Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 250 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains III (2/7)

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Volume 3: Chapter 249 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains III (2/7)

Three days before the Battle of Gilgimel Plains began.

Blanche Ririnoie was there as a part of the detached force from the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. She was there among the Short Sword Battle Maiden (Valkyria) that attacked the Kushain Believers. She didn’t want the Kushain Believers to interfere in the battle with the goblins, so she decided to attack them preemptively, and then after making sure that they didn’t have the leisure to join their battle anymore, she decided to settle the battle with the goblins.

“Hmm. With such high morale all around, this was a good plan if I say so myself.”

With her whole body covered in armor, she stood beside the commander of the Valkyria, Far, and hid herself.

“It’s because you’re here, Clan Leader. Your presence is an encouragement to us all.”

“Former clan leader,” she corrected.

“As you will.”

“Now then, we’ve already restrained the heretics. We should be going back soon.”

She laughed as if she were merely going for a walk. After removing her full face helmet, her blonde hair swayed in the wind, and she cast her eyes at the traces left by the fighting.

“We’ll go back from here and take the goblins from behind.”

“How fast shall we ride?”

“As fast as we can, of course.”

Blanche smiled complacently. She had correctly read the speed of the goblins’ march. The will of the Red King that was the intelligence department had grown weak due to Esgare’s death, but by narrowing down the objective to just one, she was still able to use them.

She had them send her the information they gathered, and then with that she waged war against the Kushain Believers. Luring the goblins and making them wait at Gilgimel Plains was also a part of her plan.

It would have been another story had the goblins laid siege, but in all their battles until now, they have always decided their battles on the plains. If the Holy Shushunu Kingdom were to be defeated, naturally Blanche also had to be removed. The same was true for the Mana Guard, which was the source of her strength.

That’s why she believed that they would insist on fighting a decisive battle at the plains.

They would secure a quick victory, suppress the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, and then head east in search for another battlefield. She didn’t know why, but the speed of the goblins’ march and even the speed at which they conquered countries was abnormal.

It was as if they were being driven by something to greedily conquer one land after another.

Blanche couldn’t possibly know what had them so impatient, but if their objective was to secure a quick victory, then a decisive battle was their best option. Presently, the former Germion Kingdom and the former Merchant Country of Pena still thought lowly of the goblins’ rule and inclined heavily toward resistance.

The entire army of the Short Sword Battle Maiden that pushed Vilan followed after Blanche as she headed for the Gilgimel Plains.

“Now then, goblins, the time has come to dance with me. May your lives elegantly and charmingly bloom death.”

The smile engraved into her lips belonged to that of a cruel ruler.

Like that Blanche returned to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom in order to finish off the goblins that have been dancing on the palm of her hands.


The feeble aide that has been giving orders among the mana guards narrowed his eyes when he saw the clouds of dust billowing from behind the goblins.

“…They’ve arrived. Good work.”

When the feeble aide said that, Blanche’s full-armored body-double took off her helmet. They had chosen someone among the adventurers who was around her age to act as her bodydouble.

“Mehran Le Coude-dono. With this my job should be complete.”

“Yes, thank you. With this the conditions for victory can finally be seen.”

He nodded to the body double, and then raised his voice.

“Behold my soldiers!”

The mana guards were already deathly quiet, but his voice still made them listen attentively.

“Donned in black armor, her golden hair flutters among the wind, our war princess has returned! Behold her gallant figure as she rides from the distance! Behold the figure of the battle maiden as she rides back to us! Remember the name Blanche Ririnoie! That is the name of our master! That is the name of our savior!”

At the words of the feeble aide, the hearts of the mana guards were stirred. He knew that the time to decide victory has come; hence, he spoke to empower them. The rising morale of the cavalry would also keep the footmen from collapsing.

—The War Princess was leading their reinforcements.

Nothing could encourage the footmen more than that information.

“Just a little more and the War Princess shall trample down our enemies from behind. Just a little more!”

The commanders from various countries cried out and fiercely encouraged their soldiers.

Compared to them, the goblins had no choice but to stand on the balls of their feet. The persistent footmen, the two flanks of cavalries visibly seething with killing intent, and the war princess riding from behind. Even if these goblins couldn’t see the whole situation, the panic Pale and the rest of the goblin commanders felt was transmitted to them.

As their offensive grew weaker, the goblins had no choice but to put more importance on their defense.

“As if I’m just going to let them wipe us out… Felduk’s flanks are to turn toward the cavalry and advance. Zaurosh-dono’s cavalry is to ride with the king’s cavalry and move to the back. Please intercept the War Princess. Send an order to Gi Gu-dono to maintain the frontlines.”

The situation suddenly changed, but Pale steadily responded.

“Your Majesty, the time has come to decide this battle. Please turn around and decide the battle with the War Princess!”

A fierce smile appeared on the Goblin King and he nodded. In contrast, Pale bit her lips out of shame.

“I didn’t want to exhaust you, Your Majesty, but it seems I am lacking. The fortunes of war be with you, and please don’t push yourself too much.”

“Pale. You don’t need to worry about anything. If the War Princess wishes to impede my path to world domination, then I shall remove her with my own hands!”

The king rode on the andrewarchus known as Sui, and drew his great sword with his two hands, then he called out to the soldiers directly under him.

“To battle my soldiers! Destroy the enemies that ride behind us!”

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