Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – End of a Campaign

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Volume 3: Intermission – End of a Campaign

At a grave with no name was a man with scarred cheeks, kneeling on one knee as he offered a bouquet of flowers.

He was a handsome man with a physique so thin he seemed he would break.

As the body of Rodo hung high up from the sky, the whistling winds scattered the dry leaves. The colors of autumn hummed a faint tune as it blocked the sun and fluttered past the man’s legs.

It was curious how much time had passed.

The dazzling body of Rodo was already sinking toward the west. At last, the man’s eyes opened. The sound of someone stepping upon the dried leaves had reached his ears.

“Am I bothering you?”

It has only been 8 days since they last met, but somehow, this meeting felt so nostalgic. Perhaps it was because he’s been acting so reckless lately to try and bury away the loss of the master he revered that this meeting smelled of nostalgia.


When he turned around, a tall woman was standing there. Seeing the bouquet of flowers in her hands, it was clear that she had come here for the same reason.

Laughing at the foolishness of his thoughts, he stood up and stepped aside for her.

If she had come here with a bouquet of flowers in hand, then her goal could only be one thing. With a lonely heart, Mehran Le Coude cast down his gaze at the nameless grave.

Because of the wrath of the goblins, Ririnoie was not permitted to be buried in the Ririnoie House’s grave. Compared to her dazzling military records, this small grave was all too lonely.

If only he hadn’t lost then, then perhaps—

To this day, such thoughts continue to haunt him, and from time to time, he would dream of that nightmarish sight he saw that day. An overwhelming horde of goblins defended against the rain of bullets as they broke through the trench camps. Even as they cut down one goblin after another, another would take its place. Like that the goblins crashed into them with a might that could only be likened to a tsunami. It was a miracle that he even survived.

But even if he did, nothing would change the fact that he could not stop the goblins.

If he had been following after his the War Princess, Blanche Ririnoie, he would have stopped the great horde of the goblins.

The fact he couldn’t do that proved that he was powerless in battle.

His eyes followed the woman as she stood up, but his heart remained in the past.

“I heard the slave soldiers have been released.”

“It was the princess’ dying wish. She said that they shouldn’t be fettered anymore once the battle with the goblins has ended,” Mehran Le Coude said.

Far looked down, “the clan leader wanted to make it so that she was the only villain.”

“…She was a gentle person. Though they were citizens of another kingdom, she accepted those people victimized by war even at the cost of muddying her name. She never did say it outright, though.”

‘They may be slaves now, but that’s still much better than dying, no?’ That sounded like something she would say. At the end of Far’s gaze was a grave with no epitaph.

“She was loyal to the king. And the king was a wise ruler indeed.”

“…The people don’t think highly of him, though.”

Mehran Le Coude inhaled.

“The king who let the three great nobles maintain peace on the surface, while giving authority of the army to Blanche Ririnoie the War Princess in order to keep the five small countries under his rule, and at the same time, continued generous policies and ensured peace for the majority of the people? Exactly how is such a king incompetent? Only fools would with no eyes would argue such mockery. At the very least, they would be far beneath the king our princess acknowledged.”

Mehran Le Coude said angrily.

“…Mehran-dono, what will be you doing from here on?”

The master he was meant to follow was gone forever.

It was a heavy reality like that that weighed upon them, and so Far got to the main point.

“I will restore the House of Ririnoie.”

She was like a block of ice, but when Far of theShort Sword Battle Maiden(Valkyria) heard that, she raised her beautiful brows.

“The younger brother is coming. Of course, he’s an ordinary man compared to the princess, but…”

Mehran’s mouth was unrestrained despite talking about his new master. Seeing that, Far couldn’t help but wryly smile.

“…What about Valkyria?”


When Far lowered her head, Mehran realized that something was off, and his heart finally returned to the present.

A question that couldn’t be easily answered in front of this grave even though she was trying to embark on a new path, if so then…

“Are you joining the goblins?”

He didn’t want to make his voice sound angry, but he couldn’t help but look sharply at Far.

“…We received an invitation from the Flower King(Fairy) Blood Oath(Clan). And from the tactician from that time too.”

When Mehran Le Coude heard that, the image of an elven woman immediately flashed through his mind.

That was none other than the enemy he resented.

The tactician who forced Blanche the War Princess to choose death without even fighting, Pale Symphoria. It was only after he learned of her name that he remembered, but she was previously known as the Silent Moon of the Soar to Freedom(Elks) Blood Oath(Clan).

Mehran wasn’t about to call her a coward for this, but it was indeed a detestable thing.

“I intend to accept their invitation.”

After all, just the fact that she was declaring that so clearly here proved she was no coward. She didn’t have to go out of her way to inform Mehran or Blanche.

When he realized that, the anger swelling within him dispersed.

“…I see.”

“Aren’t you going to say anything? I made this decision knowing full well that I might be called a coward.”

“…There are times when a person must choose. That was true for the princess and for me. And it’s true for you too.”

Mehran turned to the nameless grave.

“I must engrave a name upon this grave. We will restore the Ririnoie House and protect the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. Just as our princess, Blanche Ririnoie, has done.”

Far nodded and bid him farewell.

“Take care.”

“Farewell, Friend.”

Mehran’s words pierced Far’s chest and for a moment she stood there petrified. The days she spent with Blanche flashed through her mind. That small but dazzling back of her clan leader that she followed after.

“…You too.”

Like this the two comrade-in-arms turned their backs on each other. Having chosen two different paths, their paths would never again intersect.

The grave quietly watched over their whole exchange.

Although the Holy Shushunu Kingdom may have come under the rule of the Goblin King, it was almost a miracle that they were able to hang onto their life. It has turned into a mere annexed country and lost its territories, but the royal family was able to keep their life. That was because of the efforts of the House of Ririnoie.

As for the House of Ririnoie, Mehran Le Coude saved its young master and served as a brilliant retainer whose name would be recorded in the annals of history.

Later he would save the House of Ririnoie, but every time someone called him the hero who saved the royal family, he would deny it.

—I know who the real hero is. That person is so dazzling it would be presumptuous of me to be called the hero who saved this country.

In the future, under the authority of being a retainer of the Ririnoie House, an epitaph would be engraved upon Blanche Ririnoie’s grave.

It reads: ‘Here lies the savior and hero of the kingdom.’


The day Far of the Valkyria responded to the goblins’ tactician, Pale, she visited Pale’s room without any escorts.

“Thank you for inviting me today.”

Far bowed and Pale responded with a nod.

“I didn’t think that you’d actually come. I was quite surprised when the Flower King(Fairy) introduced you.”

The goblins who defeated the Holy Shushunu Kingdom and incurred the animosity of the surrounding countries were increasingly accompanied by elven warriors.

The villages of the Fire Elves(Salamander) and the Water Elves(Undine) have declared their full support for the Goblin King.

“…I want to talk about the conditions for my recruitment,” Far said with a strong voice.

Pale nodded. “I’ve prepared sufficient compensation.”

The amount of money Pale presented her was the same as that offered by Blanche.


“Should have I not?”

“No, that’s…”

“We want your strength. Please understand.”

“I don’t understand how you think. You’re sharp, so you must know, right? That I’m not happy with you people. And you should know full well that this animosity isn’t something that could be quelled with money!” Far flared up at Pale

“…Blanche Ririnoie the War Princess was indeed a genius. More so than I when it comes to tactics and strategies,” Pale smiled and said indifferently.

Far listened with rapt attention.

“I’ve seen her before actually,” Pale looked down as if recalling a sad past. “Rasil Campaign. I participated as an adventurer in that battle when Ramana and Dismina rebelled.”

It was around 6 years ago.

But it was so long ago that Far had to search her memories before she could remember. That was a campaign that occurred when Blanche left the Short Sword Battle Maiden(Valkyria) and returned to the Ririnoie House.

Dismina and Ramana took advantage of Claudia the War Princess’s absence to stage a revolt, and brought the Holy Shushunu Kingdom to a disadvantage with their initial surprise attack. The adventurers were hired as a stopgap until Claudia returned, but the strength of two countries was simply too overwhelming.

The one who turned that situation around was none other than Blanche.

Short Sword Battle Maiden(Valkyria), Soar to Freedom(Elks), Flower King(Fairy), Proud Clan(Leon Heart)… With the clans that would make a name for themselves in this battle, Blanche the War Princess launched a surprise attack on the attack of the two countries. She pushed back the front line and grasped victory before Claudia could even arrive.

“It was really amazing. Amidst the adults who could only fluster in the battlefield was a young girl who could calmly lead… I probably didn’t want her to die.” Pale lifted her gaze, and as she froze her swaying emotions, looked into Far’s eyes. “This isn’t meant to atone for anything. Just take it as a simple contract. One made because the War Princess values you and your people so highly.”

Far closed her eyes. “…I will accept that contract. I will fight in a manner worthy of the name of the War Princess, Blanche Ririnoie.”

The name of the late clan leader – a name so great it was known even by their foes – protected Valkyria.

After that the Short Sword Battle Maiden(Valkyria) joined the forces of the Goblin King. Just as Far promised, she rode through the battlefield and fought valiantly in a way that would leave a mark on history and not put shame to the name of the War Princess.

—Golden hair fluttering, the War Princess rides through the vast plains.

—Beauty clad in black armor, she rides onwards.

—She leads the Valkyria.

—She is our savior.

In the future, those words uttered in plays would spread through the Holy Shushunu Kingdom and everyone would come to know of her and her servants’ glory.


Name: Blanche Ririnoie
Race: Human
Level: 76
Job: Noble; War Princess of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom
Possessed Skills: Sword Mastery C+; Magic Manipulation; Spear Mastery D+; Bow Mastery D+; Leadership A+; Dance of the Battlefield; Subjugating Battle Flag; Glorious Race; Blood Stained Path of Flowers; That Who Tilts the Balance; Conqueror of the Plains; Inherited Pride; My Name is War Princess
Divine Protection: Goddess of Wisdom
Attributes: None

Dance of the Battlefield: When standing at the vanguard during a battle, charm is increased toward your own soldiers (MEDIUM), and against your enemies (LOW).

Subjugating Battle Flag: When starting a battle, attack of your army is increased (MEDIUM) and leadership is also boosted by a level.

Blood Stained Path of Flowers: Army morale increases when an enemy soldier is killed. (HIGH)

That Who Tilts the Balance: When you are leading the army, morale won’t decrease even in disadvantageous positions (HIGH).

Conqueror of the Plains: When fighting in plains, leadership skills will received a buff (MEDIUM).

Inherited Pride: Charm is increased toward humans and elves (HIGH).

My Name is War Princess: Charm toward members of the Ririnoie House and abilities are raised (HIGH).

Name: Far Ramfado
Race: Human
Level: 79
Job: Adventurer; Clan Leader of the Short Sword Battle Maiden
Possessed Skills: Sword Mastery B-; Spear Mastery B+; Archery C+; Leadership B+; Loyal to the War Princess Within; Dash; Eight Trigram Maneuvering; Ranma Zanjin; Footman Slayer; Conqueror of the Plains
Divine Protection: God of Flame
Attributes: Flame

Loyal to the War Princess Within: Previously Loyal to the War Princess. Charm toward humans and elves is increased (LOW).

Eight Trigram Maneuvering: When leading a cavalry, receive a buff to tactical maneuverings. (MEDIUM).

Ranma Zanjin: When fighting a monster at a level higher than one’s own, receive ab uff to attack, defense, and armor (LOW). Skill is also boosted by a level.

Footman Slayer: When fighting enemy footmen, your army’s offensive strength is increased (MEDIUM).

Level has increased.



Gi Ga Rax


Gi Gi Orudo


Gi Gu Verbena


Gi Go Amatsuki


Gi Za Zakuend


Gi Ji Arsil


Gi Zu Ruo

97→5 (Class Promotion) Duke to Lord

Gi Jii Yubu

5 to 15

Gi Do Buruga

96→2 (Class Promotion)

Gi Bii


Gi Bu Rakuta


Gi Be Slay






Ra Gilmi Fishiga

91→5 (Class Promotion) (Noble to Duke)









Pale Symphoria



Name: Gi Zu Ruo
Race: Goblin
Level: 5
Class: Lord
Possessed Skills: Overpowering Howl; Throw Projectile; Spear Mastery B+; Instant Kill; Howl of the Mad Dragon; Bloodthirsty; Howl of the Mad Dragon; Instant Kill; Blood Support; Favor of the Mad God; With Our King; I Lead an Army of Demons
Divine Protection: Mad God(Zu Oru)
Attributes: None

Howl of the Mad Dragon: In exchange for the lives of the soldiers under your direct command, increase overall abilities.

Favor of the Mad God: In exchange for your sanity, increase the effects of Howl of the Mad Dragon (HIGH).

I Lead an Army of Demons: When leading less than 1,000 soldiers, increase the offensive strength of your army (MEDIUM) and pressure against the enemy army (MEDIUM).

Name: Ra Gilmi Fishiga
Race: Goblin
Level: 2
Class: Knight; The First Archer(Gadieta); 4 Generals
Possessed Skills: Archery A-; Leadership B+; A Dying Wish’s Successor; 4 Consecutive Shots; Forest Dweller; Whispers of the Spirits; He Who Sees a Thousand Miles; Arrowhead of Killing; Hero of Ganra; Shadow Stitching; Obedience is the Key to Destroying Armies
Divine Protection: God of Archery(Za Ruga)<
Attributes: None

Hero of Ganra: By obeying the clan leader, charm is increased to fellow tribe members (HIGH).

He Who Sees a Thousand Miles: Accuracy and strength when using a bow is increased.

Obedience is the Key to Destroying Armies: When leading a different race, if that race is a mishmash of different races, then leadership is increased (SMALL to HIGH).

Name: Gi Do Buruga
Race: Goblin
Level: 2
Class: Alchemist
Possessed Skills: Flowing Magic Control; Ru Tribe; Protection of the Wind; Wind Spear; Three-Verse Chant; Guidance of the Goddess of Wisdom; Pursuer of the Truth; Create Magic Tool
Divine Protection: Wind God
Attributes: Wind

Pursuer of the Truth: Chance of discovering something new is increased (HIGH).

Create Magic Tool: Can create tools imbued with ether. Chance of success (LOW)


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