Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 220 – The Cunning of Fanzel (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 219 – The Cunning of Fanzel (3/3)

Ra Gilmi Fishiga raised up the bow and arrow flag, Fanzel, as he went north and returned to the western region. His camp was made up by the Ganra clan, the demihumans, and the werewolves. He also had Gi Zu Ruo’s brawler faction.

They had a cavalry of 400 from the centaurs led by Tianos, who fought alongside Pale and lived through the preliminary war. The werewolves led by their chief, Mido, numbered 300. The Brawler faction of Gi Zu numbered only 300 goblins, but they were all elites. The rare-classes under Gi Zu numbered 100. With the exception of the king’s cavalry, that was the highest ratio of rare-class goblins in the army.

Gilmi led those alongside 300 from his Ganra tribe to go east from the western capital.

His goal was the border that led to Germion Kingdom. Presently, at the border, there was a staring contest being held between Shumea’s border defense unit and Germion Kingdom. It was an area where two nations continued to gather their forces while eagerly watching each other. A critical point that could explode at any moment. The fact that the Goblin King had sent Gilmi, a tribal goblin, showed just how much trust he had in him.

After all, he was a rational character that could not be found among goblins. If one lined up all the goblins and mentioned their differences, that would indeed be his defining trait.

There is a group of fortresses at the border between the western region and Germion Kingdom, watching out for any monster attack.

A day’s distance to the west from that group of fortresses was Shumea’s border defense unit, which was currently in a confrontation with a human platoon. The general of Germion Kingdom – much as one would expect from a young noble soldier – would often come out to jeer at them, hoping to get them to attack.

Under Shumea was the Orc King Bui and the human platoons conscripted from the border lands. She never responded to the frequent provocations of the enemy and merely smiled at her subordinates while continuing to stand her ground.

There were some hot blooded youths that asked to sortie, but Shumea didn’t allow it at all.

“Aren’t we too few?”

As far as numbers went, even if the orcs were added, they numbered only 700. The forces of Germion Kingdom numbered about 1,200.

That was the sort of place Gilmi was sent to. And with him joining the fray, it was likely that a battle would break out.

“You sure brought a lot with you.”

Seeing Shumea sigh like that left Gilmi confused.

“You’re troubled because reinforcements came? Humans sure are strange.”

“Well, it depends on the time and situation, but whatever.”

That was how Shumea and Gilmi’s first meeting went.

When Gilmi entered a tent in the camp, he saw Bui and smiled.

“Ohh, Bui-dono. It’s been a while.”

“Ahh, Gilmi-san. Long time no see.”

When Shumea saw the orc king bowing his head politely, she couldn’t help but interject with an odd expression on her face.

“…Are you really an orc? You strike me more as some rich kid from somewhere.”

“Uh, I’m pretty sure I’m a real orc.”

“I guess it’s really no good to have prejudices about anything.”


Bui vaguely nodded and smiled a troubled smile at Shumea, then the war council was started.

The first topic brought forward was the topic of who would be taking command. There were currently 2,000 forces gathered in the camp, but that number would be meaningless if it remained a disorderly mob. As such, the first thing that had to be decided was the commander who would move them.

“If you go by order, it should be either Shumea-san or Gilmi-san.”

Shumea shook her heads when Bui said that.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit me, so you’ll have to exclude me.”

When Gilmi heard Shumea nonchalantly say that, he frowned.

“But you are the leader of the border defense unit. We are merely here as reinforcements. Since you are the one most familiar with the geography here, I believe you would be the most suited to lead.”

In response to that exceedingly well thought out response, Shumea puffed up her cheeks and said.

“But I don’t want to do it.”

“That’s not the issue.”

Gilmi’s words mercilessly cut down her rebuttal and Shumea knit her beautiful brows.

“For some reason, it feels like I’m not talking with a goblin.”

“You think I’m weird? Well, I’m still closer to a goblin than the Goblin King.”

“Well, that one is an exception. Even I know that.”

Shumea shook her head, saying ‘good grief’, and then she accepted to take command of the army.

“Fine. But in that case, I’ll leave you and Bui-kun to come up with a battle plan.”

“Uh, but that’s…”

“Aren’t I the commander?”

“Is this the so-called ‘cunning’ of humans?”

Shumea smiled a ghastly smile, causing Gilmi to groan and Bui to become afraid.

After the war council concluded, it was decided that it would be better to prioritize the strengthening of the camp and prevent the enemy from passing the entire area westward.

This was also a decision made because both the Goblin King and Pale wanted to prioritize the conquest of the south. No matter how you look at it, splitting the army in four and sending them rampaging in every direction to take over the south, and on top that, making a new enemy with Germion Kingdom did not sound like a good idea.

It was best to crush the enemy one at a time.

When Gilmi talked about how they would proceed from here on, Bui only had praises for him. As far as he was concerned, being able to avoid losing any orc was the best thing he could ask for.

Shumea herself preferred to maintain the current situation rather than allow her men to die needlessly, so she also agreed with them.

But just because they wanted to maintain a deadlock did not mean that they wouldn’t be doing anything.

In fact, because they now had more soldiers, they could now actually take the enemy on. As such, they would also be able to allow the soldiers to finally let loose after being suppressed for so long.

“When are we fighting, Gilmi-dono!?”

Gi Zu asked vigorously, but Gilmi shook his head.

“We will focus on defending.”

“Even though we have the advantage in numbers?”

Zu Ved, who was behind Gi Zu, frowned and asked that, but the answer was the same. Zu Ved is a noble class goblin who calls himself Gi Zu’s first henchman. The scar extending from his chest to his side spoke of his history as a battle hardened warrior.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re nerves have gotten the better of y—

“You’re out of line, Zu Ved!”

When Ved tried to say that, Gi Zu himself interjected.

“…My… apologies.”

“My henchman was out of line. Please forgive him.”

Gi Zu bowed his head and Gilmi lightly nodded, then he talked about the contents of the meeting.

“…I see. That would indeed be for the best.”

Gi Zu nodded, but Ved could only tilt his head, unable to understand.

“Command of the army has been given to Shumea-dono. Our duty is to assist her and maintain this area.”

As Gi Zu nodded, Ved also bowed his head.

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