Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 239 – The Unceasing Sound of Swords (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 239 – The Unceasing Sound of Swords (1/4)

It was on the month of Horus that the holy knight, Lili, received word of the fall of the imperial capital of Germion Knigdom. As the north greeted the peak of its short summer, word of that unexpected news came with the hot winds from the south. At that, Lili inadvertently looked up at the sky.

She crushed the letter in her hands as she bit her lips.

“The goblins are likely to execute an all-out attack in the near future.”

When she said that, her subordinates anxiously exchanged glances.

Lili gave out orders to her subordinates. “Fortify our defenses. Accommodate as many people as you can.”

The northern cities were always fighting, so they were built specifically to be good at having their defenses strengthened. That trait was passed onto the villages too. It is said that when Gulland still ruled the north, the villagers were so thorough that they would first build walls then their houses.

That being said, the defensive preparations of the villages were at most in small scale. At most, they would build stone walls around their village, prepare a whistle to inform them of invaders, and build water moats by taking water from the rivers. The government also promoted the idea that villagers be able to defend themselves, so northern men are expected to be able to handle a sword or a spear.

As Lili saw her men running through her territory, she muttered to herself.

“…It’ll all likely end in vain, however.”

The fall of the imperial capital.

If that’s true, then the goblins were now behind them. In front were the snow demons (Yugushiva). Behind were the goblins. Even if they were to strengthen their defenses, without any hopes for reinforcements, the north probably will not be able to endure the attacks of the enemy.

Lili held the pommel of her Sky Splitter (Vashinant) sheathed by her waist.

Lili doubted that she would be forgiven if she surrendered. The difference in strength was too great. It is possible that the enemy will not accept their surrender and will simply trample over them.

She still remembered how the Goblin King last looked. Those eyes that were filled with hate after the saint, Reshia Fel Zeal, was taken from him. That wrathful voice that shook the heavens and the earth.

It wouldn’t surprise her in the slightest if he had trampled over the imperial capital in his wrath.

No matter how intellectual he may be, a monster is a monster. She just couldn’t rid herself of that terrifying image. Perhaps things would be different if she had stayed in the forest.

But she had already broken relations with the goblins and resolved herself to protect the people she could. To them, she was already an enemy.

There was no way they would accept the surrender of a person like that.

“Hopefully, they’ll be satisfied with just my head.”

With an unwinnable war right before her, she thought she should at least prepare herself.


The goblin forces that took over the imperial capital spared no moment for rest as they moved their forces toward the north and the east, which they had yet to take over. In the vast plains of the eastern region was Gi Ga Rax and the Tiger and Spear Army (Aransain). In the northern region, the king himself consulted with Pale the Tactician.

“It’s not praise worthy to cling so much to a human woman.”

Pale’s advice was harsh and honest, but that was all. She didn’t try to oppose the king much. The reason was because she believed it was less dangerous to try and suppress the north than to stay at the imperial capital which had just fallen, as it was currently a crucible of chaos.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to give in on this. No matter what you say, I have to get her back. To that end, I need to make some preparations.”

Pale became thoughtful for a little, then agreed under the condition that the king bring Gi Jii with him.

“If the northern general isn’t incompetent, he will surrender. Gi Jii-dono’s army has the best equipment in our army. He’ll do well to show the difference in strength.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Then before we depart.”

With a snap of Pale’s fingers, the door to the king’s office opened.


And a mountain of documents was brought in. When the Goblin King saw that, he couldn’t help but groan loudly.

Pale laughed at the Goblin King. You will – of course – first tend to your duties, yes?”

From the mountain of documents requiring approval, most were related to the territory that has suddenly grown in size, but there were also military information that couldn’t be ignored.

The neighboring Holy Shushunu Kingdom to the east was moving.

“Panic due to Gi Gi Orudo’s monster army?”

Pale was also working with some documents of her own beside the king. When she sensed the king’s intentions, she answered.

“The Holy Shushunu Kingdom probably wants to interfere in our war with Germion Kingdom under the pretense of being in an alliance. After all, it is true that they don’t wish to have our country as their neighbor.”

The Goblin King raised one of his brows, but Pale ignored that and continued.

“As such, I’ve mobilized Gi Gi-dono to keep their movements in check. By agitating the monster beasts around them, I hope to cause panic to Shushunu’s internal affairs. We should be getting results soon, I believe.”

The Goblin King nodded and approved it. The Goblin King trusted Pale when it came to strategy. At the very least, she knew more than anyone when it came to understanding the situation of other countries and coming up with a plan to deal with them.

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      1. ( I have to get her back ) refers to reshia i think
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