Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 242 – The Dark Hand Released (3/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 242 – The Dark Hand Released (3/4)

The invasion of the great horde of monsters just recently was also a terrible thing. The first to fall into chaos and ask for help was none other than the great nobles themselves. Even though the reason they’re supposed to be great nobles is because they are able to protect their own territory…

Still, it’s not as if the goblins have no weaknesses.

For one, although they have taken over many territories, their defenses were far from perfect. They had to focus their forces in the frontlines in order to subdue the territories they’ve conquered, so there was bound to be a hole in defenses. One such hole was the Kushain Believers. Though relations with them have worsened since they declared their acknowledgment of the goblin kingdom, it wasn’t as if the Holy Shushunu Kingdom has lost all of its dealings with them.

If they could slip in through them, then they should be able to attack the goblin territories.

The things Blanche spoke about shocked Far greatly.

Far never knew that this former clan leader of hers, whom she respected and admired greatly, had been driven so far.

“Since you wish for us to cause a disturbance at the back, then I suppose your objective is to reduce their numbers by diverting their attention.”

“Yes, and at the same time, I will crush the goblins. Or, at least that’s what I would like to do, but…”

Blanche smiled weakly. That was a girl who had taken off her mask as a great noble.

The annihilation of the goblins was a difficult task even if the Holy Shushunu Kingdom managed to strengthen its the entire army. After all, this was no longer the same goblin army that once fought with Brandika at the south; hence, to Blanche, the conditions for victory was not the complete annihilation of the goblins, and instead peace.

“But, that’s…”


“Is there any proof that the goblins would actually accept peace?”

“Indeed. I have no such proof to offer, but they have formed an alliance with the Kushain Believers, have they not? Since that’s the case, then at the very least, it can be inferred that they are capable of thought. Perhaps becoming allies with them on equal footing will prove difficult, given that even in their alliance with the Kushain Believers, the Kushain Believers appear to be subordinated to them, but, that’s precisely why,” Blanche said. “We will have to strike them down. There’s no other choice. If we can make them understand that picking a fight with us will bring them in a lot of pain, then perhaps even they will have no choice but to consider an alliance… From what I hear, this was also how Germion Kingdom was dealt with in the past.”

“It’s almost as if you acknowledge the country of the goblins yourself, Blanche-sama.”

“It can’t be helped. After all, the strong do have the right to create a country. It doesn’t matter whether it’s humans, demihumans, elves, or even goblins. They have that right. And it’s not as if it’s such a strange story when one considers history.”

“…I see.”

Indeed, Blanche said as she moistened her throat with black tea.

“In that case, we shall mobilize and cause a disturbance at the back then.”

“No. Although we’ll need people for that too, Valkyria shall fight alongside us. Find some other people to cause the disturbance.”

“But in that case…”

“It’s fine. I know someone who can organize the disturbance.”

By the time Far left the headquarters of the guild, the body of Rodo had already vanished to the other side of the townscape. To Far, that scenery was of the same color as the blood she would be walking on from now on.


After the Goblin King defeated Germion Kingdom, he wasted no time and immediately moved for the east. He even postured to invade the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, but Blanche the War Princess beat him to the punch and repelled the Flag of Spear and Black Tiger (Aransain) that he sent. Because of that it was still peaceful at the borders.

But the Goblin King persistently sought for a path east and vigilantly watched the Holy Shushunu Kingdom for an opening. Pale Symphoria, who stayed beside the king and watched over the military and governmental affairs, noted the king’s unprecedented impatience.

When she finished working on the documents at hand, she quietly muttered.

“Her name was Reshia Fel Zeal, right?”

With a jolt, the shoulders of the king, who was looking out through the window, moved a little.

“…What are you talking about?”

What a terrible liar, Pale thought to herself as she took a breather pressed the king.

“The name of the woman Your Majesty is so obsessed with. I was just wondering if I remembered her name right.”

“I’m not obsessed with her, though…”


At that, silence filled the room alongside an uncomfortable atmosphere. Eventually, the king became self-aware and sighed.

“Well, I suppose.”

“I’ve had her whereabouts searched, so please just wait for a moment.”


“We already know that she’s in the minor nation of Orphen. The saint, Reshia Fel Zeal. It seems she’s rather famous around those parts.”

“…I see.”

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