Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 224 – The Hero of Pena III (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 223 – The Hero of Pena III (3/3)

 But Gi Ga felt that this enemy was better trained than the soldiers he fought at the Labyrinth City. Seeing them as a bigger threat, he braced himself and told his subordinates behind him.

“The enemy is strong! Cut them down as we pass them!”

 As the goblins cheered in response, Gi Ga sped their charge. With no obstacles in the lands here, his black tiger was able to take the momentum by kicking off against the ground. In the blink of an eye, they had shortened the distance between them and the others.

 As he bit the bridle in his mouth, he unfastened his spear from his rider-beast.

 All that was left now was the clash.

 The sensation of the spear in Gi Ga’s long arm grew sharper as the scenery passed him by. The enemy cavalry was led by a man brandishing a dazzling long sword. Brave as he was, he did not wear a helmet, and his hair fluttered in the wind, his face completely exposed.

 Kill him.

 Gi Ga Rax’s fighting spirit gathered toward that man. Amidst the swaying from the black tiger kicking off the ground, Gi Ga’s concentration reached a peak. The sounds deafened and gradually he was able to gauge the closing distance between them.


 When the enemy had entered his killing range, he unleashed his spear, but only the hard sensation of something greeted him as his spear was deflected. In the next moment, Gi Ga used his spear to defend against the enemy’s counterattack. It was a blow far heavier than common sense would entail. It was so strong that even Gi Ga’s black tiger was made to stagger from it.


 Gi Ga let loose a muffled voice with the reins still in his mouth. This time he unleashed his spear toward the other enemies. A battle between cavalries lasted only for a moment. It was a quick exchange of life and death. It was rare to meet the enemy again after separating and it was normal for the armies to fall into confusion after a clash.

 Although Gi Ga felt regretful that he wasn’t able to kill the enemy, he now had to focus on killing the enemy in front. On top of the enemy soldiers here being strong enough that they wouldn’t die from a moment of carelessness, they were all also well equipped. Even their mounts were donned in armor. Gi Ga desperately struck out with his spear, searching for a path to survival.

 Although they had gained much momentum prior to the clash, now that the battle had fallen into chaos, it was only a given that the black tiger would slow down and gradually become even slower. Now that things have turned to this, it could go either way. They could continue this chaotic battle or they could try and leave and reorganize their formation. The enemy wasn’t just made up of cavalry, they also had heavily-equipped infantry with them.

 Caught by that, Gi Ga decided that a chaotic battle wouldn’t be a good idea and they should fix their formation instead, so Gi Ga ordered his men as such. Unfortunately, the enemy was a step faster.

“Gi Ga-dono from the left wing!”

 When Gi Ga thought he’d heard a scream from behind and turned to look at the left wing, the enemy’s left wing stopped and bit at their rear.

 It was at this moment that Gi Ga knew they’d lost. A cavalry with no momentum is nothing more than a target to a well-commanded army. But abandoning the enemy’s left wing and trying to cut their way through the right also ended in failure.

 Even Gi Ga’s momentum itself faltered during his exchange with the enemy commander. As such, even the subordinates following him from behind would slow down.

 Persisting here and losing soldiers would only dishonor his name. Gi Ga pondered on what the king would prioritize at a situation like this, and he immediately gave the order.

 As he released the reins from his mouth, Gi Ga swung his spear and declared.

“Retreat! We’re retreating to the east!”

 Urging his black tiger, he opened a rode of blood, cut down the infantry that got in their way, and retreated. Unexpectedly, no one pursued them and they were able to retreat without losing too many soldiers.

 But with this, the goblins could no longer look down on the army of Pena. At the same time, it also meant that they had lost to them. This defeat was a great wound to Gi Ga’s pride and would cause Pale’s plans to change.

“Is it fine not to chase them?”

 When his aide asked him that, Allen narrowed his eyes and watched the enemy retreat.

“It’s not necessary. There’s another enemy we need to kill.”

 He turned his horse around and led his army northwest.

 They left the injured to a nearby city and changed equipment, then they attacked Gi Gu Verbena’s army. Unlike the battle with Gi Ga, they did not weigh themselves down with armor and equipped even their horses in armor. Instead, they chose to equip themselves lightly and use projectile weapons.

 Allen bid his time and attacked. Gi Gu couldn’t beat them in mobility, so he focused on defending while barely suppressing the enemy with magic and projectiles from time to time. His subordinates asked him to attack, but Gi Gu shook his head and insisted on only defending, Like that they endure the enemy’s attacks.

 They continued to block the enemy’s spears with their shields until night time. When the hour of the night god came, the enemy finally retreated. At that, Gi Gu grit his teeth and rendezvoused with the king.

 Gi Gu knew there was a difference between bravery and recklessness. Even if they chased after the enemy, since they couldn’t catch up to them, the result would only be a repeat of what happened earlier. Goblins are stronger than humans at close combat. But when the humans were throwing spears or using tools, the goblins were at a disadvantage.

 Gi Gu did not have Gi Za Zakuend’s druids or Felbi’s elves or the Ganra tribe’s archers.

 Allen’s tactics that took advantage of Pena’s wealth to keep changing their equipment was too effective against the goblins. After all, the goblins had organized their army according to their strengths.

 Gi Ga abandoned defense in favor of speed. Gi Gu abandoned speed in favor of variety in equipment. Since their armies were specialized like that, they would naturally have weaknesses.

 It was those weaknesses that Allen took advantage of.

 Information surrounding the goblin armies spread the more they acted. Following that trend, information surrounding them finally reached the adventurers and the nearby cities.

 Before the goblin forces that sought to march into Pena stood the youth that held a holy sword and the Blue Knights once again.

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    1. Except, if you use your head a litle beat, you’d notice that the point here is that the goblins… CAN’T CHANGE their gear on the go. Gi ga can’t just drop his cavalry and pull out an heavy infantry, whereas the blue knights, thanks to pena’s wealth, can stop at a city and change from a heavy shock troop, to a lightweight assault troop, depending on who they plan to face next. XD

  1. “In the next moment, Gi Ga used his shield to defend against the enemy’s counterattack”

    So how is this possible? He only has one hand right, so how did he use that shield?

    Thanks for the chapter

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