Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission: Hibiscus Love (1/5)

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Volume 3: Intermission – Hibiscus Love (1/5)

Rishan Noen.

The daughter of Elrain Kingdom’s prime minister, Elbert, a 14 year old maiden. Since her mother had already passed, she was raised up with the love of a single father.

Unlike her father who was a scholar, or no, perhaps, it would be better to say that it was because her father was a scholar and was not at all interested in swordsmanship that since young she’s been absorbed with the way of the sword.

Elrain Kingdom that was at the south of the continent was a rich market due to the trade from the south. At the same time, it was also a place that schemers tended to flock to. The nobles of the kingdom have been devoted to weakening the king and strengthening themselves since 10 years ago.

The only reason Elrain Kingdom was able to maintain itself was because it was a large country that possessed vast territories in the south. Perhaps another way to put is it that… It takes a lot of time for a giant tree rooted deep in the ground before it can rot or before the insects crawling on the ground can devour it.

Even if signs of a country’s death have appeared, the wealth stored and the mechanisms to operate the country were still in good health; hence, it was still possible for it to prolong its life.

But eventually, even that came to a turning point.

When she was 12 years-old, a man that possessed great power fought against a monster so great it was known as the Monster King, and in the wake of the aftershocks from their battle, Elrain Kingdom was destroyed.

Brandika Rual Fatina, the Clan Leader of the Red King, who expanded vigorously from the east. And the Goblin King who led his forces from the north to expand his territory.

In the clash between one human and one monster, the entire south was dragged into their war, and in the end, the entire southern region fell into the hands of the Goblin King. And of all things, it just so happened that her father, Elbert, had to stand at the center stage of the country.

Although she criticized her father for not having the courage to abandon a rotting tree. Deep inside, she thought of him fondly.

At first, she was surprised to hear that he had allied himself with the monsters, but even then she chose to believe in her father. Even though her father was a man could only wryly smile and hide his head in the face of her verbal attacks.

“…Good grief. Why don’t you ever think of protecting yourself!?”

“That’s just how I live my life,” Her father said gently.

In response to that, she said assertively, “But then the one who’ll suffer is me!”

“Ahaha, what can I say?”

Firm and calm.

That was the kind of man Elbert was, and if anyone from his work place were to see him now, they would surely have to pick up their mouths off the floor.

“There really is no saving you, is there, father? But whatever! Lately, I’ve gotten even better at the sword! Protecting you should be a piece of cake.”

“Such a reliable daughter. Still, don’t push yourself too much now, okay? You are my one and only treasure, after all.”

In the face of that childish confidence that knew nothing of failure, Elbert patted her head.

But in a twist of irony, it was after that that an incident that would crush her confidence would occur, for when she was on her way back from her sword training as part of her usual routine, she was suddenly attacked by some crooks.

None of them were particularly strong, but this was her first time being on the receiving end of such malicious thoughts, and as a result, she could only cower in fright. As a young girl at the age when one is so easily influenced by others’ feelings, those malicious thoughts were simply too powerful.

But these crooks were not the reason behind her confidence being crushed.

That was only natural.

After all, even if she was the one cowering in fright and even if she hated herself for being so spineless, this incident could not have possibly crushed her confidence. The real problem was the elven youth who saved her.

The name of that youth, who had a great time beating the lives out of those poor crooks, was Felbi. He was a powerful swordsman who could count as the fifth strongest warrior under the king if only sword wielders were to be counted. Even if said crooks were to fight him a hundred times in those alleys, he would not be disadvantaged even once.

And just as one might expect, when he took down those crooks in a flash while covering for her, she naturally fell for him. It all happened in an instant. Skill in the sword, a chivalrous spirit, and most importantly, a handsome face.

If Felbi were to be replaced with a goblin to reenact the exact same scene in the exact same circumstances, sad to say, she would have probably screamed. That being said, it is in fact true that the one who saved her was this dashing young wind elf (sylph) warrior.

Even if the person himself was not aware of it, the influence he had over her was great, and in one fell swoop, she fell in love.

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