Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 226 – The Second Advent of the War Princess (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 226 – The Second Advent of the War Princess (2/3)

In order to give the goblins as much as experience as possible right after leaving their nest, the Fortress of the Abyss, about 400 of them were assigned as guards. But this wasn’t a fixed figure and would change depending on the number of goblins born.

 The druids led by Gi Za Zakuend now numbered 500. Goblins that show some attainments as a druid are brought to the water mage, Gi Uu, to be trained as a druid. Compared to high-ranked goblins like Gi Za and Gi Do Buruga, who fought at the frontlines, Gi Uu’s role might appear subdued, but the only reason they had any druids in the first place – as few as they may be – is because of Gi Uu.

 The volunteer sylph warriors are led by Felbi. They have 300 soldiers in their platoon, all of which are beautiful men and women donned in armor. These sylph warriors are an indispensable unit when it comes to negotiating with defeated cities. Their presence is a must.

 On top of that, they also excel in magic and archery at a level which goblins are unable to reach. Despite their small numbers, they have participated in many battles as a part of the rear unit.

 Finally, there is Kuzan’s medical platoon. The medical platoon was formed with mostly members from the Gordob Tribe and supplemented with healers hired from the adventurers guild. Despite their small numbers, they are an essential unit supporting the goblin army from the back.

“It’s impressive that we’ve grown this much even if I say so myself.”

 Pale nodded to the Goblin King’s words.

“Yes. After successfully unifying the south, we now have the advantage. Elbert-dono and the others are in the middle of calculating the total size of the army, but from the current results, it can be inferred that our army now numbers in the tens of thousands.”

 Securing the grain-producing region of Fatina was a huge victory, the Goblin King thought. Based on the information gathered from the frequent talks with their ally, the Kushain Believers, the grains produced at Fatina were sold to the various countries of the south and were even exported all the way to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

 If that much were to be fed to the goblins, it was only natural that their numbers would greatly increase.

“The more we wait, the stronger we will be.”

“…Should we wait and gather our strength for now, then?”

“But Germion Kingdom should also understand this. They are not so easy an enemy that they would give us time to rest.”

 Should Germion Kingdom throw caution to the wind and desperately attack, it will be too difficult to deal with them with only Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s Fanzel.

 Gi Gu’s Felduk and Gi Ga’s Aransain needs to join the fray as well.

“What are the odds of them advancing to the south?”

“The Kushain Believers will serve as a good shield then. And Germion Kingdom’s main force will also be mostly infantry.”

 The Goblin King was convinced by Pale’s answer. The southern region was vast. It’s not something that Germion Kingdom could manage with just their army. They may have a population of over 300,000, but that did not directly translate into soldiers. At most – and generously – a thirtieth of that would make up their army.

 Such a small army would find it difficult to get past the Kushain Believers’ Cultidian. The Kushain Believers could turn their entire population into soldiers if they felt like it. Given that, there was no way Germion Kingdom would attack them. They also probably wouldn’t let go of Fatina after finally getting it back.

 As such, those two cities will act as a wall preventing Germion Kingdom from attacking. And because there’s no fear of them attacking the south, it was now up to the goblins to decide where to attack.

“Do you mind if we move the discussion to the plan of attacking Germion Kingdom?”

“I don’t mind. Go ahead.”

“There are three paths of attack to Germion Kingdom that could be considered.”

 The path through the western region, the path through the southern region, and the path through the northern area. Each path has its pros and cons, but the most advantageous for moving a large army is the southern path.

“We will use all of these paths to invade Germion Kingdom.”

“You plan to spread our forces?”

“More precisely, it’s in order to bind down the enemy’s holy knights that we will be positioning our soldier in all three paths.”

“Hmm. So you wish to bind the enemy’s main force. I see… In that case.”

“As soon as they focus their attention on one of our forces, we will leave the border and immediately rush for the imperial capital.”

 What they had to watch out for were the powerful individuals known as the holy knights. This was a plan to force the enemy to spread these precious human resources out. Germion Kingdom has positioned its holy knights in every direction and have tasked them with the duty of expanding their territory as well as defending it. If all of these holy knights could be bound, then just one of the goblin forces would be enough to defeat the enemy.

 Once the imperial capital capitulates, the goblin forces can then take their time taking out the holy knights one after another. The Goblin King nodded in satisfaction to this plan that fully considered the defensive system of Germion Kingdom.

“What are the odds of Germion Kingdom accepting us? Is it low, after all?”

“They’ve already lost the western region once. The nobles probably won’t be accepting.”

 Pale has placed a lot of importance in Germion Kingdom as she thought up her plans. Naturally, that included putting her spy network into use. The war with Pena started with almost no preparations, so they were barely able to get any information on them. As a result, the enemy was able to hide their actual numbers and were even able to approach the king.

 But in this battle, they will prepare fully before attacking the enemy.

 Pale spread the net that was the spy network formed by the survivors of the Soar to Freedom Clan (Elks Clan). As a result, she was able to get information even on the political war within the royal palace. There was nothing that could not be taken advantage of.

 Movements of the king’s grandson, Ishtar (Probably the Ishtel from before), to wage war upon the western region. The rebellion of the nobles. The incapability of King Ashtal to suppress all of these. Pale was able to infer everything.

“There is a chance that they might attack in the near future. Moreover, word has it that Holy Shushunu Kingdom’s domestic conflict is nearing its end.”

“The western region… Gilmi and Shumea, huh.”

“Yes. But in this battle, we have to draw the enemy into the western region and destroy them thoroughly.”

 The Goblin King raised one of his brows in response to Pale’s strong words.

“Let’s use this battle as an opportunity to tear apart Germion Kingdom,” Pale said.

“I look forward to it,” the Goblin King replied.

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  1. If only king could get one of those holy knight to work for him that will be awesome, except for Lily cause we know she is actually more loyal to the king then to king Ashtal.

    Thank for the chapter

    1. I actually think lili is more loyal to king Ashtal. She wasn’t as fond of the goblins as Reisha and the whole reason why she accepted the role of holy knight when it was obvious she was a pawn in a greater scheme was that she has this wish to become a knight that fights for her kingdom to save the people. So I worry that she’ll end up on a battlefield with goblins from Gi village who recognize her as one of the king’s treasure’s and they won’t fight her but she won’t tell her army not to fight and she’ll become an enemy that causes a split between king the and Reisha.

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