers resounded as fists and weapons were raised up.

To the Red King, this was a just battle. The world belonged to the king they chose. This was not a king chosen by the nobles or by those in authority. This was a king chosen by the adventurers who risked their lives everyday, conquered dungeons, and expanded the territory of the humans.

“For the king!”

Victory to Brandika! Glory to Attibel!

“Move out!”

At Carlion’s signal, the Red King advanced through the blood-stained road.

Hastily made catapults threw stones at the enemy walls. At impact, cracks formed at the walls and the area atop the walls shook, causing the archers standing there to lose accuracy.

Carlion escorted the supreme commander of the entire army, Brandika, until the vanguard. Naturally, they expected the enemy to attack, so Saldin and his cavalry were already ordered to deal with them. Beside Brandika was the Wyatt the Herculean to whom the defense was left.

A rain of arrows came for Brandika, but Wyatt’s shield deflected them.

“Onwards! Entrust everything to Carlion’s plan!”

Brandika brushed aside the approaching arrows from atop the hipparion.

“…Any further will be dangerous,” Wyatt said as he continued to defend against the rain of arrows.

Brandika smiled and shook his head. “My tactician told us to go. Trust him.”

Brandika repeatedly showed himself as he brushed aside the pouring arrows with his Valdis.

Because of that he was clearly seen from atop the walls of Shirak.


When Pale saw him, that cold mask of hers shattered, and the realization that the object of her vengeance was within reach dawned upon her, causing her to shift from her identity as a commander to that of a mere member of the Elks Clan.

Strung to the limits, an arrow of vengeance cut through the wind.

“In the name of the fierce winds (Storm Bullet)!”

The compressed wind broke through a wall of air as the blue-silver steel (srilana) arrow shot for Brandika. But though that arrow was surrounded by a small storm, Brandika still managed to deflect it with his Valdis.

His hands went numb from the impact, but when he saw the archer that shot it, a fierce smile appeared on his lips.

“Hah! The Elks Clan!”


Knowing that the arrow she release failed to reach, Pale took out three more arrows.


As calm as Pale was, regardless of whether it was the clan leader of the enemy before her, she normally wouldn’t be so obsessed with killing him. But the enemy this time was the sworn enemy who took what was precious to her. The violent emotions that stirred within her no longer allowed her to remain as a calm tactician.

The three arrows gathered into what was almost a single line, a truly exceptional feat especially considering the state of her mind, but even then, her arrows failed to reach her sworn foe.

Almost as if her antics were no more than mere tricks, Brandika easily cut them down with his Valdis.

“Why won’t it reach? Even though my enemy is right there! Even though Brandika is right there!!”

The corner of Pale’s eyes were wide-open and blood was flowing from her lips which she bit. But Pale ignored that and continued to glare at the Red King’s clan leader.


Pale finally came back to herself when she heard that yell.

Saldin’s cavalry was already approaching for the walls.


But Pale still found it hard to give up on Brandika. She glanced one last time at him and grit her teeth so hard it was as if she were trying to crush them, but then she averted her eyes.

“Abandon Shirak. We’ll escape from the north. The Leon Heart Clan will take the lead!”


Pale had already turned around by the time Zaurosh replied and was once again looking at Brandika.

“…Next time. I will kill you!”

As Pale renewed her resolve, she planned her escape with the elves and the centaurs.

Smoke bellowed from the northern distance. Pale’s sharp eyes told her that the Red King’s reinforcements were coming.

“Germion Kingdom and Grave the old enchanter…”

As she saw even the coat of arms upon the flags, she shelved her feelings deep inside. The retreat would surely be difficult. Just being able to come back with half would be considered a success.

This timing of the enemy’s reinforcements and their position…

She had to acknowledge it. No. She was forced to acknowledge it.

That the enemy tactician was indeed the greatest tactician under the heavens.

With the defenses of Shirak weakened, Saldin and Brandika made their last attack. They passed through the gates and entered the town, but the place was already in flames.

Seeing the houses burning, Saldin cheered.

“We’ve won! We’ve won, Carlion! As expected of you!”

“Alright! Just as Carlion planned, we’ll take over everything under the heavens! Pursue the enemy!”

Brandika passed a sidelong glance at the flames and prepared to pursue the enemy.

Carlion watched the flames from a distance, sighed, and looked up at the heavens.

“A second and a third arrow will be released, Pale Symphoria. Taste it to your hearts content, the pursuit of the Red King… GUE, HA, GOA…”

Carlion tried to keep back what was welling up from within him and searched for his king, but try as he might—

“O king, my king… IT Seems the time to bid farewell has come. Please… Conquer everything… under the heavens.”

—blood came pouring out of his mouth.

His eyes hazy, he saw Brandika’s figure when he first met him. He saw himself as well, walking alongside Brandika.

But even if he couldn’t stand beside him, with the exception of Brandika, the one who contributed the most to the Red King, who used up everything he had, was none other than him.

The tactician known as the Genius Tactician died in a pool of blood he spewed himself.


Name Carlion Quinn Kirks
Race Human
Level 90
Class Tactician
Possessed Skills Sword Mastery D-; Genius Tactician; Battle Tactician; Inscrutable Stratagem; Deep Foresight; Divine Blessing of the Goddess of Wisdom; Fre Breeder
Divine Protection None
Attributes None

Genius Tactician/Adviser
The person you choose will have his abilities bolstered. (HIGH)

Battle Tactician
A bonus or assistance is applied during battles between large armies. (MEDIUM)

Divine Blessing of the Goddess of Wisdom
Your body will be weaker, but your intelligence will greatly rise. (HIGH)

Fire Breeder
Luck increases as you cut away at your own life. (MEDIUM)


Tl Note: Genius Tactician should actually be Genius Adviser. Made a mistake on that somewhere along the way and it stuck. I didn’t realize until now because Carlion’s title is actually a reference to the three kingdoms, so I thought that was just how I decided to translate it since I couldn’t find a more fitting translation. Genius Adviser is more correct, though. It’s closer to the meaning of the words.

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  1. Not even a word of respect for that pridful and devoted tactician and friend huh…
    Rest in peace carlion, for you will soon be reunited with your dear friends under the heavens, you did your best.

  2. Knew the author was channelling Zhuge Liang… I called it like a Rooster calls the new day. Goodbye Carilon and let your grave be shallow, for you shall be rolling in it. Should’ve taken care of that Goblin 😂

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