Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission: Friend, from Far Away (3/3)

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Volume 3: Intermission – Friend, from Far Away (3/3)


“I believe the country is the people.”

 As Dordias quietly listened, Elbert continued.

“It was because of the king and his aides that this country was driven into the ground, and our motherland, Elrain, found itself on the brink of destruction.”

 The king did not know how to use his power, while the nobles took advantage of that to allow tyranny to usurp the land. Eventually, that reached the army, and he soldiers, who were supposed to be protecting the land, were forced to throw their lives away in meaningless wars. It was because of that that the treasury of the kingdom was on the brink of bankruptcy.

 Brandika Rual Fatina took advantage of that.

 The country deteriorated and the people turned adrift in the streets.

 It got to the point where the country had to borrow a vast amount of money from Fatina’s taxes and the merchants to buy food, and yet there were still people who couldn’t eat and had to be turned into soldiers. Where did the Red King source their limitless supply of soldiers? In truth, it was none other than the jobless men of Elrain Kingdom.

 And then, the Red King was defeated.

 What appeared next was the King of Monsters.

“At that, I thought, it was over. Elrain Kingdom was done for.”

 Elbert seriously muttered those things and Dordias nodded. Though Dordias may be the lowest level of government official, obviously, he was still privy to the invasion of the Monster King.

“…But he is different. The country that every human king has forsaken, he alone is trying to save.”


“Of course, I thought so too as well. But you know… With all the problems being resolved by the day, and the increasing income of the country, I had no choice but to accept it.”


“Can you believe it? Just a few days ago, the king attended the imperial court meeting.”

“The same imperial court meeting that – for generations – the kings have left to their prime minister?”

“Dordias, my friend, I believe the country is the people.”


“This country whom everyone has turned their back to, that Monster King is saying he’s going to save it. Though history might erase the existence of this king, as someone born and raised in this land, I must repay this gratitude.”

“…And that’s why you will submit to the monsters?”


 It was because of that that Elbert asked Dordias.

 —What is a country?

 What exacty was the ‘country’ that they had to serve and protect? It was none other than the people themselves. And if that happiness could be realized, then even if it was under the rule of the King of Monsters, even if his name would come to be cursed as a traitor, Elbert would be satisfied.

“Forgive me, Elbert, my friend, for ever doubting you. You are indeed the brilliant student of Seidian, Elbert Noen.

 That night, Elbert and Dordias spoke over wine regadring their dreams for the country just like they did before being appointed.

 Afterwards, Dordias used his connections to recommend people to Elbert. Those recommended also came from Seidian, and together they formed the retainers of the Goblin King that supported his reign in Elrain Kingdom.


 “The young hero, Vilan Do Zul.

 Though still green in the ears, not even 20 years of age, his talent in battle is more than sufficient to lead an army through a thousand battles. The king of Burnen Kingdom had noticed his talent from a young age and specifically appointed him to be the guard and escort of Saint Mira. And just as the king had predicted, young Vilan brought one achievement after another in battle.

 Of his achievements, he stopped the invasion of Elrain Kingdom, he fought against the invasion of the Red King, fought against the siege of Germion Kingdom, and just recently, conquered Fatina. In the darkest hours of the Kushain Believers, a hero has appeared. A great general whose name resounds even among our allies, the strong and fierce goblin.

 That is the young hero, Vilan Do Zul. “

“…Are you serious, Your Highness?” Vilan asked.

“Of course, I’m serious,” Mira said.

 After the exaggerated contents of the letter were read aloud, Vilan couldn’t help but inadvertently look up at the ceiling.

“Is there a problem?”

 Vilan turned to the old man, who was the highest ranking commanding officer of the army, for help, but he merely grinned and nodded as if he were listening to the selfish request of his grandchild.

“Her Highness couldn’t possibly be mistaken.”

 As Vilan realized that he couldn’t rely on the old officer, he turned his eye to the civil officials, but they had already stiffened their expression and turned their faces away, as they did their best to appear as if they weren’t laughing.

 As Vilan saw their shoulders shaking, he couldn’t help but wonder how pathetic a face he was making right now.

 Vilan turned to the cardinals of the Kushain Believers.

 They looked as if they had severed all ties to the world as they smiled like gentle old men and cut off whatever path of retreat may have existed with but a nod.

“Truly, Your Highness has been blessed with the eye of wisdom.”

 Clearly, the word ‘malicious’ had been cut out specifically for old men like these, Vilan thought. He searched the room, looking for someone to save him, but unfortunately, a rock-like hand placed upon his shoulder stopped him.

 It was none other than the old commanding officer, and his grip was so strong that Vilan couldn’t help but wonder if he were really past 60. He spoke in Vilan’s place as if he knew exactly how he was feeling.

“Vilan-dono may still be young, but his martial arts is unparalleled. The fact that he was able to conquer Fatina during the joint-battle with the goblins shows that he is more than adequate. There is no need to wait for Her Highness’ proposal. As a representative to the will of the entire army, I hereby request that he be given the rank of general.”

 The eyes of the old man as he gave an opinion that was the exact opposite of Vilan’s was like that of a no-good adult playing a prank on someone. Vilan tried to say something in response to that pressure that gave him a feeling of deja vu, but…

“…Vilan. Are you not going to listen to me even though you listen to the goblins?”

 There was a bad girl was in front of him.

 With tears (fake) in her eyes, Mira folded her arms before her. That was clearly a posture taken to request something of someone. Despite knowing that Mira had a penchant for being sly and knowing full well that she was merely acting, Vilan still hesitated.

“…Vilan-kun. You know, as impolite as this may be, I actually see Her Highness as my grandchild. I adore her dearly.”

 The old man himself hasn’t known her for that long, so what more the rest of the people here other than Vilan?

 The pressure from the hand placed on Vilan’s shoulder became stronger. It was such a powerful grip that it seemed his bones might actually crumble under it. Vilan almost felt like screaming when the hoarse voice of an old man whispering like a demon reached his ears.

 Vilan inadvertently turned his gaze toward that direction and immediately regretted his decision.

 The old man’s eyes that were often as thin as a slit were wide-open and bloodshot. His eyes were dyed in a dangerous color as they stared into Vilan’s eyes like a maddened fanatic. No, he was glaring at him.

 Frankly speaking, he was scary.

 The pressure from this old man might actually be stronger than those goblins Vilan met a few days ago.

 Were he to refuse this order here today, what would happen? Would this old man send out the assassin unit of the Kushain Believers and have them engrave their countless torture techniques upon his body?

Vilan made his decision.

“…Unworthy as I am, Your Highness, please allow me the honor of this position.”

“Wonderful, wonderful. That is how the youths should be.”

 As the pressure on Vilan’s shoulders slackened, he heard the old man speak.

“As expected of Vilan Do Zul. Please continue to work hard and become the hope of our Kushain Believers.”

 Mira wrapped up the meeting and ended the meeting for that day.

 As Vilan Do Zul accepted the position of general, the elite guards – that might as well be called the standing guard – that would be placed under him was also established.

 As he himself would be the one deciding the training schedule, the budget, and the human resources, it was easy to imagine how great the power his new position held, but it came with an equally tremendous workload.

 Pulled up by the false reputation of being a young hero, Vilan’s reputation was rose, and he became so busy he could not find the time for a day off.

 As expected, even Mira and the old general reflected a little on their actions, but had they been even a moment slower in providing him a skilled aide and staff officer, perhaps Vilan might have already fallen ill, both mentally and physically.

 In any case, the elite guards that were established under the pretense of their great achievements would be joining the goblins as the Kushain Believers’ army.

 Because they all wore red, these elite guards came to be known as ‘Akazone’.


Tl Note: The position that Vilan got is a specific kind of general meant to suppress the east or barbarians. The word Akazone comes from the characters for ‘red’ (aka) and ‘to equip’ (sonae), so that part is self-explanatory, but more importantly, both the position that Vilan acquired and the Akazone are historical terms. I’m not familiar with the history, but you can find out more from the link below… Maybe.

The link below is actually for the seitou taishogun (Big Shogun or Commander in Chief) and not seitou shogun (Just shogun or general) because that’s the best English page I could find.

Also, the reason akasonae is translated as akazone is because that’s what the Japanese dictionary said. It specifically spat out an English word, so I just rolled with it.


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