Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 223 – The Hero of Pena II (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 223 – The Hero of Pena II (1/4)

At Elrain Kingdom, which was geographically at the center of the southern region, was the Goblin King. By the time word of Gi Gu Verbena’s bitter struggle was brought before him, most of the region that dispatched the main force had already raised the white flag.

 Gi Ga Rax the Knight Class Goblin conquered the labyrinth city, and with mercy and generosity won over the nearby cities. Gi Gi Orudo, who Leads the Monster Army, built a region of monster beasts and monsters at the northwest with the help of their goblin allies, the Kushain Believers. Ra Gilmi Fishiga the Hero of Ganra, to whom the western region had been entrusted to, nailed down Germion Kingdom without any significant losses.

“So, Pena really was strong.”

 The Goblin King did not believe that this result was because of Gi Gu’s inadequacy. Although the four generals were sent to four different location for the sake of the coming organization of the army, none of their enemies were weak. It was precisely because the Goblin King trusted them that he could leave such powerful foes to them. Gi Gu’s foe was especially powerful. That was Pena, after all, a nation who possessed a cavalry so powerful their existence was burned into the Goblin King’s memory.

 Just the fact that Gi Gu was able to avoid losing too much was a testament to his skill. There was nothing to be unsatisfied about.

 The various territories the Goblin King lorded over in the southern region were all doing well. The area under the rule of Elrain Kingdom, which could be said to have been in the position of leading the south in the past, was currently being ruled over by the Goblin King directly. Because of that its ability to govern itself has greatly improved in recent times, and even its public order was hastily mending itself.

 This was not because the Goblin King was particularly skilled. No. It would be more apt to say that this was a result brought about because he’d picked brilliant people to serve him. Of course, it was also because of the Goblin King’s decisiveness. When problems arise, the worst one could do is to not deal with them. Rarely does running away from problems ever bring about good results.

 One must face the problem and take measures against it. If not, the problem will only grow bigger. Which is why it doesn’t really matter if the measures taken are stop-gap or drastic, just the existence of a king who was willing to take responsibility and act was enough for the government of Elrain Kingdom to pick itself up and stand tall.

 Moreover, in the Labyrinth City, south of Elrain Kingdom, although the adventurers has decreased in number, because of Gi Ga Rax’s generosity and mercy, the management of the Labyrinth City has been going swimmingly well. This was also because of the skills of Zaurosh, the clan leader of the Proud Clan (Leon Heart Clan).

 The goblins may be the ones in charge, but it was Zaurosh who would appear during negotiations. Gi Ga strictly controlled his army and preserved their dignity as a disciplined military force, allowing him to protect the public order of the Labyrinth City. By working alongside the local people to handle the administration, they were able to report positively to the king.

 Even the last base of the Red King at the southern region, Fatina, was forced to capitulate by the goblins and the Kushain Believers. It was originally a city belonging to the Kushain Believers, so there was no need to rule over them harshly, and it didn’t take long for the area to stabilize.

 Gi Gi and Gi Bu have been put in charge with developing bases for supplies and in preparation for Germion Kingdom. Given that there also existed the Holy Shushunu Kingdom to the northeast, the developments made by Gi Gi and Gi Bu might eventually become a key point. Although it was still not something they could afford to do a poor job on, but given the skills of the queen of the Kushain Believers, Mira, the king believes that perhaps even Gi Gi should start ruling a territory himself.

 Ra Gilmi Fishiga, who has been entrusted with the western region that reached all the way from the border lands to the Western Capital, worked with Shumea to defend against Germion Kingdom. In the northern part of the western region, it seems that the villages that came under the king’s rule early on have now mostly settled down. The order in such places were now calm enough that they would not budge even at the sight of goblin soldiers.

 An amazing feat, the Goblin King thought.

 Although this was partly brought about by Shumea’s natural virtue as a person, this could be considered a model case for the reconciliation of humans and monsters. It was a good idea indeed to hire soldiers from the villagers in exchange for reducing their taxes.

 Lack of knowledge brings fear.

 Humans did not know the creatures called goblins well. And the same held true for the goblins. If the two races are to get along, then they must first start from there.

 Villagers recruited to be soldiers will eventually return to their villages. At that point, they will naturally talk about the goblins to others. As the two races come to know each other, they will find places where they are unable to reconcile, but at the same time, they will also find places where they can reconcile. There’s a lot of challenges to overcome until then, but as with all things, this is a problem only time can solve. Or at the very least, that’s what the Goblin King believes.

“Hey, Goblin King!”

 Suddenly, an elven warrior came barging through the door.

“What?” The Goblin King asked.

“Where’s all the war? Aren’t you going to fight a war!?”

 The Goblin King tilted his head in confusion, but the male sylph (wind elf) warrior, who had supposedly become a leader himself, continued.

“I’m sick of playing bodyguard! Come on! Let’s go attack something!”

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    1. The main title and link still say:
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      1. No ,you didn’t see that Is a Sylph,they are from another village ,not the same as felbi or Pale

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  1. felbi coming in just at the right time
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