Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 214 – King Versus King (2/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 214 – King Versus King (2/4)

The goblins fought valiantly to support the king, but the difference in number was overwhelming. No matter how many enemies they cut down, another would come to take its place. The only reason they were able to keep fighting while keeping their advantage despite wavering between madness and calmness were Pale’s excellent orders.

“Lord Gi Jii’s platoon shall retreat… Archers, three volleys, after me!”

The enemies in the area, where the arrows fell, stopped.

“Again! Another volley!”

Where Pale’s arrow landed, so did the arrows of the elves and the members of Ganra. The strength of Ganra’s bows has gotten stronger after all the battles they’ve gone through. So, when their 600 archers shot their bows, there was more than enough firepower and precision for them to stop the enemy’s advance. As the arrows continued to rain, they managed to bring chaos to the enemy.

As one might expect, large armies often relied on their numerical advantage. But moving such great numbers required that someone instructed where each unit go and what each unit should attack.

But no soldier wanted to die; hence, there probably wasn’t a man who wanted to encroach into the land of death and go where the arrows were raining. As such, the soldiers avoided the place where the arrows fell and moved around them instead.

This created a dent on their formation, causing them to be unable to assume the offensive posture that they would like.

“Lord Gi Gu’s platoon shall retreat as well. We will use the catapult.”

Originally, siege weapons were meant to be used against castles, but by reducing their range, they were able to use them as weapons against the humans that were as numerous as the clouds. South, East, Southeast, Southwest. Humans were closing in from almost everywhere they could, and Pale had to deal with them all.

“Enemies are approaching from the east!”

Pale turned a little, and when she saw the enemies approaching the castle wall, she knit her brows.

“Send a messenger to Lord Zaurosh. I’m leaving the east to him.”

Currently, Pale was giving orders to the platoons outside while also dealing with the approaching main forces of the enemy from the south and the southeast. No matter how skilled Pale was, she could neither summon soldiers from thin air nor multiply herself.

There was also a limit to how many things a single person could think about.

“Understood. Prepare the ballista!” Zaurosh who received word from the messenger looked down the castle walls and at the approaching great army.

“They sure are desperate.” Fase from Proud Clan (Leon Heart Clan) said as he readied the Ballista beside Zaurosh.

“The tactician’s plans have come together. The Red King’s army being able to continue fighting is a testament to how strong they are. They probably have a lot of faith in their clan leader.”

Zaurosh aimed his cross spear at the enemy and howled.


As Zaurosh watched the enemy soldiers mowed down, he renewed his fighting spirit.

“But we don’t plan on losing either. It’s our duty to kill, so that we can protect those we must.”

Before Zaurosh’s eyes was the sight of the enemy army panicking under ballista fire while Gi Gu’s army cut them down as they retreated.

To whom victory would fall was yet uncertain, but both camps continued to shed blood and believe that they would be the one to win.


As two god class weapons clashed, shockwaves leaked to the surrounding area. A monster and a human put their pride on each swing, causing sparks to flash as they groaned and sought to crush the other.

The monster steed of the responded to him and attacked the enemy with its own attack as it stepped forward. At the same time, the king himself also attacked.

Black Flames of the Underworld burned within the Goblin King’s great sword. One of the things the king has received from the Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia), who ever seduced one toward death, was the favor of the one-eyed snake. In response, Brandika attacked with his long double-edged axe (valdis). A god class weapon he’d unearthed from a dungeon once upon a time.

The magic axe responded to its bearer and continued to increase its destructive powers infinitely. It even strengthened the physical abilities of Brandika. Brandika swung that destructive power with both hands and equaled the Goblin King, who has felled countless soldiers until now.



Even their battle cries were full of valor. Already they had clashed twenty time, but the battle continued yet.

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