Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 218 – The Swiftness of Aransain (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 218 – The Swiftness of Aransain (2/3)

Elbert’s eyes nearly fell off its sockets when he was greeted by a goblin doing office work. A goblin that did office work simply exceeded Elbert’s imagination. His common sense had braced him for the image of a king being waited upon hand and foot by beautiful women, but all that bracing collapsed just like that.

“You look like you saw something strange. Hurry up and enter,” Gi Za said.

Elbert did as Gi Za told him from behind and he sat himself before the king on the chair provided.

“I’ll get straight to the point. I want to hear your opinion. It’s regarding the expenses of the inner palace (reserved for women). What is the 1 million riburu allotted for the expense of the inner palace on a yearly basis used for?”


Elbert’s eyes had turned into dots. Although his brain had already gone into work, calculating the specifics, the contents of the question and the fact that it was him who was being asked gave him much shock. That was the document Elbert himself had once submitted to a senior government official in hopes of restoring the public finance.

There were 2 major ways to secure financial resources for the country. One was to raise taxes, the other was to reduce expenses.

“I believe it would be best if you asked the imperial court chief instead…”

Seeing Elbert beat around the bush, the Goblin King’s eyes narrowed. The aura about him seemed to grow heavier with just that, and Elbert couldn’t help but draw cold sweat.

“This document was written by you when you still held the Imperial Court Office. I will ask again. What is the 1 million riburu allotted for the expense of the inner palace used for?

Apparently, the scene just now was not an illusion. Elbert finally understood this. This monster before him was actually terrifyingly intelligent and capable of accomplishing the king’s job. Elbert immediately understood that if he did not give a satisfactory answer he would die.

Without even the time to regain his composure, Elbert answered the king’s questions. The king asked him some more questions, and the next day, another messenger appeared before Elbert and made him receive the imperial command of his appointment as imperial court chief.

Although shocked, he once again visited the king in his office, where he was then given the duty of reconstructing the country’s finances.

“…Why me?” He asked. “There should be many others more skilled than I. Others who would be more than fitting me to serve as imperial court chief.”

“Then recommend those people. But first, we start with you,” the Goblin King replied.

The king busily looked through a document, then – in place of a signature – stamped it with the symbol of a black sun that was the king’s flag in order to approve it.

“…You can’t come to terms with it?”

“If I may be frank, I do not understand you. Are you really a monster?”

The king wryly smiled.

“I am a king. That is what I am. No more, no less. Is there anything else needed to rule a country?”

“Then you… Truly intend to manage this country?”

“I will rebuild it. I promise you that under my protection, the people of this nation will have a kingdom they can live in.”

Elbert closed his eyes for a moment, then he looked up at the heavens. If this monster were a human, how wise of a ruler could he have become? Surely, his name would dazzle brilliantly, recorded in the annals of history, to be remembered for a thousand years.

From the monster’s questions yesterday, it was clear that he knew what state this country was in. And yet, despite that, he was saying he would rebuild it.

It should have been simpler and more appropriate for a monster to steal everything, and yet…

“If you were the king of Elrain Kingdom, I would happily serve you. If you were human, my country would not have fallen so, and instead, it would have suppressed the world as far as the eye could see, erecting a giant country like no other. Your name would go down in history as a wise king, to be remembered forever.”

Elbert sighed and then opened his mouth once more.

“But now, even if you rebuild this country, your achievements will not be remembered by history. That is simply how deep the hate of humans for monsters run. They will fling mud at your achievements, and instead of thanking you, they will strike you down. Despite that, are you still willing to rebuild this country?”

“It can’t be helped.”

“The people who help you will surely be remembered hatefully by history. They will criticize them as traitors, but… Allow me to bear that shame.”

“…Hmm. Can I ask why?”

The Goblin King had been looking at his documents all these time, but when he asked this question, he looked up. Elbert resolutely answered.

“Because even if history does not remember your achievements, there are still people living today.”

“I see. Very well. If there is any authority you need, just give the word.”

The Goblin King once again went back to his documents, and Elbert bowed deeply. In these three months, Elbert succeeded in severely cutting down the expenses of the imperial court. With those achievements he would be nominated as prime minister candidate, and two years later, he would ascend to power as prime minister.

With the people he recommended and the military force of the Goblin King, they were able to quickly revive Elrain Kingdom.

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