Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 254 – Blanche Ririnoie the War Princess (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 254 – Blanch Ririnoie the War Princess (1/4)

It’s been 2 months since the negotiations with the goblins have fallen through. Blanche Ririnoie stood at the frontlines and confronted them, but the goblins weren’t showing themselves, so she just prepared her army to be able to move out at anytime.

Four cards have been laid down.

The Imperial Capital of Rishu (Shushunu Capital) behind her, the western frontlines, the Kushain Believers, and the southern frontlines.

“Now where is the joker?”

Based on the movements of the enemy tactician, the imperial capital of Rishu was most likely to be their target. They went out of their way to escalate hostilities in the western frontlines, and then even though they could advance in the south, they didn’t. Either move was meant to make her wary.

The Kushain Believers were allied to the goblins, but they were still second-rate as far as their military went. They could be a terrifying foe when they call for a holy war, but they haven’t been driven that far just yet. Queen Mira appears to be quite attached to Vilan Do Zul, but he wasn’t someone to be wary of.

That leaves Rishu.

Given the increasing burglary cases at the slave trades, the goblins probably intended to start a rebellion and then break through the border while she was preoccupied. The Kushain Believers will likely also be taking a long way around to attack. But if so, then there should be a way to resolve this.

It would be difficult to fight the entire goblin army, but by focusing her soldiers for a short period of time, she could break through the attacking enemies. A reenactment of that decisive battle at Gilgimel Plains.

During that time, she could leave the slave soldiers to maintain the frontlines.

They’ll be consumed in the process, but there’s a reason for them to fight so desperately. And if the archer knights and the sorcerer cavalry accompany them, they should be able to eliminate the forces coming from the Kushain Believers for some time.

Blanche fiddled with the cards she had and made a decision.

She was ready to expose herself in the frontlines.

It was precisely because she was in the frontlines that the enemy tactician was holding back. The same was true for the Kushain Believers. Ever since she came back from the minor nations, the enemy tactician hasn’t appeared in their attacks even once.

It was as if the enemy was certain that she was here.

Blanche had to praise the enemy’s intelligence network. The legacy of the Red King, an intelligence unit, was gradually being weakened, and now they were in such a poor state that they had to be reorganized.

But in exchange for that, her victories has been piling up.

Twice at the southern frontlines, once at the western frontlines in a large-scale battle; there’s even one from a small skirmish. Thanks to those victories, the forces opposed to her have been quelled, and now most of the domestic parties have come under her.

Being allowed to act as the head of the three great nobles in particular has given her much freedom. The Agarmua whose foundation stemmed from the south, and the Kushunora who languished at the destruction of their trade routes. Controlling these two fearful households, whom the goblins have stricken with fear, was not at all difficult.

“Just thinking about it irritates me.”

Her efforts had been put to waste because of that shoddy attempt at diplomacy.

Because she had to prepare for another war with the goblins, the cards she held have been greatly weakened. She didn’t link the frequent attacks against the slave merchants of Rishu (Shushunu Capital) to the goblins without any reason.

The Kushunora specialized at trading people and goods, and they had also tricked the goblins. When she thought back to that moment when she told the present Kushunora head, Sharnei, that, a faint slime appeared on her lips. If it were the Agarmua House’s Barad, he wouldn’t have allowed that.

“The national army needs to be alert.”

But the old Barad wasn’t her enemy. He failed to raise the next generation and ended up with a prodigal son. That was his weakness. That’s why he had no choice but to cooperate with her.

It wasn’t official, but Blanche still managed to bring together the Holy Shushunu Kingdom enough to be able to wield national power.

“In that case, the problem lies at home.”

She might have to make some threats.

As her eyes grew sharper and a smile appeared on her face, she decided to push into the southern frontlines. With the construction of the trench camps complete, she set out with the archer knights, the lance knights, and the sorcerer cavalry.

Facing her there was Gi Ga Rax’s Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) and Gi Gi Orudo’s Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk), but as soon as they saw Blanche Ririnoie’s flag, they immediately made a run for it. They didn’t even fight. Like that Blanche forced the southern frontlines back.

“That was too easy.”

If so, then they really must be aiming for the back, she thought.

They would bait her with victory, and then pin her at the frontlines, while they caused a rebellion behind her and forced Rishu (Shushunu Capital) to capitulate. Moreover, if she were to push the southern frontlines, the goblins will likely push from the western frontlines, bringing the war into a stalemate.

“Fortify the trench camps and maintain the front lines. I am requesting that the national army be dispatched.”

Since she didn’t have any pawns in the inner palace, it was faster for her to reach out to them herself.

Because of that Blanche rode hurriedly back to Rishu.

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