Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 225 – The Hero of Pena IV (4/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 223 – The Hero of Pena IV (4/5)

 Allen could feel that his body has already reached its limits.

“Sorry, you guys.”

 When they departed, Allen encouraged the remaining Blue Knights for the last time.

“This is all because of my incompetence. At this rate, this country will fall.”

 These knights who fought harder than anyone to prevent the country from being destroyed quietly listened to Allen’s words.

“At this rate, the imperial capital of Pena will be run over with goblins. Our beloved people and our family will be left in misery. That’s why, I’m betting.”

 While no one could hear his coughing, Allen tightly held the holy sword in his hands.

“Give me your lives. We have just one goal. The head of the enemy’s leader!”


 The Blue Knights replied in high spirits.

“The enemy has assumed the Crane Wing Formation. 1st and 2nd platoon to the left wing. 3rd and 4th platoon expand to the right wing. Keep the enemy back.”


“5th and 6th platoon, you will be our spare force. At the same time, you will watch the back. I will take the lead. Any questions?”

 Only silence answered him. Allen nodded.

“Holy sword, if you are really the guardian sword of this country, then I’ll give you my life. But in exchange, give me the power to protect the princess, the power to protect my precious Raksha!”

 As he raised up the dazzling Holy Sword Guradion, he cried out and called for the charge toward the goblin army.

“We are the eternal denizens of the great desert!”

 The rest of the Blue Knights cried out after Allen.

“Her name is noble, and her valor shall reach even the blue skies!”

 The last war over Pena has begun.


“The enemy’s goal is the king’s head,” Pale said at the seat of the war council.

 The goblin army had surrounded the Merchant Country of Pena. With their reserve force, they numbered 4,000 all in all.

“That is the only way for the enemy to grasp victory.”

 There were only 500 soldiers left of the Blue Knights that sortied.

“In that case, should we hide the king to confuse them?”

 Pale shook her head in response to Gi Za’s words.

“I fear that would only increase our casualties. It would be best to position the king right in front of the enemy.”

“You dare use the king as bait!?”

 Gi Za’s sharp glare grew even sharper, but Pale only calmly nodded.

“The enemy is already dead. There’s no reason to take them on properly and incur a lot of losses. And I don’t really know what’s spurring them on so much, but…” Pale turned her gaze to the map below her. Pieces representing the main force, the left wing, the right wing, and the rear piece were all positioned on the map.

“If we take the Crane Wing Formation, the enemy will surely come for the center. We’ll aim for that.”

 A crafted trap is a deadly thing.

 This was a plan where the goblins would set all of their traps to annihilate the enemy.

“What happens when the enemy doesn’t go for our trap and takes a turn?”

“At that time…”

 Pale moved the piece representing the wing opposite the direction the enemy turned in and attacked the enemy from behind.

“But just as I’ve mentioned, the enemy will most likely try to break through the center. There’s no better way than this to inflict a fatal damage on a strong enemy. Don’t you think you’ve seen this composition before?”

“…Melgion, huh.”

 Pale nodded to the Goblin King’s words.

“Although we’re the ones attacking this time, my plans won’t fail a second time.”

 The Goblin King nodded and gave orders to the entire army.

“The enemy is the hero of Pena. A foe worthy of our entire strength. Despite how small their army is in comparison to ours, they remain courageous and willing to sacrifice their lives for what they believe in. They are not an enemy to be underestimated.”

 The Goblin King closed his eyes once, then when he opened them again, he was full of spirit and could suppress a powerful foe.

“Don’t look down on them just because they’re a small army. They are true warriors who will fight until the very end. As fellow warriors, let us give them respect by crushing them with all of our strength!”

“As you will!”

 After the goblins dispersed, the king rode on the Terrifying Carnivorous Horse called Sui and folded his arms.

“Are you coming, heroes of Pena?”

 The Order of the Blue Knights raising up clouds of dust as they made their way out of the opened gates of the imperial capital could be seen even from a distance.

“If you want to impede my path, then I will stop you!”

 As if unable to suppress the raging soul within, the Goblin King looked at the battlefield.


 The battlefield was held 2km north of the imperial capital of Pena. The goblins had assumed the Crane Wings Formation and the wings were given to Gi Gu Verbena’s Felduk. This was an opportunity Pale gave to him so that he might be able to deal with the army of Pena that he hates so much.

 Positioned in front of the king was the Gaidga Tribe’s Rashka, who was to act as a wall for him. The cavalry of Aransain led by Gi Ga Rax was positioned to be the second wall of Felduk in order to intercept the approaching cavalry.

 Other than the imperial guards near the king, which consisted of Gi Be Slay the One-Armed Goblin and the others, almost everyone else was in the frontlines to deal with the enemy. Felbi’s elven archers and Gi Za Zakuend’s druids were positioned at the back and were waiting for the enemy.

“Beat them to the punch.”

“Aim well and hit!”

 At Pale’s signal, Felbi’s archers drew their bows. Following Felbi’s arrow, the arrow of the elves rained on the approaching enemy. Several knights riding at the lead were hit dead on and tumbled to the ground, but the order showed no signs of faltering as Allen continued to lead the charge.

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  1. What if Allen die when he duel the king? I mean when they both class and suddenly Allen die? That sword is taking his life right?

    Thank for the chapter

  2. The mc better not use any otherworld ether to beat allen. I know he’s all for warriors death’s but there is no need to go all out and cause irreversible damage to yourself fighting an enemy that is literally on his deathbed. Also he already beat the true hero Aizas back when he was king this false hero should be no match for the imperial mc.

    Also Pena would’ve lost anyways but they could’ve mitigated their damages if the queen was a better ruler. Its hard to raise morale when your ruler confides herself in the palace crying like their is no hope left.

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