Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 236 – Setting Sun (3/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 236 – Setting Sun (3/4)

“We have word that the the minister of the military, Lord Bedoru, has recently departed to bring reinforcements to the south. Their numbers are approximately 1,000. Even if we add their numbers to the southern scouts that we have been intentionally ignoring until now, that’s only about 2,000 soldiers.”

The quality of the enemy army was a jumble of wheat and tares.

Most of their forces consisted of second-rate soldiers that have retreated from the frontmost lines, but there were even worse ones among their ranks. One thing was for sure, however. The forces led by the minister of the military, Lord Bedoru, was sure to be first rate.

They had mages, cavalry, and spearmen. And they numbered 800, 300, and 900 men strong respectively. The first rate soldiers were the mages.

“As such, it can be said that the ones we have to watch out for the most are the mages.”

The chief of the Paradua, Hal, nodded, as did the demihumans, including the chief of the centaurs, Tianos. Vilan continued.

“Our cavalry is 3,000 men strong, while our footmen number 500.”

Theirs was an army that prioritized mobility above all else. They did not have any heavy infantry. Although they incorporated the human cavalry as well, there were few who could keep up with the harshness of their training. The numbers of the human cavalry were few compared to the goblins.

If they were to try and maintain the quality of soldiers, the numbers would lessen, but if they tried to increase the numbers, the quality would plummet. This was the ever continuing debate that has plagued generals since time immemorial, but regardless, Gi Ga still possessed an army of 3,500.

“If I may put it bluntly, whether its quality or number, our advantage is overwhelmingly clear. So long as we do not err in choosing the battlefield, victory is ours.”

“It’s exactly as you heard.”

After Vilan finished his explanations, Gi Ga continued.

“We have come this far. So I believe we should go a little further and attain victory.”

As Gi Ga smiled ferociously, he signaled for the map that was spread open to be turned as he selected the battlefield.

“The battlefield shall be Gardol Hills.”

Gi Ga had chosen the plains where the cavalry could show their strength the most, but it was a location rather close to the capital.

“2 days if you hurry. 3 days otherwise,” Vilan said as he became thoughtful.

Gi Ga turned to the people participating in the war council. “Our army is the fastest among the goblins; therefore, let us use these legs of steel and ride forth like the clap of thunder!”

As Gi Ga said that, he laughed.

“Our march will be a little faster than the estimated time for ‘hurry’.”

Vilan made an astonished expression, but Gi Ga showed a fearless smile as he ordered Aransain to sortie.

“The slow will be left behind! Show Aransain’s divine speed to the hero of our allies!”

At Gi Ga’s declaration, the soldiers under him cried out.

After Lord Bedoru heard about the goblin army from the minor nobles that fought against Gi Ga, he realized that the goblins were likely to choose the plains for the deciding battle. But while he managed to foresee that much, he failed to foresee just how quickly the goblins would arrive.

He believed it would take three days for the goblins to go from the largest city of the south, Grauhauze, to get to the Gardol Hills. During that time, he wanted to set traps and erect anti-cavalry palisades, but Aransain betrayed his expectations. They arrived in just one day.

That was a speed that completely exceeded human common sense.

Without any time to prepare, Bedoru and his army suddenly found themselves in the middle of a battle. The soldiers of Aransain pushed them through the battlefield as they pleased, and in the blink of an eye, they were overrun.

Gi Ga Rax and Hal ignored the attacks of the mages as they charged onwards. The chief of the centaurs, Tianos, executed their Hit and Run Strategy and prevented the enemy cavalry and footmen from nearing them. With even the cavalry led by Zaurosh as insurance, the advantage swung further and further toward the goblins.

With Gi Ga skillfully handling the cavalry as if they were his limbs, the mishmash army of Germion Kingdom could not hold, and eventually, they were defeated. Even common soldiers could see the brilliance behind Gi Ga’s attacks. Those brilliant attacks of his eventually claimed the life of the minister of the military, Lord Bedoru.

In this battle, not only did the army of Germion Kingdom lose the ability to take back the south, even the Mage Army that King Ashtal devoted himself to were destroyed. Already, the destruction of the country was clear to anyone’s eyes.


It took Sivara a lot of effort to suppress the rebellion in the east, but in the end, he was able to make some progress. Although he wasn’t able to destroy the rebel army, he was still able to drive them out of the east and restore order.

But while he was busy quelling the rebellion, the situation in Germion Kingdom has reached a point of no return.

“Why couldn’t you endure a little longer? Lord Bedoru!”

Though full of regrets, after Sivara got word of the destruction of the southern reinforcements, he had no choice but to change his plans.

One reason why he prioritized quelling the rebellion in the east was because of the reinforcements they could rely on from the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. They still had a connection with the war princess through Gulland. If they could rely on that, they might be able to call reinforcements from Shushunu, and with Bedoru of the capital, Sivara of the east, and the reinforcements from Shushunu, then perhaps they might be able to save the south.

If they were able to make that a reality, then they might have been able to turn the tides of war to their favor.

Sivara had made his intentions clear with a letter he sent to the capital, but Bedoru sortied despite his advice and lost the main force of the kingdom. Now, there was no stopping the goblins as they took over the south and attacked the west.

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