Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 253 – Chapter 253 – The Flourishing New Generation (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 253 – The Flourishing New Generation 1/3

The one with the greatest influence on the establishment of the capital and the decision of the kingdom’s name in the first summer of the King’s Calendar was the Governor-General of the Western Capital, Yoshu. It was under his recommendation that the Goblin King named the kingdom and established a capital and a calendar.

But of course the one who benefited the most was the former imperial capital of the late Germion Kingdom, now known as Facing East(Garm Su) and the capital of Alrodena. Even if it was only temporary, city that has been made capital was sure to gather people. And with the gathering of the people will come the merchants that wish to do business.

The goblins stationed will also have to act as gate guards on top of their duty as imperial guards.

As a people who have sworn absolute fealty to the king, their unexpectedly flexible actions were taken as a strange but welcome surprise. The human representative in charge of maintaining public order, the gate guard, Yuza, mentioned that they were ‘better than the adventurers that couldn’t do a decent job.’

These goblins that strictly and steadily followed the king’s commands – despite being criticized for their inflexibility – gave a good impression to the people of Garm Su, who until now have hated the goblins.

Yoshu’s proposal was to improve the stability of the country as one people.

That included the abolition of tariffs, the expansion of the Gate Guard System, the construction of roads, and the rights of the people. His goal wasn’t ‘a country ruled by goblins’, but ‘Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena)‘.

No one fully understood Yoshu’s goals, not even the Goblin King. But the Goblin King did have a vague idea of what he was going for, while Pale the Tactician prioritized logic as usual and did not oppose his plans.

It was also probably because Pale was aware that her abilities leaned more toward military affairs that she left civil affairs to Yoshu and didn’t interfere.

The abolition of the tariffs should enliven economic activity within the country. The expansion of the gate guard system would deal with the increase in crimes across former borders, and an organization that investigates and oversees such a large area should include not just humans but also demihumans, elves, and goblins among their ranks.

Roads also needed to be constructed, as they were necessary for the people to procure ways to feed themselves.

As for the rights of the people who were here first, Yoshu had this to propose.

It was a rather creative proposal, likely inspired by the Goblin King’s order to give even the slaves rest days. His proposal gave different rights to the unofficial classes of warrior, commoner, noble, government official… etc., and set these classes as unfixed.

For example, if one were a noble with income above a certain amount, then one would have the duty of providing military strength to the country. In exchange, one will have the opportunity to participate in the politics of the country.

If one were a warrior, then so long as he contributes to the country through his job, he would not have to pay taxes.

Slaves didn’t need to pay any taxes since they themselves were products.

It was a long way away from the Goblin King’s dreams of ‘human rights’, but this was much better than something like that that strayed so far from the norm. After all, something too strange would only bring chaos. Compared to that, Yoshu’s ideas would make use of what they had now and create a good society. Or at least, that’s how he saw it.

Rights were something to be fought for and paid with blood. If it were to be given to the people just like that, they would never value it. It will only be valued when the people themselves pay the price and win it.

That’s why Yoshu believed that this was the best they could do for now. The Goblin King fully supported his proposal.

It was curious if Yoshu looked back to his own circumstances as a slave or if he looked a hundred years ahead to come up with this proposal, but regardless, the Goblin King fully supported his proposal, and it was officially proclaimed to the people.

What surprised the Goblin King and Pale, however, was that despite coming up with such a proposal, Yoshu didn’t ask for a position higher than what he had now.

“Hmm. You’ve done well. At this rate, rather than be the governor-general of just one city, you might as well be the prime minister.”

The red-blood eyes of the king gazed into Yoshu, but the latter didn’t even flinch a little as he loudly retorted.


In contrast to the muttered words of the Goblin King, Yoshu’s retort resounded loud and clear.


“If you need a prime minister so badly, Pale-dono should do it herself!”

Yoshu’s face heated up and turned red like a tomato as he yelled. Pale shrugged her shoulders.

Yoshu fleeing the capital, Garm Su, without asking to be a given a higher position made him renowned among the goblins, elves, and demihumans as the Humble One(Familgam).

Until now no slave man without a last name has ever gotten a second name other than from the battlefield, but with Yoshu setting precedent, such slaves started appearing one after another. Of course, this was also made possible by the dawn of a new era.

The reason this quick reformation went by so smoothly was because foundations have already been laid for it through letters sent to the influential people of the various countries beforehand. Of course, the Goblin King’s backing played no small part, but other than Yoshu, there was no one else who could station enough people to prevent any unnecessary rebellions from occurring.

Yoshu was able to do so much only because of the brilliant officials that were sent to him when he collapsed out of exhaustion. The experience and achievements he has cultivated until then allowed him to develop the dignity of a politician.

The prime minister of the late Elrain Kingdom, Elbert, also sent a few officials to him since his own situation has already calmed down. He sent them because he believed that the boost in economy from the removal of the tariffs would prosper the late Elrain Kingdom, but the officials he sent cried about how gargantuan of a task the reform was.

By this point in time, the people under Yoshu did not only include those that moved the Western Capital but also the people necessary to make the reform a reality.

The adventurer, Selena, from the elves.

His secretary, Mellisia.

The chief of the spider-legged people, Nikea.

On top of that, the officials Elbert sent included names such as Ganon Latosh and Helen Meer… Up-and-coming officials whose names would be remembered by the generations to come.

As they built up achievements under Yoshu, they became the driving force of Alrodena Kingdom’s rise to power.

Plentiful funds supported by the economy boost.

Fair tax and a family register that helped managed the citizens.

Law and trials enacted under the behest of the Goblin King.

They wished to break away from the uncivilized countries, and their actions were indeed fitting of the biggest country within the continent. With such breakthroughs made in the backdrop, the Kingdom of Alrodena was finally able to show its potential. Of course, its first stage would be none other than the battle with the War Princess.

Alrodena Kingdom was just like a young boy in his growth spurt, who after a little warm up, immediately bolted off for a sprint.

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