Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 238 – The Song of He Who Wields a Sword (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 238 – The Song of He Who Wields a Sword (1/3)

Word of the old goblin and King Ashtal’s death was brought to the Goblin King at roughly the same time. In response to the news, the king merely said “I see.” And said nothing further as he closed his eyes and offered a silent prayer, then he stared at the capital they were to conquer.

“Gain control of the capital,” Pale the Tactician said from beside him.

The king nodded. “Treat the obedient ones well. Do not mess with them or kill them. Make sure to keep an eye out on those new soldiers.”

“…I don’t think it’s necessary to remind them, but I’ll send an order to Ra Gilmi Fishiga-dono. That goblin is brilliant, so I’m sure he’ll see to it,” Pale replied.

“I’ll leave it to you.”

All that was left now was to take control of the capital, the Goblin King thought. Immediately after that, however, word of the higher class goblins struggling was brought to him.


How unreliable was the sensation of the weapon in his hands?

It was a rare thing for Gi Gu Verbena to feel impatience when fighting, but that was exactly what he felt standing before this holy knight blocking his way.


As he spat those words, Gi Ga Rax approached the enemy from behind. The way Gi Ga completely controlled his black tiger and breathed in sync was truly wild. From the left came Gi Zu Ruo, who has received the divine protection of the Mad God (Zu Ruo). From the right came Gi Gu, but even with these three goblins working together as a three-man-cell, they just couldn’t get through this human.

They attacked from three directions at roughly the same time.

The three goblins moved like machines as they sought to cut down the human monster before them. They were calm and precise, and not even a hint of killing intent could be felt from them. But despite that, Zelkof the Holy Knight dodged their killing blows.

But Gi Ga Rax didn’t stop there, he kept on going, and followed up with another attack. His spear was akin to a snake raising its head as it thrust out toward Zelkof. Gi Gu also followed up with an attack of his own, not saying a single word as he did.

Gi Ga aimed for the back.

He aimed for the spine along the midline while Gi Gu aimed for the throat. They took Zelkof from two different sides. If he tried to flee to the side, Gi Gu’s attack will lop off his head. If he tries to jump up or crouch down, Gi Ga’s blow will land firmly on his back. Those were the kind of killing blows that the goblins orchestrated, but Zelkof dodged them by taking half a step back.

The speed of his reflexes and his great courage was nothing short of amazing. It was almost as if he had eyes on his back. One step wrong and his back would have been skewered, his neck lopped off. Not to mention that it was right in the middle of the axe and spear of the two oldest members under the Goblin King that he did that.

But at the same time, his actions allowed the third goblin to follow up with an attack from his fist.

It was a mystery whether it was because of his instinct formed from countless battles or because of a carefully thought out plan that the goblin was able to arrive at that decision. But to the angered Gi Zu, the problem before him was simple. All he had to do was to fill his fist with his power and slam it into Zelkof, who had dodged the attack of the two longest serving members of the king.

But that fist that should have gone straight for Zelkof’s chin, crushing both his chin and body alike, was effortlessly stopped by Zelkof’s hand.

Gi Zu opened his eyes wide in shock, but immediately after, he was shocked even more. For when he tried to shake off Zelkof’s hand, he realized that he couldn’t move his hand at all. It was an overwhelming power that he hadn’t experienced until now, causing Gi Zu to feel shame and anger.

But at the same time, this meant that the holy knight was no longer moving.

The warrior and the two goblins all understood this.

They moved at roughly the same time.

Gi Ga brought back the spear he’d struck out earlier with and shifted his stance to be able to thrust again, while Gi Gu sent the long sword he held in his left hand to cut down Zelkof’s body.

But then Gi Zu suddenly appeared before him, and he had to stop his sword in a panic. His eyes opened wide in shock, and with no time to even shout out, Gi Gu had to pull back his sword as Gi Zu’s body approached him. Zelkof had thrown Gi Zu’s body to attack and defend against Gi Gu at the same time.

Immediately after, Zelkof changed the direction of his body and moved toward Gi Ga who was about to attack him with a spear. Gi Ga released his spear’s killing blow, but Zelkof threw a side kick toward it at roughly the same time. With his spear pushed toward a direction he did not expect, Gi Ga had to focus on his black tiger to prevent himself from falling.


In just one breath of exchange, the three goblins started breathing faster.

Zelkof’s mouth twisted into a huge smile, as he spread both of his arms as if to say ‘come!’ and looked down on the kneeling goblins.

“Ku ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!”

Even the very heavens seemed to shake before his sonorous laugh that overpowered the goblins.


But that laughing voice was suddenly torn apart by winds of blades that came shooting toward Zelkof. Due to being a little slow to react, the winds of blades grazed him.

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