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Volume 3: Chapter 215 – Muddy Stream (1/2)


A lovely girl puffed up her cheeks and knitted her brows. Corpses could be seen littered around her everywhere. It was the very picture of a battlefield that would strike fear even into the hearts of demons. South from the Fortress of the Foggy Plains (Melgion), in that place where the Goblin King and Brandika fought, stood the lovely girl as she pouted in displeasure.

“Why is elder sister just playing with her pawns!”

At first glance, this little girl appears to be nothing more than an unforgettable beauty. A bewitching young girl with an innocent smile befitting that of her age and a slender body that would break when touched. Yet somehow, some reason, she carried with her an aura that reminded one of a powerful tree.

When the animals, which were sensitive to auras, sensed her, they quickly fled the place in shock. Animals were creatures that would flee from certain death no matter how starved they were.

She plays…

Yesterday, tomorrow, and of course, today…

She plays with dolls.

Her puppets sought to build a castle of sand, but with just one puppet that would have proved to be a difficult ordeal, so she gave them friends to help them.

“The king, the soldier, the general…”

She had many hands.

Enough strings and hand to cover the whole world, but when the castle was about to be completed, a bad monster came and crushed it.

“The king was supposed to defeat the bad monster, a hero would arise to save the poor princesses he’d taken captive, and then the completed sand castle was—!”

Suddenly, the lovely girl changed.

It was as if she’d donned a devil’s mask, and that lovely girl from before was suddenly nowhere to be seen.

“The sand castle that I painstakingly built! My sand castle! Was supposed to be destroyed by none other than me!!”

But her elder sister crushed that sand castle underfoot mercilessly, leaving not even a single trace behind.

“…I know. I know you’re just venting your anger because dad won’t pay you any attention!”

But what annoyed her the most was that her elder sister never looked at her.

Even when she crushed that sand castle underfoot, she didn’t even so much as glanced at her. The devil-faced girl screamed. Even though they had a good relationship in the past.

“Fufufun. But fine… If you won’t look my way, then I have some ideas of my own.

She turned to Melgion Fortress.

It was as if she’d found an amusing toy. Suddenly, that devil mask was gone and that lovely girl was back. The little girl smiled bewitchingly. An intoxicating devilish smile.

“There are many ways for my strings to find themselves around your toy, elder sister.”

The girl laughed.

It was as if nothing could be more enjoyable as the Goddess of Destiny (Liuryuna) (Third Daughter), said to possess a thousand hands, laughed loudly amidst mountains of corpses within the battlefield.


The strings of the Goddess of Destiny (Liuryuna) (Third Daughter) was gradually eating away at the Goblin King’s body. Breaking through the forces of the Red King, pursuing them and causing a sharp decline in their numbers… All these was made possible by the Goblin King’s strong will and body.

In a flash, Shirak was occupied. Razuel was no better. It was like rubbish before wind, soon to be occupied as well, but then the winds changed, and suddenly, during the war council, the Goblin King collapsed.

The goblins panicked. Especially, Gi Ga Rax and Gi Za Zakuend who said that they should immediately pull back and return to the Forest of Darkness. They were the closest aides of the king; hence, their influence was great.

But just when the flow of the war council seemed to be decided, Pale voiced a different opinion.

If they were to retreat just like this, then wouldn’t all their sacrifices have been made in vain. It would be best to advance while waiting for the king to recover. This opinion was supported by the humans and the elves. Especially, the demihumans. After all, the expansion of the Goblin Kingdom also meant more land wherein they were safe.

Retreating here would only spit upon the efforts that the king has made and lengthen the war.

The split in opinions had turned the council into a storm that almost broke the alliance, but that storm was suddenly brought back to a calm with the awakening of the Goblin King.

“Your Majesty… Are you alright?” Gi Za nervously asked.

He asked that question so nervously that the Goblin King couldn’t help but be stumped.

“I’m fine. Look. I can hold my weapon perfectly fine. It’s just the fatigue from all the fighting,” the Goblin King said.

“That’s good then.” Gi Ga Rax bowed his head and heaved a sigh of relief

“Milord, please take care of your health. The fighting will only be fiercer from here on. Please don’t push yourself.” Gi Ga said as he bowed his head.

“I am glad for your loyalty, but you need not worry. Be it age, sickness, or wounds, none are worthy to destroy this body of mine,” Gi Jii Yubu, who was beside Gi Ga, continued.

As the Goblin King smiled, the rest of the goblins no longer pursued the issue.


Pale alone narrowed her eyes. The Goblin King noticed her gaze, but with a glance, he told her that it was necessary to conclude this meeting first. Pale quietly withdrew and the war council resumed.

The topic at hand was to decide the policy they would take.

Pale gave a brief explanation to organize the council.

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    1. Asside for zenobia, it would seems that yes…pucking trashy loli goddess playing with our mc…i i swear to god the author better not do some asspull bullsheet…

  1. I doubt Zenobia is any good either. She just straight up decided MC had to die in Volume 1. She clearly will start possessing Reshia for her own devices later as well.

    The human God’s became trash once Ativ used his lower brain and decided Wincest was needed. They seemed to all go as mad as this World’s Old God’s did.

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