Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 241 – The Conqueror of the Plains (1/5)

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Volume 3: Chapter 241 – The Conqueror of the Plains (1/5)

After one of the four generals, Gi Ga Rax, crushed the last resistance of Germion Kingdom that was led by Sivara, he led the Tiger and Spear Army (Aransain) that had gathered under him and went to suppress the east.

Gathered under him were the demihumans led by Chief Tianos, the goblins of Paradua led by Great Chief Hal, and the human cavalry led by Zaurosh of the Proud Clan (Leon Heart Clan). Moreover, there was also the unit taken from the cavalry of the king, the cavalry unit made up only of rare class goblins. These goblins have also been put directly under the command of Gi Ga.

Although the scale and organization was different, the Aransain led by Gi Ga held the same ideology that the imperial guards of the king did.

They prioritized speed and offense.

In a battle between countries, it could be put like this: No matter how fast they invaded the enemy territories, they will always attack where the guard is weak.

The cavalry of the king is few but powerful, while Aransain focuses on number and speed. While they would have to give up the title of strongest to the Axe and Sword Army (Felduk), no one within the goblin army could contest the speed of their march.

It was because of that that the decision to continue heading east after Gi Ga crushed Sivara was not wrong.

Besides, the side attacking held the initiative. The question of ‘where to attack’ is not something that the defending side could decide.

Gi Ga, who had been given the honor of leading the vanguard, was now left with the question of whether to continue east and conquer the various cities or to wipe the land with a merciless spear.

Unfortunately, he did not expect that someone would actually obstruct his path.

It was the sorcerer cavalry (mana guard) of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. The one leading them was of course none other than Blanche the War Princess.

The appearance of an army led by a commander that stood at the apex of a great power would leave Gi Ga with no choice but to look dimly at their prospects. But Gi Ga didn’t actually know the situation to that extent.

It’s possible that he might have simply assumed them to be survivors of Germion Kingdom and immediately gave the order to attack.

If Gi Ga wields his spear, then the soldiers that could be called veterans will naturally assume formation. As the Arrow-Point Formation was formed, Gi Ga positioned himself at the tip.

As Gi Ga felt the soldiers gathering behind him, he felt confident of his victory.


With the goblin forces approaching from in front, Blanche the War Princess elegantly smiled.

“Such a cavalry can’t be found even in our country.”

She naturally praised the enemy’s strength, then with a smile that she could not hide, she ordered her aide, “That’s why there’s meaning in crushing them. All forces, Arrow-Point Formation!”

There was still some distance between them and the enemy. Blanche judged that there was sufficient distance for them to gain velocity, so she chose the same formation as the goblin forces.

“It is precisely because we can cross blades as we ride past each other that fighting is fun.”

She narrowed her eyes and left the vanguard to her subordinates, then she drew her sword from within the center of the army.

“Let us beat into these savages how the mana guards fight.”

As the mana guards gathered into one mass and rode onwards, they wielded a slender spear. Their spear was by no means long. If one were to compare, then the spears used by Aransain were considerably longer.

As the two arrows shot themselves onwards and tried to pass by each other, a rain of arrows descended from the heavens onto the mana guards.

“Not bad… Tomoe Formation,” Blanche said cheerfully.

“Defense!” The aide commanded.

The wind mages positioned at the back casted a wind over their heads, shifting the trajectory of the arrows and diverting their strength. When Blanche saw that, she raised up one of her hands.

“Throw the spears!”

In response to the voice of the feeble aide, the cavalry riding at the front changed their grip over their spears and threw them at the goblins. When they turned around and fled the battlefield, what came next were the magic casting cavalry.

They were performing a quick turn around right in front of the enemy.

It is easy to put into words, but such an act in fact requires so much precision that it cannot be merely described as ‘difficult’. One stop wrong and they will collide with the enemy. Too fast and their attacks won’t reach. Each rider would need to be able to handle their steed with such proficiency that it would be called an art.

If one were to look at this from above, one would see that right before the two arrows clashed, one of the arrows was twisting its shape rapidly into a shape akin to that of a circle. Gi Ga’s forces came here thinking that the main part of this battle was to pass by each other, so when this strange turn of events suddenly occurred, they could not keep up.

After all the enemy was throwing their weapons at them and running away from right in front of them.

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