Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 250 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains III (4/7)

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Volume 3: Chapter 250 – Battle of Gilgimel Plains III (4/7)

The cavalry under the War Princess was like a fish that repeatedly slipped past one’s fingers.

No matter how fast the king’s cavalry was, Blanche was able to keep avoiding them. The Valkyria would indeed be crushed if they just clashed once, but the Valkyria never allowed them to approach.

“How scary.”

Blanche was all smiles as she continued to lead her cavalry.

“We won’t be fighting in a straight-up battle, so you goblins should just grind your teeth and watch.”

She used her sword in place of a commander’s staff to commanded her cavalry. It was like a play the way she swung that sword of hers over and over, and drew one irregular path after another over the battlefield. There was no stopping the Valkyria.

“If you can’t stop me, then…”

They continued to dodge the attack of the goblins, and before long, the backs of Felduk was right before the battle maidens.

“Attack the enemy from behind!” Blanche commanded then remarked with a laugh. “Elegantly,” as she led Valkyria to attack the back of Felduk. When the archer knights and the lance knights at the flanks saw that, they too joined the assault along with the mana guards.

Their lances sent the goblins flying, and the blue blood spilled was so plentiful it was enough to form a river. Although Felduk had been cautious, the sudden attack of the skilled riders from behind brought chaos to their flanks and caused them to suffer great casualties.

“Endure it! The king’s reinforcements will come soon!”

With Felduk attacked from both the flanks and the back, even Gi Gi Gu Verbena found himself at a predicament despite his decorated career. He was just barely able to raise morale by encouraging his soldiers, but even then, their chain of command was quickly cut, and the pressure they’ve been applying on the frontlines vanished.

Behind them were the Valkyria, to the flanks were the lance knights, while the archer knights and the mana guards provided cover from afar, raining arrows and magic bullets onto them.

And then before long, lance knights even started pouring in from in front. Already, Felduk had nowhere left to run.

The only reason they were still barely able to function as an army was because Zaurosh and the Goblin King managed to impede the lance knights in the nick of time.

“I won’t let you do as you please anymore!”

Zaurosh cried out, and the cavalry he led bit into the flank of the charging lance knights. Though their numbers were inferior, they had built enough of a momentum bring the battle into a melee. As Zaurosh swung his sickle spear, he encouraged his army and a desperate defensive battle gradually unfolded.

But Valkyria, which had taken Felduk from behind, had already slipped away in the chaos. When the Goblin King realized that, he ground his teeth and changed his objective.

Zaurosh’s attack at the enemy’s flanks only weakened their charge, but the Goblin King’s attack was in a completely different league.

The Goblin King led his army against the lance knights that tried to approach Felduk, and as soon as they made contact with them, rider and steed alike were blown away.

“Save Felduk! Save our brethren!”

The Goblin King pointed his great sword and roused his goblins. The cavalry of the Goblin King that followed after him destroyed everything in its path as it did its best to impede the assault of the lance knights.

But despite that it was not enough.

The Valkyria that attacked Felduk from behind had already reached the soldiers at the frontlines.

The enemy footmen have been receiving a beating all this time, but when the goblins’ attacks weakened and the War Princess trampled down on them, a fire was lit within them once more.

“Knights and soldiers, I ask you. Is there any among you with pride yet burning within his heart? In this battlefield of despair, where not even a ray of hope to life could be found, is there any among you who yet thinks of their country? Is there any part of you that yet thinks of your family?”

Blanche sheathed her bloodstained sword and opened her arms.

“If there is, then I ask you! Pick yourselves up and fight once more! The time to turn the tides of battle has come! Victory is upon us! So live on and return to your motherland, and let your people know that you defended your people from the monsters!”

“I don’t want to admit it, but… She’s almost like a god of war.”

At the muttering of one of the commanders of the minor nations, an awestruck voice agreed.

“Dazzling hair fluttering in the air, with eyes that scorch her foes, accompanied by the battle maidens, the household of the dark god.”

A verse from the War of the Gods passed down through the years.

“Don’t falter! The War Princess is with us! Advance! Keep advancing!”

At the behest of the commanders, the footmen bellowed and attacked Felduk.

When Blanche the War Princess saw that, she changed her course and once again rode away. She did that because the lance knights couldn’t produce the results she expected. Especially the left wing of her army. That was how terrifying the assault of the Goblin King’s cavalry was. It was only a little, but her plan had been shifted off its course; hence, she had no choice but to quickly turn around and attempt to save her left wing.

But what she saw then was the lance knights on the verge of defeat. Only a short time had passed, and yet they have already been driven this far.

“A terrifying foe indeed, but!”

As though this scene was nothing more than a spice to let her taste fear, a smile carved itself upon her lips, then she led her cavalry from behind the lance knights and called over the archer knights and mana guards to accompany her while she ordered the lance knights to retreat. She then took all the remaining horsemen and went around Felduk.

“You will not!”

When the Goblin King saw that, he gathered his cavalry and once again set out to attack.

“Treating the battlefield as her own and moving however she pleases, so this is the War Princess!”

The golden hair of the War Princess fluttering in the air reflected on the Goblin King’s eyes, a fierce smile appeared on his lips.

“Her head is mine! After me!”

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