Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 225 – The Hero of Pena IV(2/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 223 – The Hero of Pena IV (2/5)

 Allen’s sense of crisis that made him value every second in gold coupled with his zeal gradually won over the hearts of the people of Pena. With the Holy Sword Guradion in his hands, he became the hope of Pena just like the late Aizas. With that, both the elder council and the people came to accept him.

 But the more Allen worked, the more he destroyed his body, and the more his relationship with Queen Raksha worsened. What she wanted was not a hero, but a man who would stay beside her.

 Even if Allen tried to make a little time to see her, she would refuse to see him. In turn, Allen himself gradually grew further and further away from Queen Raksha. The war continued to be unpredictable, and Allen had no choice but to keep a tight watch on the goblins’ movements, while seeking an alliance with the powerful country up north.

 To make things worse, the power of the holy sword was corroding his body.

 His body grew thinner by the day. His skin lost its luster. Dark circles formed under his eyes. With some light makeup, they were able to hide those things, and he continued to stand at the frontlines of both war and diplomacy. He knew that Pena’s fate now laid upon his shoulders.

“This is the seventh day that the goblins have cooped themselves up inside their camp. They should be moving soon.”

 Perhaps that terrifying intuition was the prize he gained in exchanged for his weakening body. Allen was waiting at the office of the knight commander for the response of the surrounding cities.

“Knight-Commander, why don’t you rest for a bit?”

 This aide of his was getting restless after seeing his condition worsen by the day, and he couldn’t help but implore him to rest.

“Yes. After I clean up these documents.”

 After clearing the documents regarding conscription, he turned to his aide. The figure of his aide blurred a little, forcing him to apply pressure on his eyes and shake his head.

“…I’ll lie down for a bit. If anything happens, please take care of it.”

 His aide saluted to him, then left him as he rested his back against the sofa.

“They move during nighttime, but…”

 Although the goblins weren’t doing it just because Allen said so, on the next day, Allen got word that the goblins had begun to move. But the speed was far beyond what Allen expected, and they were now only a day’s distance until Pena.

 Although he had only gotten a little sleep, when Allen got word of that, he jumped up and immediately summoned the Order of the Blue Knights.

“We’ll attack the goblins on daybreak. Prepare heavy equipment and throwing spears.”


 After hearing that spirited reply, Allen nodded, then he took out the map to scrutinize the information they had and determine the goblins’ location.

“They’re not making this easy for me. But…”

 Allen ordered the remaining soldiers to build more of the walls that have been under construction since Gi Gu began his invasion, then he dashingly rode on his horse.


 The Goblin King and Pale thought up a plan to use the black of the night to quickly approach the headquarters of their enemy, but the adventurers Allen sneaked into the nearby cities were able to notice them and inform Pena.

 The goblins moved as fast as they could because they wanted to get as near as possible while it was still dark, but when the sun rose, and they came to see the clouds of dust stirring up in the distance, they had no choice but to stop and prepare to enter formation.

“…They still picked up on that?”

 Pale muttered in annoyance as she looked sharply at the clouds of dust up ahead. Ever since this battle with Pena began, it was as if there was a mist covering her thoughts, preventing her from seeing the whole picture.

 The enemy’s tactics felt like they were precisely attacking her where she’s not looking.

“Gi Ga-dono to the rear. Gaidga Tribe and Gi Gu-dono, spread out. We’ll receive the enemy!”

 ’If you’re going to come, then come!’ Pale seemed to say with her formation that quickly extended both wings.

“Felbi, druids! Prepare to attack the enemy with long-range attack! When they enter range, fire immediately.”

 The elves and the druids readied their arrows and their magic bullets. When Pale saw the enemy’s numbers, she calculated that they were approximately 2,000 men strong.

“2,000… If so, then the enemy will definitely try to circumvent us. They won’t attack us from the front—”

 It was because of that she intentionally placed the mobile army of Gi Ga Rax at the back. As the enemy slowed down to dodge the barrage of magic bullets and arrows, Gi Ga’s Aransain would slam into them. As extra insurance, Gi Gu Verbena and Rashka’s forces would also be present in the front lines.

 At this point, Pale overestimated the strength of the Order of the Blue Knights. But it can’t be helped since she couldn’t think of any way for the enemy to be able to consecutively defeat Gi Ga and Gi Gu.

 Pale drew up a plan that would lead the enemy all the way to their destruction. As she ordered her soldiers to prepare, she waited for the enemy to come.

 When the dense cloud of dust lifted up, a team of sand horses approached them.

 At the head of the sand horses was a youth wielding the dazzling Holy Sword Guradion. The way he cried out valiantly as his horse rode onwards and a strong wind rose up made it seem as if all his enemies would falter. It was with this strange pressure that he appeared before the goblins.


 At Felbi and Gi Za’s behest, magic bullets and arrows rained from the sky. Any other foe would have dodged that barrage, but the Order of the Blue Knights only rode faster.

“—You’re kidding, right!?”

“Pale. As expected, the enemy is strong!”

 Right beside Pale, who was giving orders, was the king who rode upon a terrifying carnivorous horse.

He smiled fiercely.

“They’re coming! Stand your ground, subjects!”


The goblins cried out in response.

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