Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 222 – The Hero of Pena I (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 222 – The Hero of Pena I (2/3)

“What? They were repelled?”

When Gi Gu heard that the attack he entrusted to Gu Naga had been repelled, he couldn’t help but tilt his head. Although Gi Gu’s mad charge that was basically tyranny allowed him to quickly expanded his territory, it also made it difficult to manage his territory.

 Although he might have given autonomy to the conquered territories, he still had to demand proof of their submission from them.

 Forcefully turning their people into battle slaves like they did in Gerlend would too high-handed of a method to apply to the cities that surrendered, so they had to choose another method.

 As such, Gi Za proposed that they instead demand the cities to provide them with soldiers. From Gi Za’s work with the king, he knew that there was a considerable number of soldiers in the cities surrounding Pena.

 The cities in the outskirts of Pena were more than able to raise a private army given that they had people who used to be gladiators, people who used to trade and had guards, and people with guards to watch their belongings. There were many traders here that dealt with local specialties and had a private army. Now, the goblins were demanding them to hand these soldiers over.

“Can we rely on the humans?” Gi Gu asked.

 Gi Za cruelly replied, “there’s no need to rely on them. We will just treat them as our heralds.”

 As far as Gi Gu was concerned, the only thing that could be counted on as their force were the goblins. There were also the other races acknowledged by the king, but without the approval of the king, he found it hard to accept the humans as a part of his army.

 In any case, Gi Gu Verbena ordered his army to stop in the outskirts of Pena and glared at his surroundings.

 Gi Gu postured himself to show that he would destroy any city that refused to take part in the campaign and demanded that the cities give him soldiers.

 In the end, Gi Gu was able to muster approximately 1,000 soldiers.

 There were no cities that refused, so Gi Gu was able to direct the forces he received toward those that had yet to surrender. He divide the army into two, then he picked out two old men from among the humans and made them commander over the two human armies, and then he sent them to attack with the goblins.

 When Gi Gu heard that their attack had been repelled, he grunted in displeasure.

“Must we remind them of the taste of fear yet again?”

“How did they lose”

 It was Gi Za who asked that lats question in Gi Gu’s place. Gu Naga (Long) replied respectfully.

 Gu Naga (Long) did his best to explain, even gesturing, and Gi Za came to a conclusion.

“The Order of the Blue Knights.”

“Those guys from back then, huh?”

 The two goblins thought back to that order made up of unparalleled sand horses. The king and the entire strength of the goblin army should have left them half destroyed, but it seems that they’ve somehow managed to recover.

“…So Pena won’t surrender as long as they have that knight order.”

 What was burned to Gi Za’s memory was the figure of that powerful knight order that fought evenly with the goblins. As he thought back to the past, he was forced to realize that they might need reinforcements.

“It doesn’t matter who it is. Any and all who stand in our path will be crushed. Tell Gu Tough and Gu Big to come back!”

 At Gi Gu’s behest, the messenger ran off.

 Although he was able to rapidly expand his army through the human army, he now had to scatter his forces.

 This wasn’t an enemy that could be defeated just by taking his entire strength and pitting it against them. As Gi Gu Verbena decided that, he focused his forces. The Flag of Felduk chased after the flag of the Blue Knights.


Cheers welcomed the Blue Knights in the city they freed.

 Although the Blue Knights only numbered 500, they were able to break the goblin forces. Word of the defeat of the reinforcements had spread to the satellite city, so the victory of the Blue Knights was a ray of hope to them.

 But that wasn’t all, for in the hands of the knight commander of the Blue Knights, was the Holy Sword Guradion.

 That was the guardian sword of the country that promised victory.

 A sword to defend Pena, a miracle from the age of the gods. Its brilliance was a ray of hope to the people despairing within the abyss, and the people who wavered and thought of surrendering found themselves instilled with courage.

“Victory to the Blue Knights! Glory to Pena!”

 Basking under those cheers, Allen entered the manor of the feudal lord, but the moment the doors closed, he fell to his knees. The sweat that he’d desperately been trying to hide came pouring out and his breath immediately became ragged.

 The feudal lord panicked, but Allen told him that this was a matter of utmost secrecy as he borrowed the shoulder of his subordinate.

 The holy sword did not choose Allen. Allen merely chose to wield it despite knowing that his life would be shortened.

 After explaining the situation to the feudal lord, he explained a portion of Pena’s defensive plan, and asked for his cooperation. When the feudal lord heard the plan, he nodded. After all, there was a youth in front of him who was gambling even his life for the sake of the country.

 Pena’s plan was one that limited damages to the people as much as possible, so it only made sense to accept it. The feudal lord agreed with Allen’s plan.

 The next day, the feudal lord saw the Blue Knights off and began preparations to execute the plan.

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  1. yeah but theyre gonna die with fear left on the city of pena itself once gigu take over,perhaps giza intervene but gigu is going to do something about this if it repeats

  2. Oh i though he just couldn’t use the sword. Didn’t expect it would shorten his life too. Gigu just needs to play the waiting game then.

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