Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights (1/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights (1/5)

There were four seasons and 12 months in Germion Kingdom.

The beginning of spring, the month of Mars. The month of the north wind, the month of Bilf. The end of the cold, the month of Tiga.

The end of spring, the month of Rabito. The beginning of summer, the month of Drago. The month of the western wind, the month of the Snake.

The month of the southern wind, the month of Horus. The month when Rodo was vigorous, the month of Sheep. The month of the eastern wind, the month of Moruki.

The month of harvest, the month of Chikiru. The month of houses, the month of Doguru. The end of winter, the month of Boa.

Even after the end of Germion Kingdom, these concepts that have rooted themselves deeply into the land serve as important indicators for the people tending to the fields. In the north, wheat was seeded in the month of Rabito and harvested in the month of Horus. Although there are differences from region to region, this has become the standard for harvest period.

The waterways expanding from the mountains of the Snow God (Yugrasil) would turn into cold water upon returning underground, and then surface onto the land once more. These waters moistured the land and spread vast greens on the lower reaches. Amidst the bloodshed and the conflicts, the humans of Germion Kingdom were able to use the bountiful land to cultivate crops.

It was that very same country of humans that was devoured by the thriving power of goblins.

But while it was true that countries ever rose and fell, refusing to give up is a human trait. Even in the northern lands were the ruling of Germion Kingdom was relatively shallow, the people could not come to terms with their defeat unless they fought at least once.

A narrow breath left Lili’s lips as it vanished into the southern winds.

In her hands was the magic sword, Vashinant. It stretched out like a whip but cut like a sword. It was the sword that once represented the Aureya Family. Through the flow of time, it had once again found its way back to her.

With the magic sword in her hands, she was strong enough for the snow demons (Yugushiva) themselves to call her ‘demon’.

WIth the slightest movement, her faithful magic sword would raise up its head and attack. It crawled the ground like a snake and slithered on the sand.

Gi Go narrowed his eyes and glanced at the magic sword. Using the full ability of his body, he drew his sword and tried to sweep it away. A normal swordsman would probably lose just to the pressure emanating from this weapon, but with the abilities given to him by his Baron Class body, he was able to sweep aside the sword and press onwards.

But his momentum was stopped.

In order for Lili to make the most out of her steps, she had to kill his momentum.

It was in that way that Lili handled her magic sword. If Gi Go were to ignore that, he would surely incur a deep wound. Gi Go attacked while Lili defended.

That was the role they naturally settled into as the duel progressed.

Although their battlefield was demarcated by the red branches surrounding them, every time Lili was driven into a corner, she would use her Echo Steps to get out of her predicament. Because of that Gi Go couldn’t quite catch up to her.

There were various ways to apply normal sword play. Slashing, sweeping, mowing, thrusting. But the fact that every one of those relied on a linear attack was the trait of the weapon called ‘sword’. Perhaps if humans became more skilled in it, new ways to use it would be born, but as it stood now, most people that employed a sword used it in that manner.

This was true regardless of style.

Whether it was his own style or the style taught by sword techniques, there was a limit to the number of effective attacks. But before Gi Go was a weapon that made the impossible possible.

That weapon known as a magic sword.

It was as if that sword had a will of its own as it moved about around her. Like a chain that bound her, like a will that protected her, the magic sword that would even slightly change the shape of its blade… It pointed the end of its blade at Gi Go.

It needn’t be said just how troubling a sword that could change its shape during battle was. The range the enemy could cover was ever changing. That in and of itself was enough to prove fatal between swordsmen. But that want all, as this whip sword of hers possessed another stroke with which she could her foes with.


That was a trajectory that an unbent sword could never reach.

A series of undulating blades ran for Gi Go’s feet.


At the same time, the air behind him was cut, but he was still able to dodge it. However, this was all within Lili’s calculations. Magic Sword Vashinant. That was a weapon that followed an irregular trajectory and possessed a myriad of different ways to attack that made it the worst opponent for a swordsman.

As Gi Go dodged the tip of its blade, it immediately changed direction and attacked him again. But he couldn’t just focus on the tip of that sword. Gi Go sensed killing intent and shifted his body. In the next moment, a series of blades ran under his feet.

It was like a prison made of blades. Were he to touch it, the blades of the magic sword would surely surround him.

“Won’t you please surrender?” Lili asked.

Gi Go shook his head. “No. Your blade is full of killing intent. And more than anything, you have roused my interest!”

Gi Go was more talkative than usual. He smiled fiercely and swept his blade against the whip sword approaching him from his surroundings.

After being swept aside with overwhelming power, the blades once again gathered around Lili. They coiled around her like a snake.

“What an interesting technique.”

“…Thank you.”

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