Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 232 – A Resolute Pursuit (4/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 232 – A Resolute Pursuit (4/4)

When the body of the God of Fire (Rodo) had risen, the arrows of the centaur were finally exhausted. Jize remained standing, but the area around him was now like a pincushion. By this point in time, however, the goblins have already gotten away and were already devoting their attention to fixing their formation.

“They escaped, but…”

 Jize, who was covered in blood, turned around and looked behind him. The attack of the main force was too slow. He looked toward the horizon, wondering if something might happen, but after a while, the main force finally appeared across the shimmer of hot air.

 After rendezvousing with the main force, the information he got shocked him.

“…The scouts were almost wiped out?”

“Yes, they all received wounds at the throat.”

 There was no need to ask who was responsible for it.

 When Jize found out that the scouts he sent were done in, he wryly smiled.

“…Not bad, goblins.”

“What shall we do now?”

“Hmm… We should leave the vanguard to Valdor-dono and the nobles’ army. If we throw ourselves into the dark, no matter how many lives we have, it won’t be enough.


 The soldier didn’t seem convinced, but Jize just laughed and went back to his tent to change clothes. Although he managed to slow down the goblins, they were still in good health. Jize knew that they would be at a disadvantage if attacked during the night, so he had his soldiers make a simple camp by the time the sun set.

“We’ll start chasing the enemy tomorrow morning. Rest well for now.”

 It was a bold order, but the southern army obeyed Jize and rested for the time being.


“Jize-dono is letting us take the vanguard?”

 When Valdor the Holy Knight was informed of that through the messenger, he turned to the distant camp that was yet under construction and wondered within his helmet.

“Yes. He wishes to pass on the position of vanguard due to having lost his scouts.”

“First, they take out our legs. Now, they take out our eyes?”

 Valdor became thoughtful for a moment, but he had no choice but to order his army to advance. Yesterday, the son of Lord Bedoru, the Minister of the Military, Victor, died. In light of that sad news, Valdor had no choice but to resolve himself to order the army to advance.

 If they did not at least take back the Western Region, what face would he have to meet a father who’s lost his son.

“If the southern army is going to be making camp, then this is a good opportunity. We shall take the lead and advance for the enemy.”

 There should be no problems with the supply base prepared at Jize’s camp. As Valdor decided in his mind that unless they caused inflicted catastrophic damage upon the goblin army, this battle would continue, he resumed his army’s march.

 He relied on the information Jize sent to maintain his army’s march. Valdor’s army went deep into the Western Region. The imperial guards under the crown prince, the mages, and the nobles’ army were all gathered together behind the eastern army that served as the vanguard.

 Just like Jize, Valdor could not just throw his army into the fray, so he quietly watched the enemy from within his army. Before long the skies were overturned by the Night God, and the Goddess of Darkness (Verdna) spread her wings. It was then that they made camp. Of course, they did not let their guard down even then.

 They sent small platoons to every direction to keep watch, while they put up simple tents and slept.

 The goblins they were so wary of did not attack, and the next day, they could see the backs of the goblins again.

 It was on the next day since the humans started pursuing the goblins that Fanzel entered one of the three forests that dotted the plains. The nobles’ army said that they should enter the forest as soon as possible, but the mages were against it since it was difficult to use their spells in a place with poor vision.

 The magic they used was mostly flame magic. Such magic wasn’t just difficult to use inside a forest, if a mistake were to be made, they would end up causing a fire, burning themselves to death.

“Victory is right before us! We should attack posthaste!”

 It was the commissioned officer of the nobles’ army that insisted that.

“That is precisely why we must exercise caution! There is nothing good about rushing in vain!”

 Valdor became thoughtful as he listened to the rebuttal of the mages’ commissioned officer. He wanted to give as much achievements as possible to the crown prince. But if they were to fight at the forest, they would be at a disadvantage. Given the circumstance, they had no choice but to drag the goblins out of the forest. Jize’s southern army was presently keeping watch of the surrounding area.


 As Jize fondled his eye patch, he became thoughtful.

“…What if we burned it down instead?”

 In response to those few words, all eyes gathered. But that couldn’t be helped, after all, it was Crown Prince Ishtar himself who said that.

“The forest?”

“Yes. If the goblins were to show themselves, wouldn’t we then be able to get our battle?”


 Valdor considered it and nodded.

“A magnificent plan, Your Highness.”

 Valdor bowed his head, then immediately turned to the other commissioned officers and had them prepare to burn the forest. On the next day, a fire was started in the forest that the Bow and Arrow Army (Fanzel) was hiding in. Caught up in the spoke, Fanzel had no choice but to show themselves just as the humans had planned.

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