Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 241 – The Conqueror of the Plains (3/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 241 – The Conqueror of the Plains (2/5)

If they were planning on giving up on her so easily, they wouldn’t have gone all the way to get Germion Kingdom to snatch her away.

The king’s decision to not so easily expose to danger his leader subordinates for fear of losing them is a decision he made as a king, but deep inside, if he just had a body that could blend in with other humans, he would probably have gone out there himself by now and went to rescue her. The impatience that burned within his chest and the wounds that have been deeply carved upon his body has set his mind aflame.

“…Thank you. With this, I am finally starting to see a way to free her.”

As the Goblin King nodded and left, Lili quietly bowed. Pale appeared next, and with a cold face that was almost expressionless, said, “The northern borders will be left to you.”

“You mean I can keep my current position?” Lili asked.

“Yes. Be grateful to His Majesty’s benevolence.”

After saying that, Pale left the room.

The only one left in the room was Lili, who heaved a deep breath and turned to to the windows from which the rays of the afternoon sun entered. She looked outside the window. Whether she liked it or not, the Goblin King now knew where Reshia was.

From here on, the war was sure to grow fiercer, she thought.

Still, with this, she has at least managed to protect the north from the flames of war. But how long will she able to keep this up? She wondered as she heaved a sigh and felt the flow of this chaotic age.


On the month of Sheep, the Goblin King returned from the northern region and entered the castle of the capital city of Germion Kingdom. What he saw there were the remains of the once powerful forces of the western region.

The Goblin King, who conquered the capital city of Germion Kingdom, arrived at the collection of books and a portion of the technology gifted to Germion Kingdom by the Ivory Tower. The goblins and the wizard class, Gi Za Zakuend, opened their eyes wide in surprise as they looked at the mountains of books stored in the castle.

With a mountain of books before the Goblin King, it seemed he would not be meeting anyone for a while. He snatched a book that was of interest to him.

After a while, he found the concoction method for the healing liquid medicine (potion).

“Is this real?”

The Goblin King asked in doubt. Pale raised one of her brows and read the book .

“I believe it should be, but…”

The both of them were dubious, so they had no choice but to try it out. The next question was who should they ask to test the methods written of in the book. Until now, the one in charge of treatment among the goblins was Kuzan of the Gordob. She healed the goblins using the herbal knowledge she gained and polished at the elven villages.

Although that was enough to help goblins recover, the same methods would not get much results were they to be applied to the humans. In the first place, there was a stark difference in the regenerative ability of the humans and the goblins.

There were human allies that seemed to know how to heal others, but none were trustworthy enough or had enough achievements to be relied on to test the methods written of in the book. Of the people they trusted, Shumea was illiterate and Zaurosh was a man of the battlefield. The prime minister of Elrain Kingdom, Elbert, had his hands full, and Yoshu was… Well, as one might expect, he simply could not be relied on in this matter.

Unable to find anyone to help them, in the end, the Goblin King decided to send the concoction method to the Kushain Believers.

“…Huh? It’s real?”

Not only was Pale shocked at the response that they got, but even Queen Mira Vi Burnen, who received the method, was shocked. Pale inadvertently cried out in doubt, but she quickly closed her mouth.

The next question that came was if Germion Kingdom ever used the potion written of here, but when two of the four generals, Ra Gilmi Fishiga and Gi Gu Verbena were asked, they were both visibly confused.

As for the reason, it turns out that the upper brass of Germion Kingdom wanted to strengthen their respective authorities, and so concealed the technology from the rest of the country. The only ones permitted to use the technology were the imperial guards under the direct control of the king and the mage army.

As for the reason why the imperial guards protecting the crown prince could not use these potions, it was because the goblins never gave them a chance to and they were crushed before they could.

In the first place, this potion wasn’t the kind that could instantly heal one’s wounds. Although it could heal the recovery process, it could not block the wound instantly. The only time Germion Kingdom might have had the opportunity to use it was during the battle with Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s bow and arrow army (Fanzel) during the Battle of Three Forests (Rakushuto).

In that battle, Germion Kingdom pushed and pushed, but in the end, the tides of war were turned against them. But given that the battle never once reached a deadlock and was concluded in just one battle, the potion never made an appearance.

Besides, potions were rather bulky. They were not something that the soldiers could ever consider using while running away.

Preserving them was also difficult, as they had to be stored in rare glass bottles. There were other reasons too, and in the end, they were simply too difficult to handle.


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