Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 258 – Supreme Army (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 258 – Supreme Army (2/3)

After Pale Symphoria successfully made a vassal state out of some of the minor nations, she reorganized the army and began moving for the northern border. Word of the situation in the north was brought to her through the trading houses. Her intel had informed her that the neighboring northern minor nation, Orphen, showed signs of moving its military soon.

Sending soldiers to the north to attack the minor nations would be an attractive option, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a feasible choice given their circumstances.

It was true that just one out of the four generals would easily be able to trample over the minor nations, but if the growing forces of the saint in the north were to begin moving south, Revea Su would be exposed to much danger. As a city, Revea Su wasn’t only pivotal to the Kingdom of Alrodena politically, but it was also the symbol of harmony of the many races inhabiting Alrodena. If it were to fall, its impact on the kingdom could not be predicted.

The riots and rebellions instigated by Blanche the War Princess during the last war has greatly broadened Pale’s horizons.

Alrodena Kingdom or the Goblin Kingdom has grown into a major power that can now overpower other nations militarily, and even in the economic front, Alrodena has already spread its roots to other nations. Hence, be it strategically, politically, or tactically, unless something out of the ordinary happens, any nation that collides with Alrodena should easily be defeated.

As such, Pale naturally turned her attention to starting a war.

She would make the hostile northern forces absorb the neighboring nations that are hostile to the goblins to prevent a head-on confrontation between the minor nations and Alrodena, while the announcement of the bounties offered by the humans’ guild would allow them to keep an eye on their own turfs.

Territories considering turning, leaders swayed by the bounties, and unrest among the minor nations. Monitoring for all of that was the job of Pale’s Soar to Freedom(Elks Clan), using information retrieved from the network of merchants and trading houses that could be found even among the neighboring nations.

Thanks to the trading houses and the presence of elks members, the information that reached Pale became more and more precise. On top of that, the guild Yoshu established also allowed them to gather information outside of the cities.

With all of that, Pale could finally finish reorganizing the army and move her soldiers north.

Already, three of the four armies – the one left out being Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s Bow and Arrow Army (Fanzel) – have already arrived at the northern border and are in the middle of training.

This was Pale’s open provocation to get the enemy to gather their forces at the north.

“Wouldn’t it be better to destroy their army one at a time instead of waiting for them to gather?”

As expected, the Goblin King asked her that question when she gave her proposal, but she answered immediately.

“If we were to try and defeat their armies one at a time, we would have to attack the minor nations. That would be putting the cart before the horse. If our goal is to recover the saint as soon as possible, then our best option is to let them gather together, then take them all out at the same time.”

The armies gathering in the north are passing through the minor nations. As such, attacking those armies would mean attacking the minor nations, but if they did that, then the enemy forces already present in the north will be able to move freely.

On the other hand, if they were to gather their forces in their side of the northern border and show their intentions to the enemy, then the enemy will be pinned in the north and be unable to move. To them, the saint was a symbol that needed to be protected. They would never leave her alone.

Moreover, Pale also believed that Goblin Kingdom’s army would still be stronger even if the coalition manages to gather all of its forces. Veteran commanders, brilliant soldiers, abundant military prowess, and morale stemming from the inherent desire of the soldiers to stake their lives for their king… When all of that is put together, it’s hard to imagine the Goblin Kingdom’s army having a hard time against what is essentially a mob.

That remains true even if the coalition multiplies their numbers by several folds.

It was in this way that Pale pinned the enemy while coming up with an attack strategy of her own. By strategically pushing the enemy into a corner bit by bit and leaving them with no other option to choose,

she would be able to make them gather their forces together and attempt a decisive battle.

This one battle will destroy most of the forces of the minor nations that are against the goblins. After that the army will be able to head east, and easily gobble up the territories, leaving only the Holy Kingdom Alsas to the east and the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma.

Either one has been around for a long time, but Pale has never heard of them possessing much in the way of their military. In other words, they are no more than old countries with a long history and tradition to boast. Because of that this next battle will likely be the deciding battle for supremacy over the continent.

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